Zane Holtz and Tammy Blanchard experience The Awakening

Zane Holtz From Dusk Till Dawn

While El Rey Network and Robert Rodriguez weigh the options for continuing From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, series star Zane Holtz has been working on a different genre project, taking the lead role in writer/director Jason Noto's supernatural thriller THE AWAKENING.

In this film, Holtz plays 

a soldier who returns from active duty in Syria after his wife is killed in a car crash. He is reunited with his 5-year-old son, who survived the crash but is left with post-traumatic stress disorder. The child begins to display supernatural knowledge of a young woman's disappearance that creates tension between the father and a small-town local gangster.

Co-stars include Tammy Blanchard (pictured below), Chance Kelly, and Azhy Robertson.

Produced by Adrian Grenier's Reckless Productions, in association with NewAley Pictures, THE AWAKENING was filmed in Sullivan County, New York and recently wrapped production.

This sounds like it could have an interesting story to tell, and I'm down for watching Holtz take on different supernatural forces while waiting and hoping to see him reprise the role of Richie Gecko for more From Dusk Till Dawn.

Tammy Blanchard

Extra Tidbit: How does THE AWAKENING sound to you?
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