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Aeon Flux(2005)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Karyn Kusama

Charlize Theron/Aeon
Marton Csokas/Trevor
Sophie Okonedo/Sithandra
Jonny Lee Miller/Oren
6 10
Aeon Flux (Theron) is a rebel within the utopian like city of Bregna which happens to be the last metropolis on earth (a whole virus thing went down…you know the drill). When she’s sent on a mission to assassinate the regime leader; she uncovers “the truth” behind the government’s façade to the public and answers back with punches, kicks, bullets, lots of back flips and ass shots galore! Who loves you Aeon? I do!
From my end, Aeon Flux looked like bad news! First it was a film based on an outlandish Peter Chung anime that ran on MTV (good luck in adapting that jive for the mainstream), then the Studio cancelled all of the press screenings for the film at the last minute (not a good sign) and lastly the reviews for it had been abysmal thus far. So I went in with low to no expectations and you know what? Let me be that a-hole that says; it was actually pretty good! In my opinion the Studio sold the flick short and didn't market it right. You have to bring a tub of Popcorn to this baby not a 10 feet long enema! 

I grooved to Aeon Flux for pretty much the same reasons most critics out there are panning it like their wives’ played out cooking. They’re spitting that the film is just about Charlize Theron in tight/skimpy clothing firing automatic weapons and whooping ass. And I say to that…yeah…your point is? That’s freaking pleasing to me man! Although Slim Fast, there was a story here, one that interested me enough to hook me in and keep me in the game. Granted; the plot and its turns were far from original within the genre but I dug some of the nifty ideas at play and actually got surprised a few times as to the direction they went with them!

With that said; eye/ear candy was this film’s forte and it didn’t skimp out in that department. The audio/visuals on hand had their dials set to "full blast"; resulting in a flashy, striking look, acceptable to awesome CGI and a brilliant use of sound which amplified the experience to "f*ck yeah!". The costume and set designs punched in hard as well as they burst through the screen with mucho creativity, bright colors and a delicious “out there” flavor.  And the same can be said about the many slick Sci Fi gadgets which I thought were vastly ingenious and quite the freaking hoot (That pill angle, that killer lawn and those dart firing pods rocked!). There was some never before seen on celluloid toys in this arsenal and I’m always grateful for that.

Furthermore, It surely helped the whole that the film was mainly action driven hence rarely losing my attention. Throughout my sit down, I was either gawking at Flux’s mucho enthralling aerial displays (loved them front/back flips), getting off on seeing her kicking some serious behind, or fanboy-ing on the ample gunplay and stunt set pieces that were slapped my way in high doses. Big props go out to Miss Theron who totally aced her physical scenes with the bit that I like to call “the obstacle course of death” being the highlight when it came to her incredible display of agility and feline like grace. Those trampoline courses paid off girl! CONGRATS! To make matters much better; I had a sturdy safety net in my back pocket. When things got ho-hum; I’d just stare at Theron’s supple lips; cute breasts or/and heart shaped ass and all would be well in my little world. How could I lose?

On the Kleenex-less side of the bra; this baby did lack in the meat department where most of its substance was surface, clichéd and didn't go as far as it should've. The acting had a tendency to go flat as well; but hey the flick was rocking and socking most of the time; so that didn't hurt it much. And what was up with characters being in one place in one scene to then conveniently appear in another location far away in the following scene? Was there a teleportation machine in this flick that I didn't know about or was it bad writing/editing to serve the plot (Take a guess!)? Lastly; some of the hand to hand fights lost some of their impact due to the very irritating knack of US editors to solely use tight shots when cutting them. Go wide…GO F*CKING WIDE ALREADY! I want to see the fist-to-cuffs! On the whole though; Aeon Flux wound up being a tall glass of  F.F.F. (Fun F*cking Fluff). I relish fluff now and again; especially when it has to do with a hot number in skin tight clothing shooting guns and cracking skulls like a PMS case with rabies…yes at heart I’m a simpleton. Flux this!

We get puncture gashes, light blood, cuts, bruises and flesh wounds via bullets. Not a gorefest but hey…you see Theron’s heart shaped ass? WOW! Art baby…art!
Charlize Theron (Aeon) looked AMAZING; fought well, squeezed a trigger like a pro and gave me enough ass shots in tight pants for me to care. Aces! Her delivery was on and off (on most of the way though). Marton Csokas (Trevor) underplayed it a bit too much for his own good but he had presence and was very likeable. Sophie Okonedo (Sithandra) owned with her enthusiastic and edgy display! Jonny Lee Miller (Oren) was efficient as the younger and brattier second in command with a superiority complex.
T & A
Charlize Theron has one of the most beautiful faces on earth. Tag that with Charlize Theron in very skimpy or skin tight accoutrements and...well... need I say more?
Karyn Kusama gave me lots of fast paced flash for my bucks! I so dug the stylish aesthetics, the sweet scene transitions and the arresting imagery that the flick constantly displayed. They went hand in hand with the action driven storyline, the wild costumes and the distinctive settings.
The techno inclined score by Graeme Revell fit the bill more often than none; although I kept hoping for something orchestral to kick in…that didn’t happen.
Aeon Flux wasn’t the second coming of Sci-Fi but putting it on the same shite list as Catwoman is pushing it if you ask me. This bonbon’s outside coating was made of yummy stunts/shootouts/fights, a zippy pace, a unique look and lots of kool gadgets. Its sugary middle consisted of Charlize Theron in tight garments flipping, rumbling, blasting and showing off that "magic ass" left and right. I don’t know about you; but I’d chew into that brand of candy any day. Yes the story didn’t delve deep enough into what it set up, the themes were déjà vu, the acting stale in places and the editing a tad off; but on the whole I came out of that theatre with a smile on my face and a blood rush in my Jeans. That’s all I needed…thanks for the strokes!
Frances McDormand and Pete Postlethwaite have small roles while Stuart Townsend (Charlize's husband) has an uncredited cameo as the dude who kisses her in the opening.

'Michelle Rodriguez' was originally slated to play "Aeon Flux". Thank god that didn't happen!

The film is based on the 1991 Peter Chung MTV animated series of the same name.

The flick cost $55 million to make.