Zachary Quinto joins Jessica Lange in "American Horror Story" season 2

Well, Ryan Murphy said he'd be inviting castmembers from the first season of "American Horror Story" back for the second season - even though it has a completely different storyline with new characters - and he obviously wasn't kidding.

As Deadline has it, Zachary Quinto and Jessica Lange will both be back in significant roles for "American Horror Story" Season 2, which is set in an East Coast institution. Quinto will play one of two male leads and the nemesis to Lange’s character; all other story details are foggy right now.

Honestly, I'm torn on this news. On the positive side, anyone who saw the first season of the series recognizes that Lange and Quinto "get" Murphy and co-creator Brad Falchuck's demented, over-the-top tone; both actors stole (and chewed-up) plenty of scenes as a bitter ghost and the bitchy neighbor-from-hell, respectively.

And yet... if this is a new story with new characters, as it allegedly is, then why not let it stand alone? I understand the appeal of working with people you appreciate and can rely on, but bringing these actors back almost seems to defeat the purpose of starting from scratch.

Perhaps that's partially the point. Perhaps Murphy and Falchuck want this to be "new", but not too new. Bringing back old castmembers will give the audience something to hang on to; we wouldn't want them to be completely disoriented. (They get confused easily, you know.)

"American Horror Story" is looking at a Fall return. More info when it comes in.

I will NOT complain if Alexandra Breckinridge returns, however

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Source: Deadline.com



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