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Friday the 13th: From Crystal Lake to Manhattan (Ultimate Edition DVD Collection)(2004)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Sean Cunningham & Co.

Andrienne King/Alice
Amy Steel/Ginny
Dana Kimmel/Chris
Kane Hodder/Jason
7 10
Follow legendary psychopath (for 3 films), then zombie (for 3 more films and beyond), Jason Voorhees as he dispatches of horny teens in gruesome ways through 6 films. Two “mystery assailants” do the same “Doo” in two films. Aaaahh, the simple pleasures of boob shots, fly kills and hockey gear!


Friday the 13th / Friday the 13th: Part 2 / Friday the 13th: Part 3 / Friday the 13th: Part 4 /

Friday the 13th: Part 5 / Friday the 13th: Part 6 / Friday the 13th: Part 7 / Friday the 13th: Part 8

Ki- Ki- Ki- Ma- Ma- Ma.....

Being a child of the 80’s, I grew up with two franchises that were part of my being. The first to break my cherry was "Nightmare on Elm Street" and the second was "Friday the 13th". Let me share my own Crystal Lake Memories:

I still remember seeing the original Friday the 13th on tape and having trouble sleeping at night afterwards. The movie gave me the willies (the fact that I used to sleep nude in a closet didn’t help either).

I then proceeded to catch Part 2 to 5 on tape and that was that on that…I was hooked, lined and sinker on Jason. That’s also when I learned how to “pause” on the tit shots; a practice I still perform to this day when alone. Thank you Friday the 13th!

Years later, I caught up with Friday the 13Th: Part 6 three times on the big screen within its opening week. I so got my rocks off at each viewing, wanted to be Thom Mathews and fell in love hard with Jennifer Cooke. Shit, I even taped the trailer off the TV and would watch it non-stop in the comfort of my own “furniture-less” home. I WAS THAT GUY!

My love for all that was Jason eventually led to me to shoot a “Friday the 13th” Home Movie using my friends, a hockey mask, a Ketchup bottle and my dad’s VHS camera. Yes, I still have that film today and no, nobody will ever and I mean EVER see it. What an embarrassing mess! But hey...it was made out of love…

When Friday the 13Th: Part 7 came out, my brother Pat and I skipped school, hopped on our bicycles and pedaled all the way to that far, far away mall to check it out in the early afternoon (cheap prices). WE HAD A BLAST!

When Friday the 13Th: Part 8 saw the light, my then best friend Charbel (RIP bud) and I spent a full day at the movie theaters (yes, it was a school day). We saw that flick, then sneaked into "Nightmare on Elm Street: Part 5" and then tiptoed into another film (can’t remember which one). It was a great day indeed!

Over the years, the Friday the 13th franchise became the MPAA’s whipping boy, especially when it came to Part 6 -7-8. That was the initial spark that led to my pure hatred of said organization and their hypocritical Fuehrer Jack “pay him under the table and he’ll be lenient” Valenti (the bastard recently retired …FINALLY!).

Which brings me to this box-set. Paramount has always had a shame-filled relationship with this franchise. On one end, they loved the low cost/high return aspect of it, but on the other, they never respected it, which eventually led to their shoddy and bare bones DVD releases. Now, Paramount are trying to make the wrong things right (actually, let's face it…they just want more money) with the release of a box-set with a slew of EXTRAS and UNCUT scenes. Was it worth the wait? Is Paramount forgiven for all the years of neglect on their own series? Get your mask, your token slut and your machete…let's go hunting and find out!

Distributor: Paramount Home Video DVD Release Date: October 5, 2004

IMAGE: All of the films were presented in Widescreen anamorphic 1.85:1 except for Part 3 which was showcased in Widescreen anamorphic 2.35:1.

SOUND: We get all of the films in English/French Mono. Jason Lives, The New Blood and Jason Takes Manhattan are also in English Dolby Stereo 2.0.

Jason Takes Manhattan has a French Stereo 2.0 option as well, while The New Blood can also be watched in English Dolby Digital 5.1. All of the films sported English, French and Spanish subtitle options. Is that clear? Is it?


Friday the 13th Part 3: Peter Bracke (author of Crystal Lake Memories) moderated this commentary with cast members Dana Kimmell, Paul Kratka, Larry Zerner and Richard “Jason” Brooker in the house. The gang reminisced about how they got their parts and the experience that was the arduous 3D shoot. They also gave away finer points on what went down behind the scenes. A decent commentary that lacked energy at times but that still made way for a good time.

Friday the 13th Part 6 Jason Lives: Writer/Director Tom McLoughlin was all over this one, talking up a storm while giving up info on the inside gags in the film, his intentions, background on his cast, details as to how he shot specific scenes and much, much more! Tom went all out and provided a really entertaining commentary. NOTE: Did you know that the actor that played Cort is John Travolta’s nephew? Did John give him those Jeans?

Friday the 13th Part 7 The New Blood: Director John Carl Buechler and Kane Hodder came in to talk about their goals as to the film, the hardships of the shoot and the intricacies of the stunts/visual effects. John and Kane shared a pleasant chemistry throughout this compelling commentary.

Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason Takes Manhattan: Director Rob Hedden came in to give an energetic and info filled commentary. He gave us specifics about his cast, scenes, the MPAA and what he was going for with the picture. Even though I didn’t fully agree with what Hedden was saying, it was still a groovy listen!


The Friday the 13th Chronicles: This feature offered us “two cents” from some cast and crew that worked on the franchise as to their thoughts on their “Camp Blood” adventures. Storyboards and clips were present to support the segments which could be watched all together or separately. Although I was disappointed that so many people didn’t show up, a little bit of sugar in my cup of blood was better than no sugar at all. The song went a little bit like this:

Friday the 13th (20:33) : Speakers: Sean Cunningham, Betsy Palmer, Tom Savini, Adrienne King and Ari Lehman PROS: Cunningham’s insight as to how the film came about and the production. CONS: Where was Kevin Bacon yo?

Friday the 13th Part 2 (14: 04): Speakers: Amy Steel, Warrington Gillette and Adrienne King PROS: Amy Steel’s recollections were enjoyable to hear and Gillette was one funny mofo. CONS: I so wanted to hear that wheelchair/machete dude (Tom McBride who played Mark) talk about his role. Don’t ask why! I just did! NOTE: There is a reason that didn't happen apparently; Tom died of AIDS in 1995. Ouch! Thanks to the many readers who e-mailed me to point this out.

Friday the 13th Part 3 (8:51): Speakers: Larry Zerner and Gerald Field (Director of Photography) PROS: Zerner was very animated and entertaining to listen to. CONS: I wanted to hear first hand how upon getting the part, Dana Kimmell (Chris) asked the Producer to tone down the gore and the nudity in the film.

Friday the 13th Part 4 (13:13): Speakers: Joseph Zito, Tom Savini and Corey Feldman PROS: Zito was so passionate about the project and hearing him give particulars as to how all the elements within the film came to be was such a hoot! CONS: Crisping Glover and the twins…where were they?

Friday the 13th Part 5 (5:49): Speakers: Corey Feldman PROS: None, nobody that I wanted to see showed up! I craved to witness John Shepard who played Tommy, Melanie Kinnamell who played Pam, Tiffany Helm who played Violet and that nutso who axed the fat kid! (Note: I just learned that the guy who played the nutso, Mark Venturini, also died) Bummer. CONS: Corey Feldman’s dim idea of a H20 “Friday” type sequel that would ignore Part 5 to 9 and have him return as Tommy Jarvis to fight Jason blew chunks! You missed the boat bro, deal with it.

Friday the 13th Part 6 (14:39): Speakers: Tom McLoughlin and C.J. Graham PROS: Tom McLoughlin and Jason actor C.J. Graham spat out some really slick trivia about the “making” of the flick! CONS: Jennifer Cooke, her Jeans, her red coat and Thom “the Man” Mathews weren’t present.

Friday the 13th Part 7 (11:37): Speakers: Kane Hodder, Lar Park-Lincoln and John Carl Buechler PROS: Kane Hodder’s insane “behind the stunts” stories owned! CONS: I still don’t know what ever happened to the sexy Susan Jennifer Sullivan who played the bitchy Melissa in the film. I’ve had a hard-on for her for freaking years!

Friday the 13th Part 8 (14: 29): Speakers: Rob Hedden and Kane Hodder PROS: Rob Hedden’s enthusiasm and obvious respect for the franchise totally won me over. I also appreciated finding out why the flick spent so much time on a boat as opposed to New York (lack of budget). The initial idea was the other way around; Jason in New York for ¾ of the movie and on the boat for ¼ of the film. CONS: Even with Hedden’s explanations; I still don’t get what he was going for with the “Jason kid” visions throughout the film.

Secrets Galore Behind the Gore: This feature was divided in 3 parts. Tom Savini gave us some info as to how he accomplished some of the special effects for Friday the 13th (9:32 minutes). Producer Sean Cunningham also chimed in as to why he prized the kills. The Savini Man returned to talk gory little secrets about Friday the 13th: Part 4 (13:28 minutes) and we even got to visit his effect school! Lastly, Kane Hodder and John Carl Buechler came in to blab about the stunts/effects in Friday the 13thPart 7 (11:09 minutes) and how they made them happen. We also get to see the original “sleeping bag” gag where Jas bashes that chick on the tree countless times. Great scene!

Crystal Lake Victims Tell All (15 Minutes): Larry Zerner, Joseph Zito, Lar park Lincoln, Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Tom Savini, Corey Feldman and William Butler come in to reminisce about how they got their roles and their on set experiences. Taking into account the slew of folks that played in the Friday the 13Th movies, it was disappointing to see such a small handful come in to tell their tales. Having said that, the feature and the stories were still compelling.

Tales from the Cutting Room Floor (17 minute): Well here it is, the segment I and many Voorhees fans have been waiting for eons, the cut gore scenes!

Friday the 13th: We’re shown a couple of gory extensions. Unfortunately, they showed the “deleted scene” and the theatrical version of it at the same time. BAD IDEA! It was a tad distracting. We get:

- An addition of Marcie getting axed in the face - An extension of Mrs. Voorhees’s getting her head chopped off (loved the fists clenching as she went down) - Kevin Bacon getting his throat “baconed” by a knife for a longer time.

Friday the 13th Part 4: Bummer on this one where no real gore scenes were shown! I really wanted to see Trish’s mother’s “after the fact” corpse in the tub (which was cut from the final film). We get:

- Tommy shows Rob a fake guillotine in his special effect laced bedroom. Tommy puts his fingers in it and cuts them off. Of course it’s just a gag! Sneaky Tommy you! - Sarah and Doug are in their bedroom flirting and debating if they’re going to hit a party. - Trish is doing aerobics with the TV (nice spandex there) and her mom comes in to tell her to get a car part in town.

Friday the 13th Part 6: AGAIN, they displayed the “deleted scene” and the theatrical version of it at the same time! How am I supposed to focus over here! We do get a couple of doozies though:

- The Darren/Lizabeth confrontation in their car. Darren slides down the spear and there’s more blood to Liz’s death. - The angry paint-baller venting with a machete a slightly bloodier demise - The three paint-ballers get triple decapitated and we see their 3 heads hit the ground. NICE! - Sissy and Paula talk briefly after tucking a couple of kids in bed - Cort gets a more graphic death via the knife in his head - A cop gets his head crushed as brains spurts out the top. FUN! - The famous “body breaking backwards” scene is more graphic.

Friday the 13th Part 7: Kane Hodder and John Carl Buechler provide a gnarly commentary to the infamous New Blood deleted scenes! Thankfully, we get the scenes in full screen where they were not compared to their theatrical counterparts.

- A bloodier Bill Butler getting stabbed scene. - The wood carrier’s death is more brutal with a slick neck crack - The sleeping bag murder is much longer with six slams to the tree with two in slow motion no less. I liked this version of the kill way more than the one in the final cut. - The very graphic “kootchie face” axe in the face murder. NICE! - Elizabeth’s original “machete in the stomach” death. - Michael's head crushed by Jason to the size of a peanut as blood pours out profusely. AWESOME KILL! - We see the geek space dude get the machete IN the neck - Tina’s mom gets it more graphically. - Dr. Cruz gets more blood and guts in his death via buzzsaw. YIPPEE! - Sexy Jennifer’s axe in the head bit is extended - The dad comes out of the lake looking like a Zombie. - The initial ending that echoed the one found in the original Friday the 13th with Jason leaping out of the river to attack/drag a fisherman into the water with him.

Friday Artifacts and Collectables (7 Minutes): This feature has 3 Friday directors reveal what they kept from each respective shoots. Rob Hedden (Friday 8) shows off a guitar, a hockey mask and a film slate. Tom McLoughlin (Friday 6) shows off Jason’s tombstone which now rests in his backyard (I want it!) and Jason’s coffin. John Carl Buchler (Friday 7) shows off the decrepit head that he created for Tina’s father. Sadly some dunce associate producer would have none of that in the film. That’s why the dad now pops up of the lake looking like he just got back from the tanning salon. We also get to see a fan show off his autographed FT13 guitar and a cute NECA chick at Comic Con presents some slick Jason toys. A fun feature that made me very envious : )

We also get Original Trailers for ALL 8 Friday movies! Was it me or was that teaser for Part 8 marvelous!? If only the film had TRULY taken place in New York!
So, being the hardcore Friday the 13th fan that I am, how did I feel about this new DVD boxed set, taking into account the years of being frustratingly dicked around by Paramount? Well...you ever get head from a chick, dropped your load, left her behind content with yourself to then hours later regret not having given her the “full” treatment? Yes? No? No matter….but that’s what I went through after sitting through this set. I was all smiles as it was going down, but hours later I felt let down. There were so many things missing! SO MANY! I will say that it beat the previous bare-bones DVD releases though and I am glad to own it, but I’m just not fully sold. Oh well…better than nothing. Now can I get Friday the 13th: Part 7 uncut, with the deleted scenes edited back into the film already? I have the money! I’ll shell it out Uncle Paramount! I promise! THANKS!
New Line Cinema has since taken over the franchise and has released thus far “Jason Goes To Hell”, “Jason X” and “Freddy vs Jason”.