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Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter(1984)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Joseph Zito

Kimberly Beck/Trish
Corey Feldman/Tom
Crispin Glover/Jimmy
Ted White/Jason
8 10
Jason survives that nasty axe mishap he got at the end of Part 3 and returns to Crystal Lake to take part in his favorite sport…hunting humans! He also tries to slaughter a “Goonie”! You go, Jas!
And Jimbo, don\'t be such a dead fuck. -- Ted

The Final Chapter??? You wish bubba! Jason keeps \'em coming and proves once again that you don’t mess with the best. This genre candy-bar sported all of the required slash-slash elements and in high doses at that; the easy gals, the hunk, the virgin that gives it up and then bites it and the “you can’t kill me” final-girl. It also tossed in a cute kid (a pre-annoying Corey Feldman), a male hero (i.e. a victim that takes longer to die), two luscious looking twin broads (are they British or not!?!) and a hilarious/horny Laurel and Hardy like duo in Ted (Monoson) and Jim (Glover). Ted’s computer shtick and Jim’s wild “dance” were two of my fav gags in the film. PRICELESS!

One thought that whip-lashed my melon while watching this entry is that Jason is quite the prankster. I’m talking about the \"discovery of bodies\" sequences that are now a staple of the Friday The 13th flicks. In this chapter, a body is nailed to a door entrance…that means Jason actually took the time to get a hammer, find nails and mount a corpse to a door in the name of “messing” with his next victims. Just picturing good old Jas going about that while nobody’s around is side-splitting in itself. A new facet in Jason’s personality has been discovered for me through this movie! The film itself deliciously double downed on all that makes a “slasher” movie what it should be, with flair and audacity! The sexual content was jacked to full hard-on mode, the characters were surprisingly well drawn out/endearing, the dialogue was witty and the circumstantially humorous situations dead on. Best news of all though; the most important ingredient was spread about heavily; GORE. The kills in this flick were the most graphic, innovative and bloodiest of the series. I had a freaking blast! Thank you Mr. Savini!

Granted some of the stalks sequences on hand were a tad too long and that hurt the tension factor of the affair, but on the whole Friday the 13Th part 4 was an engaging, dirty, shameless, gruesome and startlingly funny stroll on slasher lane. The checklist was checked hardcore and the bonuses were plenty! They don’t get much better than this! Put this into the ol\' computer!
ARROW SINGS: “It’s raining blood…ALLELUIA…it\'s raining blood…yeah, yeah!” We get; a saw to the throat, a scalpel gutting, a knife in the neck, another knifing, a spear in the balls, a spear in the back, a corkscrew in the hand/face (YOWZER!), a knife in the head, a crushed head, an axe in the chest, a machete in the face that slides down (you’ll see) and more! Tom Savini’s effects were stellar to boot! WHAT A KEEPER!
Kimberly Beck (Trish) ran fast and screamed loud…good performance. Corey Feldman (Tommy) did the cutesy thing well and cracked me up in the \"shocking\" ending (Die! Die! Die!). Funny shite! Lawrence Monoson (Ted) was AMAZING at playing the loveable a-hole who doesn’t get as much pussy as he claims. His bantering with the inimitable Crispin Glover (Jimmy) was crudely clever. Ted White (Jason) had his name removed from the credits, he wasn’t proud of the part…sissy…
T & A
Boys are happy (tits n ass), girls are happy (male butt shots), everybody’s happy.
The film looked at its finest during the night sequences where mood oozed out of it. I also appreciated the tight pace, the kool shots and the many medium shots of girls’ asses as they walked. Zito knew what we wanted to see and he delivered! Apart from the lack of suspense and that dog jumping out of a window in slow motion (what was that all about?), I had no complaints.
The well-loved Ki Ki Ki score...is back and it still whooped hard!
Friday the 13Th Part 4 was everything a slasher should be and more! The unabashed attitude it proudly displayed when it came to its sex, death and giggles content was a breath of fresh, dead air! Finally a film that embraces the trash that it is…with solid dialogue and talented actors on hand at that! GROOVY! If you dig on slashers read this “Final Chapter”! It’s a page turner! I’d like to end off with a couple of words of wisdom from Ted that made sense to me: “…the first rule of love: never get rejected by the same girl twice, I mean that\'s useless. If you want to make a fool out of yourself, always do it with someone new.” TED! YOU ROCK!
Scenes cut from the film:

An extra scene of conversation between Sara and her boyfriend, cut out of the theatrical and North American video releases, is included in the television version of the film, put in to bring up the film\'s running time

The following scenes were cut from the film:

Nurse Rhonda was originally held up and gutted, but it ended up being cut out so that it only showed her being stabbed.

A scene cut in which Tommy shows Rob a fake guillotine. Tommy puts a stick in the guillotine. It drops and the stick is cut in two. Then, Tommy puts a fake arm in and cuts it off. Rob thinks its real and starts screaming. When Tommy starts laughing, Rob figures out that it is a joke. Trish comes in and asks Rob if he wants to stay for dinner. He doesn\'t.

One scene in which Doug and Sarah are on the porch. They stand outside and talk about not dancing.

In another scene, Mrs. Jarvis goes into Trish\'s room and tells her to go get a car part in town. Mrs. Jarvis also announces that she is going jogging before it storms.

A small scene cut during the time in which the Jarvis\' car breaks down. In the original version, right after Trish tells Tommy to hurry up it cuts. It did continue with Tommy running up to Trish in a scary mask, scaring Trish. Tommy declares that he made the mask the first week that he got there.

Sarah and Doug are together in their room (before the party starts). They talk about how nice each other’s legs are and how nervous they are about going to the party.

A scene where Tommy shows Rob a toy soldier melting under a magnifying glass.

A scene where Trish finds her mother drowned in a bathtub.

The original script had character Tommy Jarvis splitting Jason\'s head open with a machete at the conclusion. Tom Savini wasn\'t particularly enthused with this lackluster method, and after a member of his effects crew (John Vulich) toyed with a prop machete used in Dawn Of The Dead, Savini got the idea of having the machete blade plowed into Jason\'s head, followed by the hilt hitting the floor and the villain sliding headfirst down the blade.