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88 Minutes(2008)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jon Avnet

Al Pacino/Dr. Gramm
Alicia Witt/Kim
Leelee Sobieski/Lauren
Amy Brenneman/Shelly
4 10
Pacino is a hot shot, horny Doc whose testimony just put some Twinkie serial killer (McDonough) in jail. Nine years later; loon is about to get the chair while a copycat killer has picked up where loon left off on the outside. The cherry on top: Pacino is getting death threats saying that he has 88 minutes to live. What’s a Pacino to do? Run around, kick ass, take names and let his mighty goatee gap the rest! HOO-HA!
88 MINUTES has been rotting on the Studio shelves for over a year now and came out on DVD last year in Germany, Russia, Brazil, Austria and all kinds of other territories. But hey it stars Al Pacino. 88 Minutes has been getting the worst reviews thus far all over the web. But hey! It stars Al f*cking Pacino. I was told that they are worthier movies out there to check out this weekend; my question was: do they star Al Pacino? The answer was no. I went and caught 88 Minutes.

On paper, I shouldn’t have boogied to 88 Minutes as much as I did. Straight up the choppy storyline was filled with so many holes that you’d think my ex girlfriend had written the script (she always used all of her holes very well — precious). And can you spell red herrings overload? WOW! Basically anybody that showed up onscreen was made to look like a suspect. It was kind of embarassing, even more so that I figured out the culprit halfway in. And don’t get me started on the dangling plot lines (what was on the tape in the Porsche again), the occasional incoherent editing, the useless dead sister subplot and the constant lapses in logic courtesy of our hero or/and the implausible turn of events. Like I said don’t get me started. DON’T DO IT CAPTAIN! So with all the trash talk coming out of my yapper, why did I still somewhat dig on it? Cause I did. End of review. Time to hit the Pub. Just kidding…

For all its boo-boos, 88 Minutes still managed to engage me right off the bat and keep me amused for the most part. That counts for something. It sported a cool initial premise and then went on to zip down so quickly that while watching it, its shitty moves wouldn’t really matter, cause by the time I started digesting them, something else would happen — hence I’d let them go. Does that make sense? Maybe? Okay, let me try it this way: I WAS NEVER BORED and was INTERESTED as to what was going down onscreen. Better? I think so. Although dumber than dumb (Ever see a fire truck almost run peeps over on its way to a fire? You will here. LOL) it had me. Sometimes for the right reasons, other times for the wrong ones (like being fascinated with Alicia Witt looking like a dear caught in headlights all the time…LOL). Lastly, Pacino’s “I can play this part in my sleep and I did” performance kept me on the screen where I belonged. I’ll take Pacino cashing a check over them O.C. type bitches calling themselves actors any day. The man is the real deal, even when slumming.

All in all; 88 Minutes wound up being an “into one ear — out the next”, moronic piece of entertaining fluff. And I stress the words entertaining and fluff. Yes I was entertained and that’s always good and yes I like the word fluff…fluff, fluff, fluff… you see? I say; if you have to wrangle the damn thing, do so on DVD with a couple of drinks in ya and some trinket bobbing for apples in your lap. Now you have 88 Minutes to print out this so called review, rip it up to shreds and go do something more constructive with your time — tic-toc-toc!
We get dripping blood, Pacino’s killer goatee and one scalpel cut. The film suggested its atrocities as opposed to showing them.
Al Pacino (Dr. Gramm) played his under developed and one dimensional part very well. So that’s where Alicia Witt (Kim) has been! Always dug her! Too bad here she was given the worst lines ever and she looked fairly uncomfortable onscreen. Still a cutie though. Leelee Sobieski (Lauren) did her whole deep voice, Jodie Foster thing again. Amy Brenneman (Shelly) was likeable as the lez with the most. William Forsythe (Special Agent Frank) did a lot of standing around and looking quasi discontent. Give the man a cigar! Was Deborah Kara Unger (Carol) really in the film? Talk about a non-role. I think I saw her 3 times. Neal McDonough (John) aced it up as the psycho! Alas he didn’t get enough screen time for my liking.
T & A
If you put needles under your eyelids a la Argento’s OPERA and don’t blink, you’ll catch titties here and a bootie there. If you blink though…no dice. NOTE: When did Alicia Witt get so thin??? I can’t wait for this rake-look to get old in Hollywood. If I wanna bang a skeleton, I’ll just dig up my ex’s corpse. She was much hotter in Urban Legend. Feed those gals Hollywood! FEED THEM YA F*CKS!
Avnet went buck wild early on with groovy crane shots, kinetic quick zoom ins and 180s around Pacino. The film then kind of switched to “basic” mode for its last half.
Ed Shearmur delivered a transfixing and somber score that was actually too good for this film.
Dumb but kinda fun! I managed to get some easy rub a dub strokes from 88 Minutes. I was into it for the most part, Pacino was the man as usual and the pacing was effortless hence the whole went down easy. But don’t get me wrong; amusing does not always equal “good”. This flick was inept in its logic, all over the place story wise, was riddled with holes and was way too crowded with suspects for such a see through mystery. See it on DVD if you have to and don’t think too much about it afterwards. It falls apart when you do. One thing is for certain; my parents will love this stuff!
The second Pacino gets the "you have 88 minutes to live" call - there's 88 minutes left of the film.

James Foley was initially slated to direct this puppy.

Screenwriter Gary Scott Thompson also wrote: The Fast and the Furious (basically he saw Point Break), Timecop 2 and K9 PI.