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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Stuart Gordon

William H. Macy/Edmond
Julia Stiles/Glenna
Mena Suvari/Whore
Bokeem Woodbine/Prisoner
7 10
After a fortune-teller tells terminally discontent Edmond that he’s not “where he belongs”; he abandons his life and heads out into the seedy underworld to find himself, validation and some poontang. Some bloody slash-slashings happen along the way and Edmond finds himself in a heap of trouble…or is it salvation?
I related to EDMOND because it asked the questions that I ask myself on a regular basis when not being overly consumed by the daily grind or the striving to fulfill immediate goals. Questions that address the big picture: why are we here and are we where we should be?

Horror Ace Stuart Gordon and writing genius David Mamet addressed those queries for us in a visceral, compelling, touching and thought provoking manner via this film. If you have an existential bone in your body, you’ll be affected on varied levels by EDMOND. With Mamet’s in-imitable dialogue style that takes the “interrupted”, “steam of consciousness” path to come off more realistic (works 90 % of the time) and Gordon’s unapologetic and down & dirty approach to the material, this flick hit me hard. Hard enough to have me meet up with some friends afterwards, get sloshed and discuss the same issues with them. We did come up with a lot by the way and then washed the session down with a long overdue visit to the local Strip Club. But enough on that.

I connected to the film as to its question of “What is it to be a man?” as well, specially in this day and age. The answer given (so eloquently by the great Joe Mantegna) was something akin to “Pussy, power, money, self destruction and more pussy”. Funny as that’s what my dad pretty much thought me while growing up. My Pops and the film totally ignored that being a man also has to do with strength, honor, pride, drive, taking charge (and responsibility) for your life and being as good of a person as you can be, but hey that wasn’t their agenda. But wait, I’m getting too personal here, what’s next I’m gonna tell ya my dick size and my fav color (its blue)? F*ck that!

Lets go back to where we should be: “Pussy, power, money, self destruction and more pussy” The film went on to grippingly cover those ‘wants” through Edmond as he hit the red light district in search of them while seeking for his own answers as to whom he is and what is his place in the world. Big props to actor William H Macy for making Edmond a dude I wanted to follow around. The gradual degradation of his psyche and the up in sociopath/psychotic tendencies had me by the balls and then some! I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen as I felt I was taking this journey with him. That for me is a sign of a solid film. One that manages to suck me in and make me forget that I’m watching a movie. Tag to that the film’s intoxicating visual style, its moody score, slick cameos, some moments of high tension, its groovy politically incorrect nature and its “left field” yet ironic and makes so much sense ending and you get a keeper baby! A KEEPER!

On the bah side of things, Mamet’s choppy style of dialogue did get on my nerves a tad in places. I was like “just say it already and stop stumbling”! Furthermore, although powerful in its own rights and definitely not what I expected, the last block was a bit too talky for me. More physical action would’ve been appreciated as opposed to bla bla bla, bla bla bla me to death. It somewhat went over my head as by that point I had lost some interest and just wanted the film to come to a close.

With that snapped in two, when it did end with those powerful final frames, I had high regards for the whole. Edmond was a daring, ballsy and challenging character study. It got my noggin ticking and made me appreciate my life, my friends and my sense of direction. Those are gold, even while living in a pathetic world such as ours. Feeling existential? I’m am right now! Where's the Gin yo!
We get a messy slit throat, mucho blood splashes and enough off-screen bloodshed to suggest mucho brutality and nastiness. Minimal on paper yet effective.
William H. Macy (Edmond) kicked the most ass! Easily the best role of his career, even tops the “The Cooler”. Here he managed to evoke compassion while being/acting unlikable. Even when doing the most atrocious things, I was still rooting for the lad! Grade A, layered and endearing the man OWNED! Give Julia Stiles (Glenna) the right role and she will mop the floor with it. Her show here made me forgive her for The Omen remake. She gave dimension and nuance to what could’ve been a one note part. Mena Suvari (Whore) made for a good whore while Bokeem Woodbine (Prisoner) took me aback in the grounded and realistic fashion he tackled his duties. Good job man!
T & A
Chick butts at first, all about them g-strings that I cherish so much. Bai Ling also gives us a shot at her nice round chewable titties. The ladies get Macey’s ass…hey, be happy! The man obviously works out his glutes!
Stuart Gordon shot to serve the storyline, hence un-intrusive. That doesn’t mean that his fine use of slow motion, the application of varied eerie looks and gritty atmosphere wasn’t picked up or/and appreciated by this twat. Solid!
We get an appropriate score that ably tapped into and supported the bleak jive of the subject matter
At the end of the flatline, we’re all slaves. Slaves to the little bubble we live in (which we created) that we call a life. Emotional slaves to the lovers we’re with for a long time, even though we don’t love them anymore. Slave to our uber flawed society and its expectations as to “how” we should act. EDMOND basically annihilated those fences by having a man turn his back on the boundaries, head out in the world to see if he can find himself and deliverance.

Sex, violence and existential yapping surfaces and all is capped in a very unpredictable yet ideal way. The film was maybe a tad too talkie for me near the end and Mamet’s stumped dialogue style did irritate me occasionally but overall EDMOND was just the kind of shot I needed today.
Look out for cameos by Joe Mantegna, Bai Ling, Jeffrey Combs, Debi Mazar and Denise Richards.