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It Lives Again(1978)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Larry Cohen

John P. Ryan/Frank
Frederic Forrest/Eugene
Kathleen Lloyd/Jody
John Marley/Mr. Mallory
2 10
Since the events that occurred in the first one, two groups have been formed. The anti-mutant baby squad led by Mr. Mallory (Marley) who kill babies on sight and the pro -life baby squad led by Frank (Ryan) the first man to ever father one of those rubber looking babies (in the original). They both fight for the baby of Eugene (Forrest) and Jody (Lloyd) Scott. The pro- life group finally acquire the mutant infant and bring him to a house where two other mutant babies are held. They all escape and it’s \"baby attack\" time. Chew on this…
Zzzzzz…oh I’m writing a review…uh…ok…this movie bored the living shite out of me. I loved the original for it’s dramatic content, minor tension and superb acting but this one doesn’t even try. I thought having 3 mutant babies running around would mean 3 times more action than in the first (only 1 baby in the original) god was I wrong...total opposite. This movie is a one note snore, it never comes alive and drags it’s sorry baby butt till the end. I didn’t care about Eugene (Forrest) or Jody (Lloyd) one bit, the babies are again rarely seen, John P Ryan (Frank) is hardly in the movie and the ending is the only thing that barely woke me up. The message is still relevant (kind of an analogy to abortion) but this is suppose to be a horror flick not a paid advertisement for baby rights. I’ve seen \"Muppet Babies\" episodes scarier than this corpse. Lets put the baby to sleep…permanently.
Nothing worth mentioning but the babies do look a little better than in the first one but unfortunately still seem fake. (Rick Baker was still on weed…)
Frederic Forrest (Eugene) and Kathleen Lloyd (Jody) both give good individual performances but as a couple they had 0 chemistry. So I didn’t care. John P Ryan (Frank) does ok with the time he’s allowed, John Marley (Mr. Mallory) gives a nuanced performance and delivers one fine monologue.
T & A
Do naked rubber babies count?
One word…FLAT…wake up Cohen…WAKE UP!
A few hard rock tunes and a decent score.
Cohen is to blame. Did he do this one for the cash? What happened bud? The only thing positive about this sequel is the issue it brings up (abortion thang) but we got it in the first one, how about a couple thrills, a bit of tension?! I’d rather watch the first one twice in a row than watch this sequel again. The only memorable scene in this picture is when they show a clip of \"Enter The Dragon\" with Bruce Lee…that’s it. I expected so much out of this one and all it did was let me down…bad baby…bad …
This movie was filmed in Tucson Arizona.