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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Brett Leonard

Alex O’Lachlan
Jack Thompson
7 10
An Internet crime buster of some kind (Thompson) gets obsessed in nabbing some sick, twisted f*ck (O’Lachlan) who hooks up with and films (with webcams) these consenting obese chicks. Consenting to what? Try fetish like relationships that involve “feeding” (the gals are so obese they can’t move), sexual deviancy, mother/son fantasies…you name it. What’s wrong with that you may ask? It’s a free country right! Well our boy is also a sadistic psychopath and lets just say that he likes to take the “feeding” a tad further than one should. Who’s hungry?

Consumption is evolution

Directed by the criminally underrated Brett Leonard (The Lawnmower Man, Hideway and more recently Man Thing) and slated for a 2006 release “FEED” explored an odd fat fetish that after some research, I found out is very popular, specifically in the USA. The subculture, involves the dominant one (the feeder) and the submissive one (the gainer). The feeder stuffs the fattie, she gets fatter and they both get off on it sexually and emotionally. Yup! They're stimulated by her gaining fat! What the f*ck? In the film, they also displayed a kind of mother/son relationship, one that often shifted sides in terms of who was in control. I don't know if that's prominent in real life feed/gain sex cases but I wouldn't be surprised. My thoughts on the phenomenon: Somebody needs to buy an X-Box pronto and use their time constructively!

As for teh flick itself, well now that I stop and think about it, this sucker punch had some pretty heavy themes stuck to it's fat ass: consumerism, emotional dependency, sexual deviances, self loathing, power trips…basically the dark side of human nature. Then why didn’t it all hit my noggin on a cerebral level while I was watching the film? One word: excess. Funny how the reason why I’m giving this blood laced Hagen-Das a high grade is for the same reason I’m not giving it a higher grade; it just went too far! On the upside, I often felt like hurling while viewing this genre left hook, my stomach  actually contracted, aiming to regurgitate food. The images that Leonard bravely slapped my way were not only appalling but also foreign to me, hence upping my “disgust” factor two fold. I had a blast being bullied around by this un-apologetic genre prize fighter! I winced, felt ill and looked away from the screen more than once. Last time that happened was when I had a blind date with this dunce with three ears…but I digress. Having said that, the affair went so far, constantly topping itself in terms of disgusting/disturbing scenes and even going as far as entering "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" territory, that the social commentary it sported went over my spoon. I was too busy surviving the film to go into “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy” mode. Thank you and screw you for that!

My real peeves with FEED though had to do with its screenplay. The chain of events went by too quickly, was far fetched in places (too many convenient moments to serve the plot) and not as involving as they should’ve been (the investigation angle fell semi flat). Then we had the characters that were pretty much all un-likeable. Everybody was damaged, selfish and emotionally ruined…so I rooted for the killer... at least he sported personality and seemed to be having fun with what he did. I’m ashamed of this but the crueler the killer got, the more I laughed. I derived so much satisfaction from seeing that dude do his thing! What a wacko! Lastly, if I see one more psycho having his lunacy tied to his mommy being bad to him as a child, I’ll shoot my big toe off and mail it to Ethiopia with a loaf of bread. PLAYED OUT!

All in all FEED was an intense, filthy, sexually charged and skull breaking exercise in excess! It just wouldn’t stop stabbing me with CRAZY scenarios up till its sadistic, yet yummy final frames. The film was refreshingly psychotic…maybe too psychotic for its own good but refreshingly psychotic nonetheless. In the mood for a plate of reality with a side order of insanity? Get this Double Whopper and get your ass kicked!

The obese and naked chicks in this film actually MADE ME want to go on a diet. I know it isn’t politically correct to say this but hey that’s how I felt…FREAKING GROSS MAN! We also get a cut off penis frying in a pan, human remains, a messy kick in the face, minor cannibalism, some blood and more that I won’t mention in the name of not ruining it for ya. What the film suggests tagged with what it showed will make you squirm in your seat like a worm on a hook
Angel faced Alex O’Lachlan stole the show as the villain where as the film moved forward he displayed more and more layers to his character. I actually sympathized with him in places which either means everybody else wasn’t worth it, I’m insane or he was that good! Jack Thompson who played teh cop looked like a pumped up Bruce Dickinson (singer of Iron Maiden). He did what he had to do like a champ (go to a very dark place) but for the life of me, I had trouble understanding his accent at times.
T & A
This uncut version gave it all up for the whole family! Gorgeous tits, sweet female asses, obese tits, obese snatches, men’s asses, men’s ding-dongs…you want it, crave it, yearn for it…its in here…until the censors get their scissors in there that is…
Leonard went buck wild on this buckaroo, slapping in colorful filters, quick cuts, ambitious stylish shots, insane montages and zany angles all over the place. Although I felt he went overboard in places, his directing style matched his content's pedal to the f*cking floor demeanor. Dynamic, oppressive and insane!
I went nuts for the disturbingly evocative and clever use of the songs “Tainted Love” and “Cherish” in this film. GREAT STUFF! The somber “piano” score on hand greased my monkey teh right way as well.
Forget “Super Size Me”, FEED will not only turn you off Junk-Food but food in general! From this day forward, I will only consume alcohol! Repulsive, perverted and excessive on every single level, FEED was a hard film to watch. It shook me up and had me downing Corona’s afterwards like a sailor on leave, to calm my nerves. THANK YOU! I’m curious to see what the censors will trim out and who will have the balls to distribute this. YOWZER! Granted, the film’s social commentary didn’t hit as hard as it should’ve and the investigation angle would’ve needed more fleshing out but man o man what a whooping! Wanna get bruised and grossed out? FEED off this anarchist bastard! You’ll either run away or eat till you burst!
FEED will be released in 2006.

The film was shot in Sidney, Australia