Zombieland 2 is still kicking, gets co-financing

Zombieland 2 Doug Belgrad

When Sony Pictures exec Doug Belgrad stepped down from his post after 10 years, we didn't think that news would ever find its way to our horror news corner. But something has happened. Belgrad has just created 2.0 Entertainment, which will become a co-financier on certain Sony projects including... ZOMBIELAND 2.

Although the ZOMBIELAND sequel isn't much further into production than we've already heard, this news is one more drop of gas on the fire that's keeping hope alive.

Says Belgrad:

Zombieland was one that Matt Tolmach supervised, but producer Gavin Polone, Ruben Fleischer and I have tried to figure out a sequel for the last four years, one that pleases Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin. Wernick & Reese, who did the original before they did Deadpool, came back and polished a script that Dave Callaham wrote and Mike White and Oren Uziel did passes on. It’s very encouraging.

We'd heard that Harrelson was having conversations with Sony, but hearing the entire cast mentioned in the process is deeply encouraging. It's just a little bone to throw to ZOMBIELAND fans, but hopefully we'll have more concrete news to share soon thanks to 2.0 Entertainment!

Extra Tidbit: What would you want to see in a ZOMBIELAND 2?
Source: Deadline



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