Your first look at David Morrissey as 'The Governor' in "The Walking Dead!"

It's no secret that filming on Season 3 of AMC's hit zombie drama "The Walking Dead" is happening as you read this. If you're a fan of the show you already know this, seeing how we've mentioned it several times here on the site.

But what we have for you today is bigger then any filming news! Coming courtesy of TV Guide, we've got our first look at David Morrissey as the highly anticipated villain 'The Governor!' Now I'm not too familiar with the character from the comics but I'm definitely digging Morrissey's look here for the character. Just scroll on down below to get a look at that shite for yourself! Then be sure to spit some bullets below and let us know what you think.

"Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman even talked a bit to TV Guide regarding 'The Governor:'

"Seeing The Walking Dead come to life on AMC has been a real thrill for me, obviously, and moving into Season 3 I'm even more excited than ever because now I feel like we're really getting to 'the good stuff. Having The Governor in the mix is going to fundamentally change the show in all kinds of awesome and exiting ways. And David Morrissey totally rocks!

The Governor in the show is definitely going to be The Governor in the comic. I think that he's definitely going to be a character that people love to hate and are absolutely entertained by, but also somewhat terrified of. He's definitely going to be a very important character and a very nuanced character. We are not going to be watering him down."

"The Walking Dead" is set to return to AMC this Fall with a cast that includes Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies (below), David Morrissey, Laurie Holden, Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun.

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Source: TV Guide



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