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End of the Line(2007)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Maurice Devereaux

Ilona Elkin/Karen
Nicolas Wright/Mike
Neil Napier/Neil
Joan McBride/Betty
7 10
Young hottie nurse (Ilona Elkin) hits the subway after a rough day at work. Shit’s about to get even rougher though when a group of religious cult members stall the subway and go happy go stabby with dagger-crucifixes. Yup, all in the name of saving souls from the impending “Armageddon”. Its one way to go about it I guess. Will nurse gal and a group of transit users find their way out of that hole ASAP?

The end is coming...

What’s scarier than Devil Worshippers and all of my ex-girlfriends rolled into one mammoth beeyatch from the nether regions of hell? Well to me, religious zealots and freaking cults; that’s who! People who judge unbelievers to their cause, treat them like crap and in the worse cases do horrible things to them in the name of “good”, “God”, “Allah”, Homer Simpson", whoever the f*ck is in the driver’s seat according to them. I guess Montreal filmmaker Maurice Devereaux feels the same as I do; because he crafted a horror party around that fear.

END OF THE LINE sprang off a very groovy premise and then launched my sorry ass into a suspenseful and eventually gore filled jamboree of fun. Devereaux’ influences were felt throughout and thank Neptune the King of the Sea that he was partial to quality films. The first 20 minutes or so tossed in some mucho spooky J-Horror like fear devices while the middle section and the finale smelled a lot like Demons, Raw Meat and classic Carpenter to me! Nothing wrong with that! Devereaux was thankfully up to the task; his film was imbued with oppressive atmosphere, genuine moments of tension, all kinds of kool ideas and creative shots that brought the tale home with gusto. Moreover, Devereaux’ knack at tossing out unexpected plot twists, ballsy moves (kids are not safe in this film) and lightly playing the "The Thing” game of “is he with us or against us” added pizzazz to the ride. Finally, big props for the inclusion of that loony tune, cult member who just wanted to drop a load before he died. The character brought an added element of threat to the already visceral situation and many o smiles to my face via his warped sense of humor. Loved him!

So what was my problemo with it then! Well I can’t say I bought into the happenings as much as I should’ve. Although the story was rock solid; the stock characters within it did next to nothing for me. You know you’re in trouble when the peak of characterization in a film is witnessing a twenty-something pretty boy act in AWE before a pair of mini tits within a padded bra to then resort to drumming on walls like a toddler on PCP instead of tapping that girl’s ass. I still don’t know what that was all about. Bottom line; I didn't believe in or root for most of the heroes (I did root for Neil Napier's biceps though); I just wanted them nixed out already! Furthermore; the middle of the film did lag a tad and slight redundancy kicked in. There’s just so much you can do horror wise within a tunnel setting on a low budget. Same could be said in terms of gawking at the same location for an hour and a half. In Alien 3 I got fed up with the orangish-rust look throughout, here it was the constant bleak tunnel/train motif. When they took the action to a new place near the end, you couldn’t have a happier mook than me. Finally some of dialogue missed my mark and some of the acting felt off in places hurting some of scenarios in the process.

END OF THE LINE did end on a high note; with some chilling creature shenanigans that also acted as one of the many hints within the film that the happenings might go beyond what meets the eye. I’ll leave it at that. Overall; not the flawless masterpiece everybody has been telling me it was but a tight little chiller that delivered the goods with zero apologies and hit where it counts - below the belt. Maurice Devereaux’ got the most of his low budget and then some! It is his most accomplished film to date in my useless opinion. Hop on this "Armageddon" train!

When this old boy got cracking, it cracked hard! I’m yapping: mucho stabbings, an axe in the head, slit throat, a groovy beheading, a bit off lip, a fetus coming out of the pouch to say WASSUP and more! Tasty!
Ilona Elkin (Karen) was mostly on the ball acting wise as the heroine of the group. With that said; she had the most developed character but for some reason, I found her fairly un-interesting. Neil Napier (Neil) wielded an axe with flair and let his tight, bicep framing t-shirt gap the rest. Joan McBride (Betty) was utterly efficient as the nut-ball with way too much love for the Lord. Robin Wilccok (Patrick) stole the show as the demented, horny as hell and somewhat charismatic cult member.
T & A
Unless Neil Napier’s bulging biceps count to you… no dice! I did salivate at Emily Shelton’s cleavage though — nice cantaloupes going there — I’m in!
Devereaux was on top of this one like a sheep farmer on top of a sheep…when the wife’s out of town. Brilliant use of steady cam/dolly shots, stylish angles, able suspense and a couple of left field howlers. Good job Taco bean!
We get a moody and all around old school like score by Martin Gauthier that did wonder for the film.
END OF THE LINE had me, lost me, had me again, and then kept me there. Directed with flair while sporting a nifty story, deliciously brutal bits, authentic toe-nail biting scenes and potent plot twists; it was worth the ticket. Too bad I didn’t manage to care enough about any of the heroes as it would’ve jacked my investment in the film. The randomly “off” dialogue and acting didn’t help in that respect either. On the whole though; I recommend you give this low budget shitkicker a whirl when released. It’ a film that pulled off feeling fresh even with its obvious horror of old influences tagged to its derriere. The line stops here! Next stop! MY PANTS! ZIPPPP!
The film was shot in Montréal, Québec, Canada and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

They never shot the film in actual subway cars; they shot in cars on a lot.

I was initially supposed to have a cameo in the film; as a tough guy that gets it fast. Was not to be; film went over schedule on my day; and my bit was never shot.