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Written by: The Arrow

A horror compilation DVD starring:
Micheal Myers/ Freddy Krueger/ The Djinn
Leatherface/ The Leprechaun/ Chucky/ The Candyman
The Fisherman/ The Tall Man/ Norman Bates
Jason Voorhees/ Pinhead/ and more...
7 10
“Boogeymen” is a compilation of the greatest killers to ever grace the bloody screen. The DVD shows us scenes of the killers at play, their history, slick games…I can go on and on but you might as well just read my review to find out what else this DVD has to offer.
When I was in high school, I always used to do my oral reports on horror films. I would take my two VCR’s and choppily edit together gruesome sequences from various genre flicks. I would eventually play the tape in class backed up by me reading all sorts of trivia about respective scenes. The “Boogeymen\" DVD has that same spirit. Why didn’t I think of this first?? I’m stupid, stupid stupid…

The core of “Boogeymen” is a slick one-hour montage of horror’s main killers at work. Each psycho gets a written description first: who they are, how they died, how they kill you, where they come from…it slightly varies from killer to killer. Then, we get a clip from one of the loony’s movies. We get the obvious KINGS of mayhem: Pinhead (Hellraiser)- Freddy (NOES)- Wishmaster (Wishmaster)- Leatherface (TCM)- Ghostface (Scream) -Candyman (Candyman) -Jason Voorhees (Jason Goes To Hell)- Michael Myers (Halloween)- Norman Bates (Psycho) and the Tall Man (Phantasm).

We get the miniature troublemakers: -Chucky (Child’s Play 2) and Blade (Puppetmaster). We get the surprise appearances: Simon (The Ugly)- and Camilla (The Guardian). And we get the rejects: -Fisherman (IKWYDLS)- The Dentist (The Dentist) and the Leprechaun (Leprechaun).

Overall, the scenes chosen are good ones. Although I personally would have chosen a better Jason scene than the opening of “Jason Goes To Hell”. Come on! Jason has way better moments and it\'s not like he doesn’t have enough scenes to choose from (9 movies, yo!). I did appreciate the surprise appearance of Camilla from William Friedkin’s underrated flick “The Guardian” though, didn’t expect to see her there. The montage also got me interested in a movie that I now HAVE to see. I had heard a lot about “The Ugly” and after seeing the clip from it on this DVD; I will hunt it down with every breath that I could muster.

Of course, I still question the inclusion of that damn Leprechaun. They had to show that pogo stick scene too (god, I hate that scene, that movie and that character). I also didn’t think that the Fisherman (IKWYDLS) or The Dentist were “special” enough to make the cut either. I think slapping in some Gremlins, Hannibal The Cannibal or Patrick Bateman would have been more appropriate. But hey, that’s just my pointy ass talking. After the montage we get a few fun thangs that pop up on the screen. The first being a list of “The 5 scariest movies of all-time (I don’t fully agree with the list)”, then the 3 scariest Boogeymen of all time (I don’t agree here either)”, then the groovy “Boogeyman Bodycount” (which lists the numbers of people that 8 of the top killers have whacked out) and lastly we get a standard filmography of each film from which the montage used a clip. NOTE: The filmography lists \"Jack Frost 2\" in the credits but there weren’t any JF2 scenes in the montage. I think that’s probably the hidden scene I’ve been hearing about. I’ll go out of my way NOT to find it. Jack Frost can kiss my ice cubes!

This DVD is more than a one-hour showcase of blood, gore and death. It’s a one stop, fun shop for horror fans wrapped up in a candy-coated syrup of flashy animation and a loud Rob Zombie song. Read on, you psychotic freaks!!!!
The goriest scenes in the montage are from: Hellraiser (“Jesus wept”… ouch!), The Ugly (nice slit throat), The Guardian (man does that tree bleed!), Puppetmaster (the leech grossed me out), NOES (Freddy slicing Tina on the ceiling) and The Dentist (very harsh teeth pulling…brrr).
T & A
To see some female flesh go in the \"Special Features\" section of the DVD. Select \"Flixmix Recommends\". Once there go on \"Upcoming Filmmix Titles\". Press your right button and you\'ll get a profile on Jack Frost 2 showcasing a scene with a chick taking off her bathing suit, diving into a pool and getting killed by that ridiculous looking snowman. Nice rack on the broad though...Thanks to Adam Terry for the heads up on that.
There’s no director here but whoever edited this thing did a great job. It looks very flashy and has great energy. The animated menu is the shite!
The DVD uses Rob Zombie’s “Boogeyman” song constantly and I never got bored of it. Great fucking tune!
Distributed by Flix Mix Official Release Date: October 2

MENU: The menu has this reddish, flame filled motif that’s always on the move as it goes from section to section slapping the occasional “Boogeyman” pic our way.. It’s colorful and all over the place. I loved it!

IMAGE: The Full Screen (Standard) - 1.33:1 ratio gives us an eyeful. The colors leap out of your screen and the clips from all the films are surprisingly (since some of the films are old) devoid of grain. Nice job here.

SOUND: I never would have thought that the sound was Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono. The music blared out of my speakers like the “Leprechaun” getting beaten to death. The sound is crisp and clear.

SPECIAL FEATURES: This is where the fun begins. These special features make the DVD even better. Sharpen your machete, here we go!

Legends Of The Boogeymen: Here we get a detailed Biography for each respective “Boogeyman”. Wanna know what Leatherface put on his meat? You’ll find out here. Witty and informative but most hardcore genre fans will know most of this stuff already. Still good fun.

Audio Commentary by Robert Englund: This option makes the “montage” even more interesting. Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger himself) comments throughout, slapping the occasional Freddy one-liner in there, lots of jokes (that sometimes hit and sometimes miss), his opinions on the scenes at hand, interesting bits of trivia about the respective movie on the screen and groovy personal stories (like when he first saw \"Bride Of Chucky\"). Robert seemed to be nervous at first but then he eventually caught on and delivered a pleasant, enthusiastic commentary. You go, Bobby!

Name That Frame Game: Kool game that I can imagine having lots of fun with when I’m drunk off my ass! They show you a freeze frame from a flick (from the montage) and you have to select the movie title that matches it. What makes it even more fun is Robert Englund’s “Freddy” voice telling you when you’re right or wrong. Like I said, bring out the booze!

Flix Facts Animated Trivia: This option also completes the “montage”. Ever heard of “Pop Up Video”? Same principle here. With this on, you will see “movie trivia” pop up at the bottom of your screen during the “montage”. It’s pretty groovy and gives up lots of interesting info. NOTE: At a certain point Robert’s Englund’s commentary clashes with the popping trivia. Robert calls the female Cenobite from “Hellraiser” Clive Barker’s sister, where the pop up trivia says she’s his cousin. I’m confused!!! Maybe she’s his personal secretary or something.

Theatrical trailers: We get a trailer for most of the films showcased here (where\'s the Jason Goes To Hell trailer?). It\'s a nice little collection. My favorite you may ask? Four words: “Sorry Jack, Chucky’s Back!”

DVD-ROM: For those of you that have DVD ROMs on your computer, you’ll be able to access some horror games (multiple question quizzes) and some horror sounds that you can slap on your CPU. Unfortunately, I don’t have a DVD drive so I can’t review this. Sounds like \"fun times\" though.

Filmflix Recommends: This option isn\'t just a shameless plug. Yes we get the trailers for the upcoming DVD release of Jurassic Park 3, American Pie 2 and The Mummy Returns. But we also get the Jack Frost 2 hidden tit scene. See TNA section to know how to get to it.
“Boogeymen” is a treat for every genre fan and it’s right on time for Halloween. Of course, it’s all about personal taste and I didn’t necessarily agree with every “Boogeyman” this compilation slapped my way but who cares! Overall, this little horror toy gave me enough smiles, enough info and enough games to make it worth my while. Every horror junkie should own this “Horror’s Greatest Hits”. Now where’s that bottle? Got to go play “Name That Frame Game” again! YEAH! Burp…
Check out the official BOOGEYMAN site here.