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Exorcist 2: The Heretic(1977)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: John Boorman

Linda Blair/Regan
Richard Burton/Father Lemont
Louise Fletcher/Dr. Gene
Max Von Sydow/Father Merrin
2 10
Regan (Blair) is now a hot teen and she’s under the care of some shrink (Fletcher). Father Lemont (Burton) is assigned the task to investigate father Merrin’s death (from the first) and that of course leads him to Regan. Mind melding gadgets are brought out, lots of \"Pazuzu\" mumbo jumbo and then its off to Africa we go! What the hell is going on???
Ok…where’s the camera? This is a joke right, somebody’s putting me on! This can’t be the sequel to the great Exorcist…sadly it is. This film is an incoherent mess. Yes I do admire a sequel that doesn’t copy the original but this one goes too far.

Where do I begin? Is it the silly mind melding devices that they use? (I won’t even begin on how that thing works) Is it the revealing of the demon’s identity? (he’s a giant, flying grasshopper named Pazuzu) Is it all the African bull crap they toss our way? Is it the atrocious dialogue, (\"I traveled this route before, on the wings of a demon\"- \"She has evolved to resist the brushing of the wings!\"…what???) the putrid acting or the snore-inspiring screenplay? It’s all of it and then some.

I can’t cut around it, this film sucks the big one.

At least if the film made sense it maybe could’ve been bearable but this puppy is on drugs. Why does Regan feel pain when Father Lemont does? Why do pigeons always surround Reagan? Why is that tap dancing sequence even in the film? Why is Dr Gene the only doctor in the house? Why does Burton stretch the word evillll? Why are Regan’s tits always on display? (bras didn’t exist in 77?) Is it my dirty mind or did Regan and the doc have a lesbo thang going on? Why is there two Regan’s in the end? And why does the police wait until everybody leaves the house to swarm all over it? (Hilarious)?

The basic storyline is just a bad idea. It tries to expand on the story set up in the first one, too bad the original said it all: Regan’s a normal girl possessed by a demon…period. This whole Regan is a force of a good, the demon is a god of the air named Pazuzu thang is for the birds and just not interesting.

The film clearly runs away from horror (rumor has it that Boorman hated the original, he thought it was disgusting) and embraces some kind of new-wave, spiritual, artsy fartsy direction that maybe made sense to the director but that left my horror loving butt in the dust.

This film is just a non-scary insult to a horror classic. Some of the visuals are nice, I’ll give the film that but it’s far from enough to compensate for the pain I had to sit through while viewing this shite. The guy that directed \"Deliverance\" helmed this turd??? Maybe he needs to be exorcised…
None that I can remember but we get lots of shots of flying insects.
Busty Linda Blair (Regan) is on and off and she’s very sexy. Richard Burton (Father Lemont) thinks he’s William Shatner...that’s bad. How Louise Fletcher (Gene) managed to remain credible in this drivel is beyond me. Max Von Sydow (Father Merrin) does what he has to do…not much. Kitty Winn (Sharon) does ok, too bad I didn’t care about her. James Earl Jones (Kokumo) makes an ass of himself. Loved that grasshopper costume dude.
T & A
Linda Blair is all growns up and shows off her body in lots of see-thru blouses…thank you.
Boorman, shame on you! Yes, you do manage to give this stinker some visual flair here and there but just because you didn’t like the original Exorcist that doesn’t mean you have the right to torture us with this sequel! The film’s lack of quality made me oblivious to any of the good things Boorman might have put in there.
A kitschy score. But the worst is that bumblebee song they play during the grasshopper flight. ANNOYING!!!!
This film is possessed. Boorman runs away from the feel of the first one and instead delivers a pseudo psychological pile of crap, filled with imagery that I just DIDN’T want to understand. I will not put all the blame on Boorman, William Goodhart (the screenwriter) should be spanked too. No wonder he hardly ever worked again. It might be that this sequel is one of the most misunderstood films to ever grace our screens. But in my book of blood this flick doesn’t deserve the effort to comprehend. What’s an \"Heretic\" anyways….WHO CARES!
Exorcist 2 exists in at least three versions. The original version was 117 minutes long and was recut by director John Boorman the day after the premiere into a 110 minutes version (the audience booed, laughed and threw shit at the screen), the one released theatrically Major differences include the addition of a recap of the events of the first film through narration and freeze frame.

Using stock shots of Linda Blair from the first film for the climax (all new shots of Regan possessed were done by a double because Linda Blair refused to have the possession makeup done on her again) and an alternate ending where Richard Burton\'s character is killed (In the original version, he runs off with Regan to help her be a force of good).

The European version is also purported to be different. For a long time, only the recut version of Exorcist 2 was available for TV, cable and on video. Recently, the original 117-minutes cut has found it\'s way to video and recent TNT airings.