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Fortress 2(1999)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Geoff Murphy

Christopher Lambert/John
Liz May Brice/Elena
Beth Toussaint/Karen
Yuji Okumoto/Sato
5 10
John (Lambert) and his family are living in hiding from the Mel Tel Corporation. The slimy bastards find them and slap poor John in a space jail. He must breakout before the same fate meets his wife and son.
Generic sequel to Stuart Gordon’s modest hit Fortress. This film doesn’t have much originality but has all the sci-fi, prison flicks base covered. The main computer with the female voice that runs everything, the funny black sidekick, the prison fights, the good guard/bad guard routine, the gallant bad guy that dies an awful death and the hero that always prevails. We get nice action set pieces (the opening sequence and the space walk) and some very silly ones (the coach roach adventure). You see all the plot twists coming and will have to suspend disbelief on more than one occasion.

The ensemble cast is not nearly as strong as the ones in the original (no Jeffrey Combs here) and the fact that you don’t care for anybody but Lambert’s character hurts the movie. The side characters are beyond paper-thin.

Pam Grier has an extended cameo here and I’m sorry to say that her presence actually cheapens the movie. Her acting is awful.

The pace of the film is fast, Lambert does well, there’s lots of action, some nice touches (in this jail you don’t want to be sent to the hole…hot!) but the film is so predictable and farfetched that it’s under whelming. Let\'s escape this prison…
A bit of blood here and there but my fav is the guy who gets a meteor shot through his skull like a bullet…kool!
I’m a big fan of Lambert and in my book he can do no wrong. His performance is intense and on the ball, too bad it’s in a mediocre movie. Liz May Price (Elena) has no sense of delivery and every time she spits out her lines, that’s what they sound like…memorized lines but the babe is hot! Beth Toussaint (Karen) is not seen much but does well with the screen time she’s given. Yuji Okumoto (Sato) does the one-dimensional bad guy routine to the letter. Willie Garson (Nossbeaum) plays his retarded character perfectly but…it’s an annoying character.
T & A
Liz May Brice, shows us her breasts on many occasions…gotta love those shower scenes. Lambert shirtless and still in good shape.
Murphy started off on big pictures (Freejack, Young Guns 2) and now he’s on the B-movie bandwagon. You have to admire Murphy for making a 10 million dollar movie look like a big budget one. He moves the film at a quick pace (he knows about action he directed Under Siege 2) but brings nothing new or original on a visual standpoint. He does like to use fade to blacks a lot.
A generic score that sometimes goes weird (coach roach scene), it becomes \"arcade game\" music.
This film will entertain you but it will not thrill you. It’s a pimple on the ass of the first Fortress. It’s not a bad flick but it is very déjà vu and you will forget all about it the second the end credits roll. You already know what I will recommend don’t you? That’s right…rent the first one and if you’ve seen it…rent it again…you’re not missing anything here.
This film was shot in Luxembourg.