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Cube Zero(2004)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Ernie Barbarash

Zachary Bennett/Eric
Stephanie Moore/Cassandra
David Uband/Dodd
7 10
In this prequel to Cube and Cube 2 Hypercube, we again find ourselves following a group of folks, as they get butchered while trying to escape the inside of a giant Cube. At the same time though, we get to witness two “button men” who are working for the “Cube Experiment” as they go about their everyday business…until one snaps. It’s cubing time!
Isolation - Panic - Terror

The first Cube was a smarter than most horror/Sci- Fi flick with a neato concept, groovy kills and so-so acting. Cube 2 Hypercube was a gore-lacking effort with a story that didn’t stray too far from the first Cube, with more “average” acting and a couple of answers as to “what in Spongebob’s name is going on” in tow. This prequel thankfully gave us more to stab in while delivering the requisite in-Cube exploits, gore, booby traps and…get ready for this…you got your raincoat on…GOOD ACTING! YES!!!!

Written and directed by Writer and Producer Ernie Barbarash, Cube Zero baby- oiled my broom stick and gave me quite the night flight! I wasn’t expecting much from this third entry but behold I found all kind of goodies in its body bag! How did thee fulfill my sweet, decaying tooth? Through a solid script, well developed characters, surprising plot turns, an inventive streak and gnarly visual effects! THAT’S HOW! And the kicker was: we also got to experience the other side of the coin in seeing two duders who actually work for the “Cube Project” go at it. Through them we got an added dramatic dynamic (I so got attached to the character of Eric), got “Fed-Exed” more insight as to how the Cube-Machine ticks and got further info as to who the sadists behind the Cube are! Yes we got our hooker and ate her too with this one! Good shit Batman!

Snag wise, the flick did suffer from sequel-etis where its in-cube happenings emulated what was seen in the two other movies so strongly that I forgot what Part I was watching (maybe it was the bad brownies talking). Personally, if I see ONE more person throw ONE more f*cking shoe in a room to test it, I’m going to kill myself and haunt the Playboy Mansion “Entity” style! How about for the next round they throw their bras in there to test those rooms out! Enough shoe action! The same can be said about the kills and the character turns which were so similar in nature to the other two films that I called them way before they went down. Lastly, the teasing has got to end. Cube 2 gave us a tip-off as to what was going down and Cube Zero gave us stronger clues. It has been three films now…can I finally know exactly who is behind this game and why? Is it aliens? The government? Jehovah Witnesses? The Lakers? Gary Coleman? ENOUGH! Let the pussy out of the undies already!

Generally though, Cube Zero was a tightly paced, well written, expertly acted (Zachary Bennett rocked the house!) and mucho gripping experience. I’m this close to saying that it was superior to the first one…this close…but I’d have to see the original again (and yes, review it) to make that statement. Till then, solve this puzzle and visit me in the morning to hand over your sisters for 5 minutes (that’s all I need!)!
DAMN STRAIGHT! The gore in this slaughterhouse was cranked up to JUICY with a gross decomposing man, a dude sliced into a multitude of pieces, one nasty human flame, a flesh eating virus doing its thing, an exploding poor schmuck and more! Yes the gravy was laid on thick on this squirrel steak!
Zachary Bennett (Eric) nailed his role, playing “geeky” well yet managing to remain appealing at the same time. Stephanie Moore (Cassandra Raines) was decent as the heroine; good enough to have me rooting for her. David Uband (Dodd) played it down and he worked!
T & A
Stephanie Moore went the tank top way and the cube in question had a great ass! That was all she wrote on the “boing” scale!
Producer and Writer Ernie Barbarash kicked some serious behind in his directorial debut with slick style up the orifice, groovy flashbacks and a dazzling use of slow motion/image distortion. This flick looked remarkable! My kind of jive!
The score by Norman Orenstein was low-key but at the same time extremely efficient.
Cube Zero was a gratifying sit down and had most of its faces covered. It retained what made the other two Cube movies groovy while at the same time taking the ride further by giving us a peep-show as to whom are the people behind the cube are and how that damn tinker-toy works. Sure the film was maybe a tad too close to the other two Cube flicks at times and it didn’t give me enough answers but it was still definitely worth my hard earned time and green. For Cube 4 though….I’d like to know exactly what’s going on! In my opinion, they’ve stretched this storyline as far as it can go. Cap it off and begin another sub-series called “Triangle” or something. We got a deal? Shake on it!
Ernie Barbarash the Writer/Director of Cube Zero had a hand in writing Cube 2 Hypercube.

Barbarash also co produced American Psycho and produced American Psycho 2 and Cube2 Hypercube. Ambitious lad…I LIE THAT! Keep at it bro!

Cube Zero will be out on DVD on February 22nd 2005.