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Captain America: Civil War(2016)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Anthony Russo
Joe Russo

Robert Downey Jr/Tony
Chris Evans/Steve
Sebastian Stan/Bucky
Chadwick Boseman/Black Panther
8 10
Due to the collateral damage (We're still whining about this?) that The Avengers caused in their past battles Secretary of State General Ross (William Hurt) drops the Sokovia Accords on the table; a document signed by countless countries asking that The Avengers operate under supervision from the powers that be. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is all for it — Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) isn’t. A civil war erupts within the group! Place your bets!

Maybe it’s because I’m a grown man (that wears comic book t-shirts and has a Conan sword on his wall) but I wasn’t aware there was some kind of troll war between MARVEL fans and DC fans. But one quick trip to that cesspool of intellect they call the IMDb Message Boards made me realize that indeed, there is. Okay... yeah...  all I gotta say about that!

Although I’ve always been more of a DC dude (due to digging Superman and Batman), I was a fervent reader of Spiderman while growing up and of course both The Punisher and Conan (two fav characters of mine) have done their thing under Marvel’s roofs hence all good. Movie wise, I’ve worshipped installments from both camps; SPIDER MAN , BLADE II, IRON MAN, X-MEN FIRST CLASS and CAPTAIN AMERICA WINTER SOLDIER for Marvel. As for DC, SUPERMAN THE MOVIE, MAN OF STEEL, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, BATMAN RETURNS and Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT trilogy are all favs of mine. Which bring me to CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR.

I had my reservations going in to be honest, being that I’m a huge fan of WINTER SOLDIER and I’m not into Marvel’s knack of over-stuffing their films with every hero under the sun (which CIVIL WAR is all about). I mean what’s the difference between a CAPTAIN AMERICA film and an AVENGERS movie at this point? Exactly. There's not much of one! I know DC is trying to follow that lead on their end (with JUSTICE LEAGUE) and I feel that’s a big mistake this early in the game for them. Just give me MAN OF STEEL 2 already! But I digress. Although CIVIL WAR did come off as THE AVENGERS 3 to me; I esteemed how they pulled off having Steve Rogers (Chris Evans, excellent in the role once again) be in the center of it all (driven by his bromance with Bucky), even with all the madness that was going on around him.

Another thing that set this one apart from the first two Avenger films was the vibe. The Russo Brothers managed to bring the grounded and gritty style they had showcased so effectively in WINTER SOLDIER and transposed it here. Therefore, although the countless action scenes/chases/fights that unraveled were totally out there; there was a sense of realism tagged to them at the same time; resulting in the most thrilling and impressive physical get-downs  MARVEL has ever put to screen. The royal rumble at the "deserted" airport for example was a sight to behold! Hold on to your Pop Corn guys and dolls and get ready to geekasm! I was floored! Now that I think of it, one of my favorite elements from CIVIL WAR was in fact just that: how they used action. They established their premise and then drove the story forward via eye popping set pieces. It just never stopped! And that’s a good thing! You’ll never hear me complain about a film having too much action! EVER! So thank you for that!

Acting wise, the old gang was in top form as per usual (Downey's Stark has gotten more and more bitter though) but it was the new additions that were the true treats! Namely young Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spiderman and Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. I adored Holland’s organic rendition of Peter Parker and his “early” Spiderman owned it (and yeah Marisa Tomei made for an ideal and hot Aunt May)! As for Boseman, he KILLED as T'Challa the prince of Wakanda (dug that accent) who becomes Black Panther! I didn't know much about the character but I will do my research and I’m really pumped for his solo flick! Add to all that quality, compelling themes of revenge and betrayal, powerful drama (the exchanges between Tony and Steve were gold) some cool ass gadgets (all about Falcon's drone) a couple of potent plot twists that I didn’t see coming, astounding visual effects (of course) and mucho effective moments of humor (Vision the house wife, Ant Man’s antics, - Spiderman’s Star Wars reference) and you get one hell of a well rounded super hero flick!

On the flip-side; the main villain (played by the excellent Daniel Brühl) and his motives were a tad uninspiring. Meh. I was also sometimes taken aback at how quickly and harshly fellow Avengers would turn on each other on a dime and I didn’t fully believe the WHY behind the powers that be wanting to have the Avengers be under their control. I chuckled at the scene that saw William Hurt show our heroes why they want to go forward with the leesh. Collateral damage yes – but hey a-hole – how about taking into account the circumstances behind it? Like I don’t know; a f*cking ALIEN INVASION for example! Perspective Ross, perspective...

While on the topic, is it me or has comic book films been obsessed in addressing collateral damage since DC’s MAN OF STEEL butt-hurt some fanboys? Get over it already! It’s a movie about super beings beating the shit out of each other – do we really have to be PC there too? It's FANTASY! Sigh. My last peeve is a small one but it needs to be elbow dropped: Spiderman’s eyes looked like they were CGI animated to me. It kept taking me out of the film! On the whole though, I had a blast with CIVIL WAR! It was a The Avengers movie with a bit more edge than usual and lots more fight!

We get some brutal beatings, light blood and a ripped off arm.
T & A
They should have called "Captain America: Civil War", "Captain America: F*ckload of Fight Scenes" instead. Yeah... it rocked! The stand out cast and impressive visual effects tagged to a well paced story, new gnarly heroes (Black Panther and Spidey stole the show) and the non-stop fights/chases/action set pieces made CIVIL WAR quite the ride! Sure the lead baddie and his motive were weak, I didn't always believe how quickly the Avengers would turn on each other (and then be friends again - LIKE THAT) and I'm already sick of the collateral damage issue being brought up in comic book movies but that didn't hinder the experience too much! I'll see it again! In my book the DC and Marvel movie universes shouldn't compete, as they complete each other. Marvel is more on the lighter side - DC leans on the gloomy side - I don't want them to be the same (like the many DC movie haters out there) as I love them both for different reasons!
The scene that had Ant-Man take a ride on Hawkeye's arrow was lifted off The Avengers # 224.

At 2 hours and 26 minutes this was the longest Marvel movie thus far (I didn't feel it).

There's a mid credit extra scene and an after end credit extra scene. FYI!