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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Meyers(1995)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Joe Chappelle

Paul Rudd/Tommy
Marianne Hagan/Kara
JC Brandy/Jamie
Donald Pleasence/Loomis
5 10
This is the plot from what I gather…Jamie after part 5 got kidnapped by the man in black and brought to his cult’s domicile. Six years later Jamie is all grown up, she’s pregnant (Michael you dirty dog) and once she gives birth, she runs away with her newborn. The cult send Michael after her to get the baby back. In Haddonfield, the man in black is attempting to recruit a new child. He’s the son of Kara Strode (Hagan). Kara and her son now live with Kara’s parents in the old Myers house (they’re all somehow related to Laurie Strode).

Mentally unstable Tommy Doyle (he was one of the kids Laurie Strode babysat in the first one) lives across the street and is now obsessed with Michael Myers and his origins. He eventually gets his hands on the baby, joins forces with Dr. Loomis (Pleasence) and Kara, the identity of the man in black is uncovered and Michael Myers kills a few one dimensional characters…Oops, and I forgot to mention that Haddonfield has a rally to make Halloween fun again, it’s hosted by some obnoxious radio \"shock jock\" (a part offered to Howard Stern). I think that covers it…oufff.
Rumor as it this movie had lots of \"suits\" on the set, got butchered in the editing room and that too many cooks pissed in the stew. After viewing this flick, I believe the rumors. It’s too bad cause you feel a good movie trying to come out. As is…this is definitely the \"MTV\" Halloween. Joe Chappelle’s directing style is very different from all the other entries and is as far off from \"Carpenter\" as can be. That’s actually positive. This new approach brings a new kind of energy to the series, it’s bleak in a flashy way and I personally love it. But all the style in the world can’t make me ignore that the storyline is a mess.

What was once a good script (I assume) got slashed and diced. The bad seed planted by Halloween 5 grows even more sour. Associating Michael with druids or are they monks in jumpsuits is a ridiculous idea. Why complicate things so much? Michael Myers is just evil on two legs that feels compelled to kill his siblings...that\'s it! What’s with all this cult business? Also Michael’s tie to the clan is very blurry, is he with them, against them, who’s suppose to take over Kara’s son or Jamie’s baby…in other words: What the hell is going on here???? A once very simple series made overly complicated. Lets bury The Shape…
Michael is still cranky and unlike part 5 this time his heart is into the killings. Death by farm equipment, some good axe fun, an exploding head (?!?) and some good old fashion stabbing. It’s nice to see Michael enjoying himself again.
Marianne Hagan (Kara) gives a mature, sensible performance. She’s really good. Paul Rudd (Tommy) is very focused and on top of this one but pulls funny faces when he sees Michael. JC Brandy (Jamie) runs fast, screams loud and looks great with tears in her eyes. Bradford English (John Strode) plays an evil \"Fred Flintstone\"…very paper thin. Donald Pleasence (Loomis) and Mitch Ryan (Dr Wynn) are hardly seen…I guess most of their scenes got cut out…that sucks…Pleasence still shines.
T & A
Disposable girlfriend shows us her small firm breasts…
Was Chappelle on speed, acid or both? Filled with quickcuts, subliminal shots (one frame), slow motion and crazy lighting, Chappelle gives us some great eye candy.
The Halloween theme is hardly used and instead we get a mean electric guitar twang…it works very well with the way it’s directed.
It’s a shame cause the movie looks good, is somber and very flashy. The different approach is very kool, I love the strobe light carnage at the end. The suspense scenes are decent, the actors are mostly good and Michael is in top form but alas the movie feels incomplete, the story is a jumbled mess, too many ideas not enough explanations and we don\'t get enough of Loomis (Pleasence). What started with Part 5 is complete with this entry. The last nail as been nailed in \"The Shape’s\" coffin as we know him. RIP Mike…He now is ready to resurrect in a commercial insult called H20. I can’t wait to chow down on my Michael Myers cereal…mmmm.
Quentin Tarantino was once attached to the project.

The Shape is played by George Wilbur who played The Shape in part 4. The man Michael chases down the hospital hall and then bangs his head against the metal door is none other than Wilbur’s dad.

There’s a version out there called the \"Producer’s Cut\". It’s not legally out but it contains all the footage that was cut and offers us a very different movie. We see more of Loomis and Dr. Wynn, Jamie doesn’t die the same way, it’s shown that Michael impregnated Jamie and the ending is totally different.
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