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Gnaw: Food of the Gods Part 2(1989)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Damien Lee

Lisa Shrage/Alex
Neil Hamilton/Paul
2 10
Some old ditz doctor (a she) injected some kid with a growth hormone (she was trying to help him?!?) The kid is now a giant brat (funny shite, he’s huge!). She calls one of her old students Dr Neil (Hamilton) so he can help her discover an anti-growth serum. Neil accepts the task and decides to experiment the growth hormone on rats?!? (smart move, dum-dum). Of course the rats breakout, grow, get pissed and run around the university chewing on paper thin characters. It’s up to Dr Hamilton and his \"booty call\" Alex (Shrage) to clear this mess up.
This could have been a great \"Aliens\" rip-off. Trap the doctors in the university, put Lisa Shrage in a tank top, give her a shotgun, let the rats loose and have a rollicking good time. But no, the filmmaker decides to have the rats run all over the place, killing random characters that are introduced for the sole purpose of becoming rat snacks. It has the same feel as a bad slasher flick but with rodents. The kills are not very exciting, Lisa Shrage is underused, the movie is slow and I did glance at my \"Fast Forward\" button a few times. I will admit that the last 15 minutes where the rats go ape shite at the opening of a new pool was kinda of fun…but is 15 minutes of fun worth an hour and 15 minutes of thrash? You be the judge. Let me rat this movie out…
Some nice bits. Arm bit off, face ripped off, a gross out infection scene and the movie really goes nuts with the red stuff at the end… RAT ATTACK! The effects are bad and cheesy but fun cheesy. They play with perspective (to make the rats look bigger) and built bigger furniture for the hilarious \"giant kid\" scenes.
Neil Hamilton (a poor man’s Timothy Hutton) plays Dr. Paul convincingly and even squeezes out a couple of tears in a certain scene. Lisa Shrage (Alex) who was fantastic as \"Marylou\" is not given much to do here except be gorgeous. Bummer, cause she’s a very good actress with amazing clear blue eyes (are those contacts?). I love her to death. Do more movies…please….
T & A
I’m happy Shrage didn’t show her stuff in this film. If she’s gonna be nude, it should be in a good film. We do get some \"douche bag’s\" tits in our face and some dude running around with his pants down.
Nothing to brag about…looks like a TV movie and the director’s use of \"fast motion\" is unnecessary and amateur at best.
Most of the time it sounds like my little cousin’s toy piano…. only difference…my cousin knows how to play
I will admit the only reason I rented this film is because \"Lisa Shrage\" is in it. You have to go through a lot of \"bla bla\" and boring death scenes before actually seeing the rat massacre at the end. The energy the movie has in it’s last 15 minutes should have been present all the way through. I personally don’t think this film is worth the hassle. Way better horror flicks are out there waiting to be seen and if like me you have a \"Shrage\" fetish, rent \"Prom Night 2\" instead, it’s a way better movie. If you have a rat fetish rent \" Ben\" or seek help…
This is a follow up to HG Well’s Food Of The God’s. The first one features giant chickens, wasps and of course rats. I hear it’s good campy fun…