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Hollow Man 2(2006)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Claudio Fäh

Peter Facinelli/Det. Turner
Laura Regan/Dr. Dalton
Christian Slater/Griffin
5 10
Rogue invisible killing machine Griffin (Slater) wants a serum to save his life and to obtain it he must get to long legged/flat-bellied Dr. Dalton (Regan). Problem is, the Feds and peeved off "they killed my partner" cop Det. Turner (Facinelli) are in his way. Its "Hollow" time!
The original Hollow Man wasn't all that it could've been on a cerebral level but it still delivered the goods with more flair and guts than the norm. Now its cheapie sequel is upon us via a straight to DVD release. Was it worth the coin that I put down to see the damn thing? Si and nada.

Hollow Man 2 was a harmless watch. It rolled on at an even pace, showcased able actors and went through its thriller 101 plot turns without blinking (dead partner, sister plot convention...you will see this one coming MILES away). It also ended off on a semi clever note that promised us another sequel if this one pimps the shelves hard enough and I guess that was the problem with it. The flick unraveled on one "emotional" note throughout, never pushed the envelope and was uber predictable to boot. That made for quite the detached watch as I never got engaged, thrilled, shocked or surprised beyond the 50% mark. While the end credits rolled, I had an indifferent taste in my mouth (funnily enough, my last date said I did the same thing to her mouth as her end credits rolled... felt like sharing).

Now, that's not to say that this safe and out of the beaten down mold McProduct didn't have some groovy ideas bouncing around in its back-pack. Hey I'm all for a rogue invisible agent bent on murdering the world! Gnarly! I can relate to it too where if invisible, I would probably do something similar, starting with the "sex offenders/murderer" sections of every maximum security prison in the world. But that's my own shit going on. And two invisible duders going toe to toe in the rain? That's all good in my book of fun times at the out house! Its actually listed right under eating love box with another dame! Sadly the flick didn't have the moulah, the balls or the panache to execute any of its swell content beyond the ho-hum mark.

So that left me with an "okay" TV movie of the week-ish horror/action/thriller with decent to dodgy visual effects, by the numbers story/characters, tight actors (Peter Facinelli owns!), occasional suspense, some slyness (loved the "blind girl" bit) and a money shot of Arrow Fav Laura Regan stripping down. Use Hollow Man 2 if you have to kill two hours and are out of ideas! That's pretty much the sole reason to see it. Am I gonna say it? Am I gonna stoop that low? YES! Here it goes: This sequel...was..."hollow"... BOOOOO ARROW! BOOOOOOO!
We get a nice slit throat early on and non graphic/implied violence the rest of the time. Yawn! If you're not gonna aim high story wise, at least give me ample red grub! COME ON!
I think that if "Supernova" didn't wind up being the Production mess that it was, Peter Facinelli (Det. Turner) would be a big star today. The man's got the chops, the looks and the presence to be the shite in my opinion. He showed them off here. Laura Regan (Dr. Dalton) did fine in the role and was incredibly sexy at that. No complaints! Much like his character, Christian Slater (Griffin) was invisible for the bulk of the film. He nailed the scenes that he was actually in but when in voice-over mode, he often sounded like somebody reading text outloud.
T & A
We get a don't blink "one tit" slip, a clean tit shot via some teen hottie and Laura Regan going the bra/undies way (nice stomach on that cheeta...yum). The ladies get some shirtless duders.
Claudio Fäh did an serviceable job, giving the flick a slick look while evoking random tension and a smooth feel. Adequate.
The score was so subdued here that I don't even remember it, and I saw the film 5 seconds ago. Eu???
Hollow Man 2 wasn't as lousy or groovy as it could've been. With more "Hamiltons" in its pocket and a script with a larger amount of courage and originality, maybe it could've hit pay-dirt. As-is, it was a pedestrian walk in the B- sequel play-pen that gave me pretty much all that I'd expect from a STD follow up to a big budget jamboree. Nohing more, nothing less. I saw it, didn't get hurt, was never grabbed by the collar and now will forget it. Next in line please!
Paul Verhoeven was executive producer on the film and has a cameo here via his pic on a newspaper clipping.

Word on the street is that this sequel's script was the first (and un-used) Hollow Man script, re-written and stripped down to work within its new low budget mold.