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Full Tilt Boogie(1997)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Sarah Kelly

Robert Rodriguez
George Clooney
Quentin Tarantino
Juliette Lewis
6 10
A documentary on the making of \"From Dusk Till Dawn\".
What did I learn watching this slice of \"Hollywood\" life? First off, I now know that Robert Rodriguez likes to direct with a guitar in hand. He also likes to wear a goatee or go fresh shaved, depending on his mood. I learned that Quentin Tarantino is a scene hogger and needs lots of attention. I learned that Juliette Lewis is not acting, she really is that dumb. I learned that personal assistants are like old school wives (they do everything 4 u) without the nagging. And the most important thing I learned is that George Clooney gets laid…a lot!

This movie concentrates on the \"on set\" life. That’s fine but I would have loved to have seen more stuff on the effects and how they were done, maybe some bloopers (seeing actors mess up is always funny) and interviews with people that count.

We do get glimpses of behind the scenes effects and Clooney, Tarantino, Lewis and even Keitel (who shows up once to ramble some deep existential jargon) do talk a bit. But they’re not the main focus: The set crew (AD, Grips, electricians, even extras) is and they get way more screen time than the stars.

The three highlights of the film for me are: Michael Parks talking (interesting character), the interview with Fred Williamson (hilarious) and the scene where Juliette does her line: Will u eat my pussy? (she repeats it three times to the camera, I kept on answering \"yes\" to my TV screen.)

Apart from spending too time on people I couldn’t care less about, the film also goes into some dispute between the crew and the union (the film was shot outside the union) and the subject seems to go on forever. That opened the door for Lawrence Bender to yap yap yap and closed the door to my interest.

Where’s my Salma Hayek? My Tom Savini? My Danny Trejo? My John Saxon? My Ernest Liu? (just kidding on that last one). If the film had been more \"fan\" friendly I would have enjoyed it more. To be fair all the names that don’t appear in the film are probably poor sports and wanted extra cash or something but that doesn’t change the fact that their presence is missed. The flick still delivers some goods, all the behind the scenes stuff is groovy, seeing stars being themselves (or are they?), is groovy, the personal assistant thang is entertaining (charming ladies) and Clooney is one kool dude. But the film’s good ingredients don’t have enough screen time. Let\'s boogie…
Some behind the scenes stuff showing us the creatures and bloody clips from the film.
There is none, everybody is being themselves. Although the opening scene with George and Quent feels very staged…almost had me guys…
T & A
A topless dancer (not Salma…damn!!!!) showing tits and a chick wearing real tight shorts. For the ladies: A bunch of chubby crew members in a hot tub (dig in girls).
Kelly keeps things moving and offers some pretty witty transitions. Loved the way she incorporated the opening segment of George and Quent heading to the set with a scene from \"Dusk Till Dawn\"…kool. Also loved the intro before the Keitel interview, it’s written on a black screen much like the intro to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Kelly does a fine job but she spends mucho time with lots of people who we couldn’t care less about and her concentration on that whole union thang is boring. Not everybody lives in Hollywood darling...we don’t care!!!
Some funky beats: the tune from \"Saturday Night Fever\" when Quent and George walk and some old school tunes.
We know it’s a great life being in the movies. They all work hard and all have it good (actors, crew n all). But that’s not the reason I wanted to see this flick. I wanted some behind the scenes on the effects, more with the stars and some bloopers…at least one. The film is interesting half the time (How they build the Tittie Twister set, the effects, Juliette Lewis doing her own stunts…etc.) but the other half isn’t. I almost felt like this flick was done for them. You know how when you videotape your vacation and nobody gives a damn about watching it but you? Same vibe here. The content should’ve been more oriented towards us…
During the filming of From Dusk Till Dawn, Quentin Tarantino funded this documentary on the making of the film out of his own pocket. After seeing the film in 1997, Miramax snatched up the distribution rights and the film made the festival circuit. Now it’s on tape.