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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Gary Sherman

Staci Keenan/Lisa
Cheryl Ladd/Katherine
D.W. Moffet/Richard
4 10
Lisa’s (Keenan) hormones are kicking in and her uptight mom (Ladd) is getting in the way. She wont let her go out with boys. So curious Lisa vents out by flirting with men on the phone, following them around and snapping polaroids of them. Everything is harmless until she falls for suit wearing, pronounced cheekbones serial killer Richard (Moffet), a poor man’s \"Patrick Bateman\". They begin to have a phone relationship with her posing as an older woman. The thing is Richard doesn’t like being teased, he gets off on lighting candles and choking women to death and it’s only a matter of time before Lisa and her mom become his next dates.
With some minor tension and a finale straight out of \"Home Alone\" (it cracked me up) this movie doesn’t live up to what it promises. The phone conversations between Lisa and the killer are interesting but the suspense is mild and the violence so minimal. Halfway through the movie, the script abandons common sense so the killer can finally find his way to the girl’s house. Did she want to hook up the murderer with her mom or not? Who leaves their phone numbers on a credit card bill? Richard with all his \"I’m a fearless psycho\" posturing winds up being a big sissy easily dispatched by the two females and when everything is said and done all the half ass build up leads to nothing that couldn’t have been settled with \"star 69\". Lets hang up in this one’s face…
Other than someone getting stabbed with a knife this movie is pretty safe…too safe…\"My 2 Dads\" fans at least got to see it.
Stacy Keenan (Lisa) gives a pleasant credible performance and cries on Q but her teen slang (hey guy or rad) is way annoying. Miss Ladd (Katherine) also does good but her part (an overprotective mother) was a test on my nerves. D.W. Moffet (Richard) doesn’t have much to do but look good in a suit. It works…he looks fantastic in a suit.
T & A
It stars Stacy Keenan, what do you think???
The movie kinda feels like a TV movie of the week…bland. Sherman did a better job at creating mood and tension with \"Poltergeist 3\".
There’s a kool moment when the killer is in his car, singing with this song on the radio that goes…\"I’m a man\" bla bla bla, very \"American Psycho\" moment and probably the movie’s best scene.
For me, the psycho in this movie is Lisa. With all her stalking, phone calls, polaroids and even at one point breaking into her fantasy boy’s car…she’s the scary one and will one day make an ex boyfriend very miserable. As for Richard he should go back to \"serial killer\" school and find out how it’s done…maybe Leatherface could give him some pointers. Considering it’s subject matter this movie is way too mainstream, almost aimed at kids…it needed a darker edge…and some balls…
Notice that the only person that smokes in this film is the killer…what an evil man!!! Where are my cigarettes…