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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Michael Lantieri

Kevin Zegers/Patrick
Jill Hennessy/ Victoria
Billy Burke/Oates
4 10
Patrick’s (Zegers) parents (wooden actors) get killed by a bunch of Komodo lizards on an island. Patrick forgets everything that happened because of the trauma (yeah right) so his hot to trot shrink (Hennessy) brings him back to the island in order to make him remember. Great idea!
Jurassic Park wannabe that spends half the time being a soap opera, showcasing many boring \"dramatic\" scenes involving main characters we don’t give a fudge about. The lizards do come in and when they do it is fun times but the lizard attacks are not enough to make us forget the lame plot twists, the deja vu feel and the paper thin characters.

Why does every bad guy in a movie have a thick accent? Why does every hero have a bogus past? Why does an oil company want to stay on an island with giant lizards? Why are they covering it up? Why does the token black guy always die? Who is that religious girl that takes care of Patrick (never addressed) and why the hell does Patrick become Leonardo Dicaprio’s \"The Beach\" character halfway through? All questions not worth answering.

The film doesn’t bring anything new to the \"monster\" genre and you can spot the \"victim\" characters miles away. The flick does look good and the actors are decent but the only reason to see this flick are the CGI Komodo lizards. Eat this!
Bloody lizard bites. The lizards look pretty kool for the budget.
Kevin Zegers (Patrick) looks like Brad Renfro and does well with the part but Renfro can rest easy, he’s no competition. Jill Hennessy (Victoria) has the tough chick thang going on, slap her in a better movie and I’m sure she’ll become a star. Bill Burke (Oates) deals with all his scenes well, does ok with the emotional segments but all his \"good acting\" is for nothing since his character is just not too interesting.
T & A
Naked Komodos.
Lantieri captures the Jurassic Park feel down to the similar Jeep. He handles the action sequences well and gives us a couple of nice boo scares. The suspense is minimal cause the Komodos walk so slowly, my dead grandma could out run them. Lantieri also puts too much emphasis on the drama sequences. I mean drama is good but only when the characters are well written.
The score is pretty solid. It gives the film a small kick in the arse and makes it feel more exciting than it is.
If your Jurassic Park tape is used up, Komodo might fill your \"lizard\" craving. But don’t expect anything new or original. Then again do you really want to sit through over baked drama for an hour? Want to see Lizards? Take a trip to your local pet store, save yourself the pain. At least there you can flirt with the cashier.
The dude that directed this is the man behind the Anaconda screenplay.