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Anatomie 2(2003)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky

Barnaby Metschurat/Joe
Herbert Knaup/ Muller-LaRousse
Heike Makatsch/Viktoria
Franke Potente/Paula
5 10
Let’s do the “Joe” dance! Joe (Metschurat) has a crippled brother, Joe interns at a famous hospital hoping to make a difference, Joe joins the “break all the rules” underground “Doctor In-Crowd”, Joe gets in over his head, Joe solves trouble in a zippy-a-de-doo-da. Roll end credits…did I just watch a movie?
Back in 2000, I fell in lust with a dark and twisted German medical horror flick named Anatomie. When I first heard of the impending sequel; I got real excited. When I found out that Stefan Ruzowitzky the man behind the original was also at the helm of this follow up; I zipped down my zipper with glee. And when it was revealed that the star of the original; cute in an offbeat way “Run Franke Potente Run” was returning for Part 2; I popped a woody and was ready to hammer away. Too bad all that “blood pumping” was for a sedated lay.

Now this dumbed down sequel wasn’t an entire waste! I must admit to having somewhat warmed up to its initial premise (that incidentally should’ve gone further). Where the original explored the ruckus the Anti-Hippocratics (i.e. rule breaking Doctors in the name of science) caused at a school, this sequel gave us a glimpse at their shenanigans in the work place. The themes at hand interested me as well, specially the “Cult”, “Junkie” and “Guinea Pig” angles. FUN SHITE! It also surely helped that the whole of the mischief was backed up by a pretty strong cast that made the storyline more involving than it truly was. Add to that all that gasified water; a quick pace, some slick directing (the MTV shots were a tad too much in places though) and at least one memorable “gore howler” (the opening rocked) and you get an easier than rider ride. Too easy…if you ask me…why?

Let’s begin with the vapid execution of the storyline which failed to affect me. Yes, the film was about something; but when the credits rolled, I felt like I had watched nothing. Sadly, the plot turns and their solutions had no momentum to them and in consequence didn’t offer much in terms of memorable moments. And why was Franke Potente in here again? Taking into account her minuscule screen time; it wasn’t worth the trouble to slap her in there. I so didn’t buy the whole “she became a cop” routine. How and when did that happen? I guess the German Police Academy procedure must be short! Wasn’t she a medical STUDENT last we saw her? Then we had the grating characters polluting the joint! Namely the paper thin love interest Lee (Alvarez) who was solely there to act as a “problem solver” every time the flick took a twist and the “lets get sympathy from the audience” cripple brother who kept name dropping that he’s a cripple in every sentence he spat out. Urg! There’s just so much blatant self pity I can endure in one sitting! SOMEBODY MAKE HIM STOP!

Lastly, it should be said that since this was a follow up to the down and dirty first film; I was expecting a to the grit horror movie. That’s not what I got. Gone were the disturbing scenarios, the scares, the suspense, the edginess and the cringe inducing gore of the first film. Say “what’s up” to a “safer”, “tamer” and more “cookie cutter” type of effort. …think a TV Movie of the Week. With minor bloodshed Now that I think of it; they should’ve called this one “The Skulls Part 4” where it had more in common with that stale franchise than its rocking forefather. Unfortunately for my viewing ass, I loathe those freaking “The Skull” movies; hence my rocks were maybe shaken a bit but FAR FROM stirred.

When all was cut open and spilled on the table; Anatomie 2 wound up being a lot like a drunken, lay of the night. I picked it up, I nailed it and minutes after I was done with it, I couldn’t remember its name or what it was about. The only thing that was certain was that I wanted it out of my house ASAP! I got shit to do! So are you looking for a quickie or what?
We get deep scalpel cuts, scalpel stabbings and some nasty open surgery bits (yuck). The original flick kicked this one’s ass when it came to gore. TOO DRY!
Barnaby Metschurat (Joe) did an adequate job as the lead; nothing more, nothing less. Herbert Knaup (Muller-LaRousse) was mucho chilling as the leader of the group. Heike Makatsch (Viktoria) nailed her part’s varied emotional levels and was cute to boot. Rosie Alvarez (Lee) was okay but her role bored me to navel gazing heaven. Franke Potente (Paula) cashed in a check for half a day’s work on set! Was she in the film?
T & A
The ladies get mucho dudes shirtless and we get Heike Makatsch (Viktoria) looking like Heike Makatsch, I.E. HOT!
For better and for worse, Ruzowitzky put on his MTV boots for this one. On one end I dug some of the shots, grooved to the use of slow motion and the tight editing. On the other hand, the flick often looked like a Gap Jeans commercial with the worst example of that tendency being: the tacky executed “sex scene”. I’ve seen that image blending trick countless times in music videos. I hated it then and I hated now.
A “whatever” score and your typical Pop, Rock, Techno disposable background tunes.
If you get-off on those The Skulls movies; have a blast with Anatomie 2 where it’s the unofficial Part 4 of that lame and overplayed STV series. If you’re yearning for a flick that echoes the original Anatomie, then go back to it where you won’t find the sweet, macabre juice it proudly sported in this pussied out sequel. Anatomie 2 was easy, quick and painless no doubt, perfect for that “I’m hung over” and “don’t give a shit” Sunday morning. But at same time, it was too light, by the motions and “safe” for it to live up to the original and for me to fully give a donkey’s ass about it. The Doctor is out… of BALLS! Somebody order some of the poor chap!
Cutie Heike Makatsch played Doctor Addison in Resident Evil.

The Anatomie 2 DVD that I rented had no English language track. Subtitles it was; which was fine by me but I know some people like dubbing better; thought you should know.