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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2(1987)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Bruce Pittman

Michael Ironside/Bill
Wendy Lyon/Vicky
Justin Louis/Craig
Lisa Shrage/Mary Lou
6 10
1957-Prom night. MaryLou Mahoney (Shrage), double timing hussy, is crowned prom queen. Before the queen can get fitted with her crown, she dies (I won\'t tell you how) Flash forward 30 years later. Weird looking Vicky (Lyon) is one of the challengers for prom queen. She finds some of MaryLou’s old stuff in a trunk down in the theater department and slowly but surely she begins to be possessed by MaryLou’s unsatisfied spirit. Faster than you can say \"RIP OFF\" she stands up to her uptight religious mother, talks like a reject from an \"Elvis\" flick, flaunts her bod around and really wants to be Prom queen. MaryLou is back and she’s PMS ing.
I like to call this movie Nightmare On CARRIE Street. It has the mood and the feel of the earlier Elm street movies (1-2-3) and a few \"Carrie\" elements thrown in for good measure. ELM STREET: Crazy dreams, a wooden horse with a slimy tongue (just like the Freddy phone tongue), scraping finger nails against lockers before killing a victim and an ending that is identical to the one in the first \"Nightmare.\" CARRIE: An uptight religious mother, a shy girl getting picked on by the school tramp, the imminent rebellion and a Prom Night disaster (the scene is a fart compared to the one in Carrie) But the question is…does this movie suck…the answer: not at all. It’s well paced, the main characters are surprisingly well developed (don\'t worry, the one dimensional, disposable , characters are also there, waiting to die) and it’s enjoyable in a \"parmesan\" kinda of way. Now put on your Prom dress and let\'s go dancing…
Not much here. The movie passes on the gore chances it has. \" why didn’t you guy’s use the paper cutter you so proudly displayed?\" (you’ll know what I mean when you see it). Most of the murders are goreless but we do get to see bad burn makeup and one oozy locker room murder…what was that stuff suppose to be? Her brains, her lunch…what?
Michael Ironside (Bill) seems uncomfortable in the part. I do love the guy don’t get we wrong. I think he was more concerned with how he was gonna spend the money he made acting in this, than actually acting in it. So he frowns a lot, opens his eyes real wide and that’s all the acting we get. Hope it was a big check Mike. Wendy Lyon (Vicky) does a great job playing the shy sweety and does a better job turning it around on us when she becomes the cruel, sexed up, murdering Marylou…I bought it. Good sell Wendy. Justin Louis (Craig) comes out of this ok. He plays the paper thin boyfriend adequatly but he’s no Johnny Depp. And last but not least, Lisa Shrage gives a sexy, dangerous and even at one point \"tender\" performance as Marylou. She is the perfect choice for the part. You set my pants on fire girl. God I love brunettes.
T & A
WE HAVE A WINNER. Wendy Lyon reveals all. Back, front and top in what almost becomes a lesbian scene, too bad the other girl isn’t down. One more thing: Wendy, the bush needs a good trim girl…trust me.
A few nice shots, good use of steadycam and I must say the flashback sequences were very well done. He keeps the movie moving and I never was bored. Good job bud.
Some catchy 50’s tune. Yes the \"Marylou\" song is used on more than one occasion but the highlight for me is when Vicky sings \"tutti fruiti\"…remember that…wap bam boom…kool.
This is a corny movie that thinks it’s real horror. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth the trip. It has a weird incest scene, some light lesbianism, some horny talk given to a priest and a funny blow job innuendo. Yes this movie is a tad raunchy. It also feels familiar and kind of safe, at least it rips off good movies and MaryLou is way hotter than \"Freddy\". Trust me guy’s, MaryLou will give you \"fantasy\" material for weeks on end.
This movie is a sequel in name only. It has nothing to do with the \"Jamie Lee Curtis\" original. It’s followed by Prom Night 3:The Last Kiss (Marylou’s in this one) and Prom Night 4 (has nothing to do with 2 or 3 or 1 for that matter) which features a murderous priest.