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Alone with Her(2007)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Eric Nicholas

Ana Claudia Talancon/Amy
Colin Hanks/Doug
7 10
Cute as a button Amy (Talancon) is having a bad life. She just came out of a long-term relationship; dates some clown who just wants to get in her pants (great man) and spends way too much time alone for her own good. Worse thing is though; that new dweeb friend she just met named Doug (Hanks); is no friend at all. He’s a psychotic stalker who has her pad rigged with micro cameras and who’s playing her for a fool…and she’s starting to fall for him…OUCH! Her bad life is about to get worse. Poor girl…

Anytime. Anywhere. He's watching.

ALONE WITH HER (Hitting the screens in limited release on January 17, 2007) efficiently explored the frightening reality that is “stalking” in today’s day and age of technology. Yup I was firmly educated as to just how much new ammo these pathetic f*cks now have at their display to do what they do best: suck the life out of somebody cause they aint got one of their own to live out. USELESS INFO: I’ve been stalked a few times, nothing like in this film, but I got enough of it to know how unsettling it can be. All that to say, I had my own emotional baggage in tow while watching this movie.

The chilling ALONE WITH HER played it straight and more importantly; played it smart for maximum impact. For the most part, we the audience member were put in the stalker’s shoes and we progressively got to know the target (Amy) at the same time as he did. We see her through his hidden cameras, his peek-boo spying and much like him, we fall in love with her (although that prick wouldn’t know “love” if it came and banged him in the ass). Result of that particular approach was two fold. One, we were made accomplices to this twat’s “hobby”; hence I felt dirty at times while surviving this flick and craved a shower. Two, we know off the bat know that this dude is INSANE and since we’re caring about this multi-faceted and sweet girl, we’re afraid for her… well I was. Talk about a sly way of generating tension! OUCH! The more the clock ticked forward, the more antsy I got in my seat, as I knew that the worse was yet to come. And come it did.

This is the kind of film that I actually don’t like watching, especially when it plays its game right and this one did it oh so well. It fished something utterly terrifying right out of real life, brilliantly communicated it in a "reality type" way onscreen and basically forced me to witness an ugly/sour chunk of our society, one that I didn't particularly want to know about. Big props to the filmmakers and the amazing actors for giving us two "real" characters to follow around. Their dimensions, nuances and natural demeanor made the events so much more powerful and involving. I actually got mucho angry during this sit down (yeah I need a new shrink) much to the dismay of the peeps who watched it with me. Lines like “F*ck that prick!” and “I wish I could reach into the TV and pound his f*cking head into a brick wall” leaped out of my yapper. I was screaming at a screen. If my momma would see me now! Yup, it worked that good on me and that’s pretty much the best compliment I can give the film.

Now I did have an issue with the flick, namely its final plot turn, which sent the storyline to its conclusion. It was way too weak, un-credible and half-cocked to provoke what it entailed hence lessening the impact of the "finish". I didn’t fully buy it. The final twist needed something much stronger with further build-up and exploration to totally sell me on the outcome. As the end credits rolled though, I felt sad and pissed off. Sad and pissed off that people like this exist. Sad and pissed off that good folks have to suffer due to these shit heads. And sad and pissed off cause I can’t be there to grab them by the hair and beat the ever living crap out of them. "The world is a fine place and worth fighting for. I agree with the second part."

The flick was not about that poison, We get broken glass in a foot and that was pretty much that on that.
Ana Claudia Talancon (Amy) was incredibly natural, bravely vulnerable and highly credible. She has star power written all over and I for one totally fell in love with her. Colin Hanks (Doug) was also mucho efficient as the stalker with no beans left to count. Sure he looked a tad too much like your stereotypical stalker; but he got the job done. After all stereotypes do come from somewhere.
T & A
We get Amy butt naked many o times and yes her body was tight. The ladies get…not much…just that psycho-nerd without his shirt on…PUT IT BACK ON!
Editing was key on this one, props to both the director (Eric Nicholas) and his editor for slyly slipping us in this maniac’s world via the varied mini cam POV shots. The ‘straight” scenes were also resourcefully communicated and blended well with the voyeur bits.
We get a very subtle score that worked for the film hardcore and a brilliant t use of sound to punctuate the events at hand.
ALONE WITH HER was not a pleasurable movie to sit through. Witnessing a good person get manipulated and gradually snared into a trap by some spineless predator rubbed me the wrong way. And that was the point, therefore the flick accomplished what it was going for and then some. The final narrative turn wasn’t potent or developed enough for my liking and I wouldn't call this effort "pleasant"; but on the whole ALONE WITH HER was a visceral, stress inducing and fairly disturbing watch. It got under my skin and hit me where it hurt. I like to call this one "the great film that I never wanna see again". So you in the mood for a bitter slice of life? Dig in!
Colin Hanks is of course Tom Hank’s son.

Ana Claudia Talancon will next be seen in the US One Missed Call remake.