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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Joe Gayton

Lance Henriksen/Stockton
Claire Stansfield/Joanne
John Diehl/Alex
Giovanni Ribisi/Scott
2 10
Surfer looking dude is infected with a virus. Dude mutates and runs wild in an enclosed area. Dude bumps off dumb scientists. Dude then goes after Lance Henriksen and his family. Dude dude dude!
This is \"Alien\" with a mutated duder that looks like a pumped up version of \"Encino Man\". I could stop my review right there but I feel the need to share. This flick is a lifeless rip-off of better movies and only comes alive when the villain sticks out his mutated tongue or when he shows off his pecs. Within 5 minutes of the clocking time, I knew which of the scientists were gonna live, which were gonna turn out to be bad and which were gonna die. Predictability is a factor that comes up often in the horror genre and I don’t mind it too much but here it’s handled too clumsily.

What was up with that dream that the villain has?? Did Wes Craven put the screenwriter up to it? Didn’t make sense to me. What was up with that dumb arse plot point which has good old Lance bring his whole family to a super duper secret complex? What was up with a certain character being attacked only to be found alive later on? What was up with the lame suspense, implausible action set pieces and Wagner keeping her top on? Too many mistakes to be forgiven.

On a dramatic point of view, the film also had way too many cardboard characters and the dramatic tension between father (Henriksen) and son (Ribisi) was handled with one-dimensional depth.

On a production value standpoint: the outside locations of the complex looked like the backlot of a construction site and the inside of the complex like a convenience store’s basement. Very unexciting and bland.

The film has three things going for it: Nice effects, kool sequences of the villain running though air vents on all fours and Henriksen. But those three things don’t come close to adding Mayo to this shite sandwich. The only thing Mindripper ripped off...was my money. Damn you!
The villain has a spiked tongue that comes out of his mouth. It’s well done and kind of gross. Should’ve slapped that neato effect in a better movie.
Lance Henriksen (Stockton) is always good, so what is he doing in this crap? I think somebody owed someone a favor. Claire Stansfield’s (Joanne) hysterical moments are laughable and so is most of her performance. John Diehl (Alex) chews that scenery and collects that check. Natasha Gregson Wagner (Wendy) is way hot and should fire her agent. Giovanni Ribisi (Scott) plays the weird angst ridden teen again, I’ve seen this goofy performance before. I couldn’t wait for \"thespian extraordinaire\" Adam Solomon (Mark) to die…it took too long. Dan Blom (Thor) does ok as the grimacing villain. His pecs outweigh his acting talent.
T & A
Claire Stansfield cheats her way out of a tit shot but gives us a butt shot. Ladies will love Dan Blom’s muscled body.
The director shows off with the camera but has no idea how to build suspense or make a scene pay off. The film feels by the numbers with no enthusiasm or heart put into it.
A choppy score that feels awkward when it pops in.
Mindripper is a waste of time. For that hour and a half I could have walked my dog, nailed a booty call or watched a better movie. Don’t bother unless you’re masochistic.
Wes Craven executive produced this turkey. Jonathan Craven (his son) co-wrote and produced. This flick was originally intended to be \"The Hills Have Eyes: Part 3\". It’s also known under the title: The Outpost.

Here is a Lance Henriksen quote about the movie: \"All I remember was wanting to get out of there. My bags were packed and I was ready to go home everyday. It was horrible. I never even saw the finished film. It was one of those films that pays your alimony\".