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Close Range(2015)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Isaac Florentine

Scott Adkins/MacReady
Nick Chinlund/Sheriff Calloway
Caitlin Keats/Angela
Tony Perez/Garcia
8 10
Colt MacReady (Adkins) rescues his young niece (Madison Lawlor) from a cartel which results in said baddies and some crooked hicks trying to kill him. Countless fist fights, kicks to the head and bullet wounds ensue!

God bless Scott Adkins. He picked up where his once idol Jean Claude Van Damme left off (how ironic that now he will star in Hard Target 2) and has been doing an admirable job of continuing the ongoing tradition that is flamboyantly kicking ass in testosterone fueled and unapologetic action films. Adkins is always good but thus far, he’s even better when Isaac Florentine directs him. Both gents created action packed magic with Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing (2006) The Shepherd (2008), Ninja (2009), Undisputed III: Redemption (2010) and the excellent Ninja: Shadow of a Tear (2013) and now they stay true to themselves once more with the wam-bam loving in Close Range (pre-order it here).

CLOSE RANGE should please any fan of 80’s and 90’s action films. Although it’s cartel + crooked sheriff vs. ass-whooping Adkins plot reeked of familiarity; it’s not the fact that it’s a burger that mattered it’s how well it was fucking cooked and this one was well done! CLOSE RANGE gave me so much loving I almost left 200 bucks on the night stand once I was done with it. The film opened with a two minute one take tracking shot of Adkins f*cking all kinds of scum up and then went on to deliver the goods hardcore for the bulk of its running time. I’m talking the works here: exciting car chases, unrepentant shoot-outs, brutality galore, crazy stunts and all kinds of jaw dropping mano et mano fight scenes. Adkins and Florentine should give Hollywood seminars as to how to execute/shoot/edit a potent man to man fight. No close shot/quick-cut drivel here – this was fight scenes done right!  Lots of bigger budget movies can learn from these guys.  

Acting wise, Adkins just keeps getting better with every movie. His Yankee accent was impeccable, dude was credible and intense while looking cool as f*ck. The rest of the cast was solid too! Character actor and often baddie Nick Chinlund, sexy Caitlin Keats and young/talented Madison Lawlor all came through. Special mention does go out to Tony Perez who aced it as the cartel leader and to Jake La Botz (I remembered him from RAMBO) who played a sleeze ball I yearned to back-hand stupid i.e. job well done! Add to all that some inventive camera work, arresting moments of slow motion, a handful of money one-liners (“I don’t have any f*cking friends”) and an occasional Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western feel (nice touch with the whisling in the score) and you get a clip-paced action film that hit where it counted! There were three things that I kept saying out loud during this watch: "Nice!" "F*ck yeah!" and "Damn he's good!" Scott Adkins and Florentine have done it again. Props gents!

Any peeves? A few, but nothing to kill over, especially for the type of movie this was. The chain of events was fairy predictable, some of the dialogue was so-so (making some actors look bad), we had one dumb move to serve the plot at the end and I could have gone without the now tired “we’re hip lets freeze frame on the bad guys and name them” device. It brought nothing to the table and didn’t flesh out the villains more than they already were (I learned in an interview afterward that they did it to pad the clock time). On the whole though, Close Range got the job motherf*cking done and with high skills at that! Action movie fans are treated like royalty here and Scott Adkins has never been better. Hands up! ATEMI!

We get some knife slashes, red-wet bullet wounds, a headshot, and a knife to the balls (ouch, I felt that one).
T & A
Nope! We get dressed hookers (!?!). The ladies do get a buff Adkins shirtless though. Yeah... I miss the 80's and the token tit shot. Sue me!
CLOSE RANGE gave me everything that I yearn for from an action film and with superior quality at that! Crazy man to man fights, cool chases, shootouts galore and a lead hero that I believed in and rooted for! Florentine went bucks nuts with the camera here and the way he shot his fight scenes was ingenious to say the least! Sure the initial premise was nothing new, lots of it was predictable and the dialogue randomly reeked — but who gives a bleep! Solid cast, fast paced, physical get-downs galore and Scott Adkins looking fly and on top of his game! THANK YOU! I needed that.
The film will be in Theaters on December 11th 2015 and on iTunes and VOD on December 4th 2015.

Caitlin Keats also starred in The Victim (2011), Treachery (2013) and Hidden in the Woods (2014) with Michael Biehn.

The film cost about $3,000,000 to make.