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Dark Angel(1994)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Linda Hassani

Angela Featherstone/Veronica
Daniel Markel/Dr. Max
7 10
Hot demon teen babe Veronica (Featherstone) lives in hell with her parents. After a fight with her dad, she sneaks out of hell and joins us mortals on earth accompanied by her hell dog \"Hellraker\". Once here she falls in love with a gentle doctor (Markel), experiences sex, looks great in leather and realizes something about earth…there’s as much evil here than there is in hell.
This is a weird movie. Good weird. It’s a blend of different genres. It’s a love story…the romance aspect is very strong, it puts \"She’s All That\" to shame. It’s a vigilante movie…Veronica starts punishing the evil she sees around her…rapists, racist cops, corrupt mayor and it’s a gore film with a nasty vision of hell (people being whipped, tongues cut off) and extremely gory moments. At first I was a bit lost as to what the movie was about but the strength of the characters (specially Veronica) pulls it all together and gives us an unusual, original, sweet, sometimes funny and deadly film. Lets swim the lakes of hell together…
Lots of it. People hacked to pieces, spine ripped out, hearts ripped out of chests and fed to dog…It’s weird to see a movie with so many beautiful tender moments filled with so much graphic violence...
I will begin by saying that Angela Featherstone (Veronica) is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. With her perfect body, her red hair, her piercing blue eyes and her full plum lips…she set my heart on fire…Wow…she’s also a great actress. She balances vulnerability, aggressiveness and naivety perfectly and creates a fascinating character. Daniel Markel (Max) also pulls it off, he is sometimes shadowed by Angela’s performance but manages to hold his own…most of the time…
T & A
Angela Featherstone shows us her perfect, perky breasts and her beautiful heart shaped butt. Thank you…Daniel Markel takes off his shirt to reveal a toned but hairy chest…not my vibe…wax that chest dude.
The director is more comfortable with the soft moments than the gory ones. The \"hell\" scene felt a bit awkward but the rest of the film is filled with interesting lighting, some slow motion and some great camera shots. I love the scene when Veronica first arrives to earth…it’s beautiful, different and filled with emotion only a good director can communicate.
The score is excellent, soft and soothing….
This film is one of a kind…and I reward it’s creativity and guts. To make such a gory film and still manage to pull your heart strings at the same time is quite a feat. This is the date flick for the 90’s…see it with the one you love or a box of kleenex…cause Angela Featherstone is hotter then hell…
Angela Featherstone shows up at the end of \"Army Of Darkness\", in the supermarket scene. It’s an uncredited appearance…I wonder if she’s married.