Your Horror Vids: Hottie Tiffany Shepis plus ray guns plus beasties equals: Man vs Woman!

YourHorrorVids is an Arrow in the Head column that was created to give exposure to... well...YOUR HORROR VIDS! I'm talking about cool horror shorts, music videos, cool reels, parodies created by YOU or someone else. The idea is that we want to give amateur filmmakers further exposure, so if you know of any slick HORROR VIDS that deserve our props, chime the f*ck in by emailing us at: [email protected]

Extra Tidbit: "Man vs. Woman" is an exciting 14-minute film done by me, Juan Carlos Vargas. I shot the movie with a very small crew and on a very small budget. I basically did all 270 visual effects myself (except for 5 which were animated by friends). The film stars Tiffany Shepis and Robert Reavis. It takes place in a desolate dry world in which all kinds of creatures (and genders) are locked in a fierce struggle for survival. The film has won several awards at various festivals, including Comic Con International. Website: http://www.jcvsfilms.com/



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