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Little Witches(1996)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Jane Simpson

Sheeri Rappaport/Jamie
Mimi Reichmeister/Faith
Jennifer Rubin/Sister Sherilyn
Zelda Rubinstein/Mother Clodah
4 10
A group of Catholic school girls dabble with witchcraft and take off their clothes…a lot…
The chick on the box cover looks like Fairuza Balk from \"The Craft\", but trust me when I say that nobody in this film has any resemblance to \"The Craft\" star. This flick tries to sell itself as \"The Craft\" rip-off but it has it all wrong: Poor directing, awful score, un-involving characters and lifeless script. It’s basically an hour and a half excuse to show some young flesh in those Catholic school plaid skirts we all love. When the plaid skirt thang gets old, the clothes get tossed aside and we receive a nudity fest that would make \"Ron Jeremy\" proud.

Sheeri Rappaport is basically the only reason to see this film. She’s got talent (yes, I mean her acting) and a very strong presence. When she’s dressed her dark charming ways wooed me and when she stripped down…well…you know…meow!

Alas, the story is FF button material (nothing remotely interesting happens) and all you\'re basically left with is the wait for the next Rappaport tit shot. Even the ending is rushed and a huge let down (what a corny demon!).

The flick should’ve gone one way or the other. Embrace porn or embrace horror. Here the sex is too soft (no lesbian scenes or sex scenes) to satisfy the poon hounds and the horror too weak to thrill the genre fiends. I don’t even know if the film is supposed to be a comedy or not. The demon is called The Horned One (horny) and the girls refer to him as \"He Who Comes\" (cums). I bet the screenwriters and the director don’t know either.

Nothing to see here but Sheeri Rappaport. Let\'s undress this one…
A silly homemade demon (paper mache?) and some minor blood. Death by fish hooks, a dead bird and some blood light stabbings.
Sheeri Rappaport (Jamie) gives a delicious, natural performance. She’s the strongest actress here and exudes a confidence and sexiness that might get her somewhere with the right career moves. Give me a call Sheeri, we’ll talk. Mimi Reichmeister (Faith) is hot but doesn’t have the skills to carry her part to its full potential. Jennifer Rubin (Sister Sherilyn) and Jack Nance (Father Michael) had bills to pay. Watching them trying to look convincing in this mess is funny in itself. Tommy Stork (Daniel) cannot act but looks great without his shirt. Zelda Rubinstein (Mother Clodah) does what she can with the shite part she has. I don’t know if Clea Duvall (Kelsey) is a lesbian in real life but she has the word \"dyke\" written on her forehead and it’s distracting. Her acting is alright.
T & A
Nobody is spared...everybody shows skin. Sheeri Rappaport is a delight in every form of undress…I do have one question…did we really need to see the fat girl naked too?? I know I didn’t. Chicks get Tommy Stork’s washboard abs…
If this flick were a broad I’d call her \"Plain Jane\". It’s basically point and shoot with insert shots (padding the clocking time) of the beach or the sunrise/set. The attempt at mood is clumsy and the suspense is laughable.
An overbearing score that doesn’t fit with the dull action that’s going on.
This flick doesn’t want to be porn but its structure is the same. I didn’t care about the story or the characters. All I wanted was to get to the next tittie scene. I give it one star and a half and that’s for Sheeri Rappaport (and all the ample nudity). If she chooses her future projects more carefully, I’m sure she can reach the A-list. They should remake this flick into a XXX flick and call it \"Little Bitches\"…it would work out better.
There’s a scene where a crow crashes through a window and another scene where the crow is seen lying on a dinner plate. For these scenes, a dead crow was purchased from a studio prop rental company.

American Humane was informed that all live animals had been edited from the script. The production company provided receipts for all fake or dead animals used in the film.