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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Avi Nesher

Drew Barrymore/Holly
George Newbern/Patrick
Leslie Hope/Elisabeth
4 10
Holly (Barrymore) is not only being stalked by her evil psycho double (Barrymore), but she\'s also getting blamed for all the murders which her double is committing. Will the Andrew McCarthy-wannabee (Newberg) who she just moved in with her save the day? Do I give a hoe\'s ass?
The idea of a \"doppelganger\" (an evil twin which derives from German folklore) and the myth behind it could make a great horror film one day...sadly \"Doppelganger\" isn’t it. This is one of those “grilled-cheese” sandwiches that ridiculously takes itself for a gourmet dish. The good news is that it made it all that much funnier. I can’t count how many times I caught myself saying \"Is this shit for real?\" during the movie. Yes, boys and girls...what we\'ve got here is a \"so bad, it\'s good\" opus.

How did this one suck the big one? Let me count the ways! Its first firm lip-lock had to be its shitty script. The dialogue is lousy to the point of self slapping and the characters go from stupid to annoying. Why was our “hero” (Newbern) keeping psycho Holly (Barrymore) in his house again? Even after she displayed all kinds of PSYCHOTIC-like behavior? Even after she’s revealed to be the prime suspect in a series of MURDERS? BECAUSE THE SCRIPT BLOWS! Here’s another one: why was that incredibly annoying female friend (Hope), who just won’t shut her freaking yap, in this movie again? Why did she get so much screen time and in consequence, augment my nausea level? Oh yeah, I remember now….BECAUSE THE SCRIPT BLOWS!

And it doesn’t end there, my psycho brothers and sisters. We then have the flick’s lack of true horror juice all together. Sure, we get a couple of kool brutal stabbings, but they’re few and far between. Overall, any potential for suspense or creepiness was ruined by the poor execution of the scenes in question. The film was just too busy slapping puke-inducing “Hallmark drama, clumsy Hitchcock nods or sad attempts at psychological layers our way, to deliver as a true horror film. And when it wasn’t doing that, it was going out of its way to piss on the more striking scenes by backing them up with an overbearing, melodramatic score. What a LOUSY soundtrack!! The crap music killed most of the “scary” scenes.

And as the narrative moved towards its conclusion, I actually didn’t believe that it could get any worse. The awful production values and obvious inconsistencies had hit the limit by then and I thought that was that for the stick on the wall crap. But behold! IT ACTUALLY GOT WORSE! The flick went on to surpass itself in the diarrhea factor with its ludicrous ending. WHO KNEW IT COULD GO THAT LOW?! WHAT A WHORE! Take a healthy serving of Scooby-Doo conventions, some poseur Cronenberg stances and a drop of \"E.T: The Extra Terrestrial\" on acid and you’ll get an idea of what I’m blabbing about here. Not only did the finale push the limits of plausibility from every angle possible, but when the latex fiasco eventually kicked in, it also went on to make NO SENSE whatsoever. Having said that, it was, without a doubt, a KNEE-SLAPPING GOOD TIME to witness and I almost keeled over. HOLY SHIT...THAT WAS FUNNY!

Any positives apart from all the unintentional belly laughs? Well, smut hounds rejoice, the film did sport some \"on purpose\" goodies. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Drew Barrymore take a shower where the water eventually turns to blood, spraying all over her naked flesh while her breasts bounce up and down in slow motion. Seriously, what else do you want from life? If that’s not enough knuckle shufflers of the world, we also get to see Miss Drew “I used to fuck Tom Green and his one ball” Barrymore shake her booty with pizzazz in one hell of an erotic solo dance number. I felt very proud of Drew during that scene…PROUD!

In the end, \"Doppelganger\" was an awful movie in most aspects, but I had a swell time with it nonetheless, although admittedly...for all the VERY wrong reasons. I basically laughed at it mercilessly. But that’s just me. Doppelganger this!
We get some viscous bloody stabbings, a knife through the hand, an impaling, a bloody crucifixion and kool KNB delivered gooey monsters.
Drew Barrymore (Hollie) looks great and does what she can, but the bad dialogue and the overall silliness of the film plays against her. Thank goodness for tit shots! George Newbern (Patrick) is also in the same predicament as Drew, he does what he can with what he\'s got, but the awful dialogue makes him look bad. How many times does this guy have to refer to himself as a writer? We get it...you’re a writer...stop putting it out there! Leslie Hope (Elisabeth) does well with what she’s given, but unfortunately, her role is a ball breaking, tough chick and I wanted to give her the back hand five minutes into the film. What a pestering character! NOTE: Whoever played the FBI agent gave easily the worst performance I’ve ever seen by an actor on screen in a while (the awful dubbing didn’t help). The guy had me in stitches and then some! WOW!
T & A
Drew shows off her tits more than once and we open up a bottle of champagne to celebrate her strong display of flesh. Thank you Dew! You rock! The ladies get two dudes shirtless.
Nesher tries to be “artistic” and to be fair, he does pull off a couple of neat slow-motion frames and semi-eerie shot compositions. But on the whole, the film felt flat and TV movie-like. NOTE: The cinematographer blows here. What was up with constantly lighting Patrick’s house in all those colors? Was that supposed to be “mood”? COME ON! It looked cheesy and out of place.
The atrocious overdone score by Jan A.P. Kaczmarek ruined most of the scenes that were supposed to be “creepy”. Talk about ruining a mood!
IMAGE: This gal was scissored to “full screen” and displayed its fair share of grain and lack of definition. Were the colors supposed to be this washed out? Who knows.

SOUND: The Dolby 2.0 sound was, unfortunately, loud and clear when it came to the score and the dialogue was too low at times.

EXTRAS: We only get a “Picture Gallery”. An empty DVD for a poor movie. Fitting, I guess.
Who spiked the punch bowl and who fucked my ex-girlfriend in the ass? I WANT TO KNOW! \"Doppelganger\" is a weird flick that doesn’t know what it wants to be, so it winds up being nothing. I wonder what the intentions behind this movie were? The result sure felt like a clash of ideas jumbled in one flick by a multitude of parties. Did too many cooks ruin the clam chowder? Did my ex- really take it in the crapper? Either way, Doppelganger stinks to high heaven and that’s what made it a fun, cheesy watch. Get silly and have a blast, get the baby oil, play with naked Drew, or better yet, burn the tape and save your fellow horror fans from a potentially excruciating watch….if sober, that is. Friends let friends drink and watch Doppelganger. That’s what friends are for!
The great Danny Trejo (Desperado) makes an appearance here as a construction worker that gets kicked in the jewels.

Early drafts of the Doppelganger script had NO monsters in it.

In an interview with Fangoria, director Avi Nesher kept insisting that his film wasn’t a horror movie. He was right. A comedy, on the other hand…YOU BET!

The low budget nature of the film also provided for a couple of well-placed laughs. There’s a scene in which a tree branch is hitting a window because of the wind outside, but it\'s so freaking obvious that it\'s really a dude holding a branch, it\'s actually quite hilarious.

Avi Nesher also directed the very gnarly \"Timebomb\".