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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Gavin Wilding

Cynthia Preston/Ali
Christopher Lloyd/Morley
Adrian Paul/Brady
7 10
Ali (Preston) works for a tabloid paper with depressed pessimist Morley (Lloyd). One day, she inexplicably gets kicked out of her place by her boyfriend and what follows is a series of events that will have you screaming: What in Mickey Rourke\'s career is going on??
Miracles do happen. What we have here is a very good film with Christopher Lloyd giving an astounding dramatic turn. I never thought I\'d ever write that sentence in a review. I totally forgot Doc Brown…wow!

Lloyd is just the tip of the ice pick. Without giving too much away, I\'ll say that this film is a refreshing change from the crap I usually see on video. It deals with themes that I\'m fascinated with: Coincidences, meaning of life, fate and how the universe works. For about an hour in this film I had no idea what was going on. That\'s rare for me. I was totally absorbed trying to figure out whassup?

The film is all atmosphere, heavy on style and bathed in bleakness. It actually relies on its characters to tell the story (Cyndy Preston is awesome!!!), avoids cheap scare tactics and delivers an original premise. What does a stigmata ridden kid, airplane parts in a living room and a mentally challenged dude have in common? I won\'t tell…

The flick does falter though and almost lost me when it brought in the coffee shop owner who knew everything that was going on. It\'s not like this dude has an opinion on what\'s going on…he knows. He\'s got maps, bad dialogue and a flying cup to prove it. It\'s obvious that the film was scared of losing the viewer so it came in and spelled it out for him. It halted the ride for me. I mean for an hour I was using my brain, I wished the movie would have let me come up with the answer myself or at least deliver the explanation in a more subtle way. Should\'ve kept that ace in the deck.

The good news is that Convergence pulled me back in with its poignant conclusion (too many false endings for my taste though) that ties up all the threads. When all was said and done, I was quite pleased with this one. Let\'s see if this flick is meant to be…
Some light blood, nothing major, the film is all about mood.
Cynthia Preston (Ali) proves herself again. She gives a riveting turn as the girl who attracts bad energy and hits all the right levels. Make this one a star already, she\'s earned it. Christopher Lloyd (Morley) reveals a serious side (that I haven\'t seen in a while) and totally comes through as the reporter beaten by life. I felt for him. Adrian Paul (Brady) is more than the Highlander dude in my eyes, he\'s also a solid thespian and he\'s got the thick mustache to prove it. How\'s that for method!! He\'s very creepy here. In the general public\'s eye, the cast might seem second rate but after seeing this film, I firmly pronounce them: \"A\" GRADE ACTORS!
T & A
Adrian Paul pleases the ladies and goes butt naked. The boyz don\'t get squat but Miss Preston is always fun to look at…especially in her underwear.
Wilding went haywire in the editing room. Lots of subliminal cuts (especially in the beginning). He also went bonkers with filters (blue, yellow), with the camera (wild shots, play with focus, slow motion) and was probably listening to some Radiohead 24/7 (the movie has a depressive aura to it). Solid.
The score is like the movie: Unorthodox, weird and kind of sad.
Think Final Destination geared towards a more adult audience. This one had me from frame one, insulted my intelligence an hour in and then reeled me back in the boat with its cap off. The film is not perfect but its ambitions are honorable and it\'s all handled with class. See this sleeper and make up your own mind.
The film is also known as Premonition.