You Shall Not Sleep, starring Belen Rueda, lands distribution

You Shall Not Sleep Gustavo Hernandez Belen Rueda

Actress Belén Rueda has done some excellent work in the horror genre, starring in such films as THE ORPHANAGE and JULIA'S EYES. Last November, we learned she had signed on to star in a new horror-thriller called THE PACT, and while we wait to hear more about that project, another genre project she stars in has just landed distribution in several countries.

The film is called YOU SHALL NOT SLEEP, or NO DORMIRAS. Directed by Gustavo Hernandez from a screenplay by Juma Fodde Roma, it centers on 

a theatre group that conducts a sleep deprivation experiment in an abandoned psychiatric institution.

Doing such a thing sounds like a really bad idea, and obviously that experiment goes terribly wrong.

FilmSharks has secured deals for YOU SHALL NOT SLEEP to be released in Spain by Filmax, in France by Eurozoom, in Russia by Big Film, in Taiwan by Deepjoy, and in Vietnam and the Commonwealth of Independent States by Skyline.

Fox has the rights to release the film in the United States, Latin America, and German-speaking territories. No release dates have been announced yet, but we'll let you know when they are.

The movie has already been released in Hernandez's home country of Uruguay and in Argentina, where filming took place.

A trailer, in Spanish without subtitles, can be seen below. 

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