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Bloody Murder 2(2003)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Rob Spera

Katy Woodruff/Tracy
Tiffany Shepis/Angela
Kelly Gunning/Mike
5 10
Jason Voorhees knock-off Trevor Moorhouse returns to camp sporting a new mask (think the \"Valentine\" mask, but without the lipstick) and an eagerness to hack a horde of camp counselors into chop-suey. What can you do…a man’s gotta relax!
Who knew? Like really…who knew???? Somebody up there must have listened to my prayers for this sequel to the abysmal \"Bloody Murder\". Everything that was so painfully freakin\' wrong with the original was pretty much rectified in this routine, yet surprisingly watchable, follow-up. You see! God does care! Miracles do happen! Pretty soon I’ll be able to pull giraffes’ out of my ass, I’m sure of it!

Let’s get the plot out of the way first. What do you think it’s about? Think about it real hard….YOU BET! It’s exactly what you would expect it to be; a \"been-there\" and hit that too many times in the past typical slasher. We get yet another whodunit in the house and some minor verbal deconstructing of genre conventions a la \"Scream\" (luckily they didn’t go overboard with it). The silly culprit with a ZZZZZzzzz motive is still around and so are the usual turns, the worst police force ever (what kind of procedure did these mooks learn at the Academy?) and yes, the now so ever dreaded (by my arse anyways) villain explanatory monologue. It was the same type of standard jive when it came to the now well-known slasher stock characters, although they actually managed to take their stereotypes a step down by often acting like petulant 10-year old kids. What was that all about? GROW UP! The lousy drama and sometimes “off” dialogue that accompanied this gang didn’t help their case either.

Now, the more potent perk that this genre fluff had to offer was the dripping gore, which was criminally absent in the first entry. Although the red grub sometimes looked of the dime store variety, it still got the job done and put a smile on my mug-shot. The opening “real” murder of the film in particular was quite the howler and it almost felt like the filmmakers were saying: “You wanted gore; here you go kids, now stop bitching!” Well, THANK YOU kind gentlemen! That was one kool and brutal kill! The other key spices that were missing from the impotent original, but that were spread about in satisfactory abundance in this sequel, were the glorious displays of feminine flesh. GOD BLESS TIFFANNY SHEPIS and her two well-rounded friends!

On the visual front, the cinematography was notches above what the bland looking \"Bloody Murder\" had going for it. Where the first one was mostly shot in the daytime, this follow-up sported good looking, atmospheric night sequences that actually worked! Lastly, poseur Trevor Moorhouse finally put some meat on his skinny ass. Good for you, Trevor! The dude who played him in the first one was a carrot stick that I could’ve broken in one snap, while the lumbering mass in this sequel was way more credible. Now if our boy Trev would gain an ounce of “personality” of his own and maybe a new wardrobe…who knows? He might become a killer to be reckoned with. As is though; let’s face it...I’ve seen “GLAD” garbage bags with more presence and “stalker” class than this mongrel.

But overall, I had an okay time with \"Bloody Murder 2\". Let’s be frank, you don’t watch an offering like this for its depth or IQ level, you slap it in the player for gore, T&A and meaningless amusement. Although the flick never scared me, it kept me interested and it unzipped where it counted. Get the six-pack and the baby oil! It’s that kind of jump in the horror sack.
Unlike the original \"Bloody Murder\"...THERE IS GORE HERE! We get a chainsaw gutting, hacked off legs, a splattered noggin, a maggot-infested head, a bloody stabbing, an arrow in the neck (should’ve been “in the head”), a machete in the skull and a beheading. YIPPEE, HURRAY!
Katy Woodruff (Tracy) looked yummy and had a solid delivery. Tiffany Shepis (Angela) could actually act and drop her top at the same time! That’s rare; do I smell the next reigning Scream Queen? Time will tell. Kelly Gunning (Mike) was all around on the ball and deserves to be in better movies. NOTE: The dialogue was lousy at times and made the actors look bad; they did the best they could with it. Props to the Bloody Murder 2 cast!
T & A
Unlike the original Bloody Murder; THERE IS T&A HERE! Appetizers: Kathy Woodruff in tight tops showing nip action and sporting lovely cut-off shorts. The main course: Tiffany Shepis going topless, then full nudity and then topless again. I was impressed! The ladies get a couple of buff dudes (3) shirtless.
Rob Spera showcased nice shot compositions, a kool use of slow motion /strobes and we even got some dark ambiance (dug the dream sequences). On the down side, Spera overdid it with the titled frames shtick and the suspense was quite minimal. NOTE: Some inserts looked like they were shot on a different format than the bulk of the film and the scene transitions were pretty plain.
A generic 80’s slasher-like score that didn’t really stand out, but did what it had to do.
Distributor: Artisan Release Date: February 18, 2003

IMAGE: The full-screen presentation was adequate, but the image lacked definition some times and sported some grain.

SOUND: The Dolby Digital 5.1 sound was all at the right levels. We also get a 2.0 Dolby Surround option.

EXTRAS: The more novel feature here is the “Jump to a Bloody Murder” feature in which we can view the bloodless kills from the first film. We also get the “Trailer”, “Sneak Peeks” and a “Photo Gallery”.
Where \"Bloody Murder\" was a sub-standard slasher with no goodies whatsoever in its bag of tricks, this sequel wised up and smacked us with a standard slasher, still stuck in the late 90’s formula wise, but with the exploitive checklist all checked out. Good move! Add to that, the lovely Tiffany Shepis (Angela) taking it off at the drop of a dead MPAA member and you get a borderline content “Arrow”. Hire this one for 80 minutes, enjoy it and then forget it in the morning to be free to move on to the next slasher hoe.
Kelly Woodruff was born on March 24, 1982.

Kelly Gunning/Mike also appeared on MTV’s Undressed.

Tiffany Shepis was the first “Arrow Mistress” in the history of the site to make it on the page two weeks in a row. See her here and here.