Zombie Studios' Daylight is going to scare you...a lot!

DAYLIGHT, an upcoming horror game from Zombie Studios, promises a lot of scares...and I mean a lot!

You take on the role of a young woman who wakes up in the ruins of an asylum. Armed only with a cell phone that acts as a compass, a UV lamp and a SILENT HILL-esque radio to know if a monster is around, you're tasked with exploring the asylum, avoiding ghosts and putting together a fragmented back-story.

"Different players will have a totally different experience", said Jared Gerritzen from Zombie Studios. "You're essentially a rat in a cage, but the cage is an asylum and it's scary as hell. You need to find your way out, and each time you do it it's completely different."

DAYLIGHT is using the Unreal 4 engine and is currently set for release on PC this year. The game will apparently cost $20 or less, and it's supposed to be episodic.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think...scary or not?
Source: IGN



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