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Basic Instinct 2(2006)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Michael Caton-Jones

Sharon Stone/Catherine Tramell
David Morrissey/Dr. Glass
David Thewlis/Washburn
Charlotte Rampling/Milena
5 10
Fourteen years after “getting off” in the original, horn-dog Catherine Tramell (Stone) gets assigned a shrink when she’s booked on a murder rap in London. Of course she cock teases the poor schlep to high heavens, mucks with his life and rides his baloney pony till the STDs come home to roost. Man…I love Catherine Tramell!
After I heard that David Cronenberg walked off the project because the Studio didn’t care for his novel approach to the material and that the more racy sex scenes were snipped out by my good buddies the MP “puritan fascists” AA ( see them here ), my enthusiasm was nixed on this sequel to the great Paul Verhoeven gore/erotica classic. So I went in with those rocks in my back-pack and low and behold, it was a lousy film no doubt, but one thing I didn’t expect was that I would have so much freaking fun with it!
Yup, I laughed my ass off throughout this bent over turkey! Basic Instinct 2 came across as cream-cheese-light replica of the original but minus the balls (next to no gore here), the physical action (this one was more bla-bla oriented), the budget (very minimal scope) and the erotica (was all about f*cking…no sensuality). The bamboozling plot twists from the first film were also missing, unless you count our lead (Morrissey) being lied too by multiple parties and him buying it every time as plot twists. There were no true red herrings at play for me either. The movie gave it a half-clit shot, but it was obvious who the killer was all along. Sure didn’t help that I listened to the first film's DVD commentary which revealed who the killer was there hence here too. The only three things I got out of the pitiful “mind games” this flick bombarded me with was countless laughter due to: the inane dialogue (How many times will they drop the term “risk addiction” into the mix?), the corny heavy handed/hammy close ups (tum-tum-tum) and the ludicrous “fish” nature of the protagonist. HILARIOUS!

Which brings me to the star of the peep show; I give you Miss Sharon “this is my last shot” Stone! You bet she uncrossed her legs a lot (the beaver was out of town on this run though), showed off her jiggle-less fake tits with glee and fornicated left and right like a hooker banging the marathon! And boy I did derive guilty delight out of it all! We need more gals like this in real life! With that load dropped, it all felt so forced which made it even more side-splitting! I didn’t buy her character for a second, didn’t believe in her “power” over people and had a really hard time taking her seriously. Miss Tramell was so see through in this sequel that only an utter moron would fall for her pathetic ploys! A MORON I TELL YOU!

On a positive, cause it’s was actually “good” note, I did dig on David Morrissey in the lead, he gave an intense show. The low key London locations, sly references to the original, a groovy scene stealing David Thewlis and the return of Jerry Goldsmith’s sumptuous score were little plus’ too! Lastly, its not every day that you hear MILF-MACHINE Sharon Stone say onscreen: “Do you want to cum in mouth?” with such conviction. Yes I relished the sound of that, it was like a melody singing in my pants…but that’s my own shite going on. All in all Basic Instinct 2 was a stupid and predictable follow up that tried so hard to be brainy and sexy that it fell flat on its impotent privates, therefore evoking mucho laughs from yours truly. Sharon! Risk addict me and I’ll risk addict you in return…deal?

We get a slit throat and dead bodies…that was pretty much it
Sharon Stone (Catherine Tramell) looked as good as money can buy, taking into her account her age and yes nailing her “a quattre pattes” was always on my mind while watching this joke. Acting wise, her delivery was on and off as she tried too hard to be sexy or/and witty. The crappy dialogue didn’t lend her much support.

David Morrissey (Dr. Glass) surprised me as I didn’t think I’d dig him. He was credible and focused. The crazier his character got the more I loved him! And when he pulled a “Sean Connery” (the back hand) on Miss Stone, I almost cheered! The great David Thewlis (Washburn) stole many scenes as the scummy Detective. He had the best lines! The classy Charlotte Rampling (Milena) took a “nothing” part and made it memorable with her talent and beauty. Good work!
T & A
We get Sharon’s Stone plastic, Tupperware tits and spankable ass. I want one! The ladies get Morrissey’s butt and some other dude’s cheeks!
Michael Caton-Jones played the “restrained” card on this one. Pan up, pan down, wide, medium, close up. Nothing fancy or too exciting for that matter…serviceable. The cinematography was slick though.
We get snippet of Jerry Goldsmith’s splendid score from the original, an adequate score by John Murphy and an industrial type ditty.
Basic Instinct 2 was basically a more talkie, less smart and less audacious semi clone of the original. The dialogue was hilarious in its cheesiness, the sex was of the Porn variety and Stone, although still so damn f*ckable looked like she was parodying her role from the first one as opposed to reprising it. The acting was decent enough, the film somewhat gripping the whole way and I had a hoot with it all for mostly the wrong reasons. I say rent it on DVD when it comes out (most likely unrated), watch it with your better half, have a good laugh, then hump yourselves silly! Now if I can only meet Catherine Trammell in real life…marriage material baby! MARRIAGE!
Benjamin Bratt was the Producers' top choice to play Dr. Glass, but Stone said "no dice".

Sharon Stone didn't want to do the role again at first, so Demi Moore and Ashley Judd were considered to take her place.