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MOH: Imprint(2006)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Takashi Miike

Billy Drago/Christopher
Youki Kudoh/woman
8 10
In 19th Century Japan, some Yankee duder (Drago) that yells a lot hits a brothel in search of his long, lost prostitute love. Instead he finds a deformed broad (Kudoh) and the awful truth as to what happened to his gal-toy-pal.

Their wildest dreams are your worst nightmares

Having seen many of Takashi Miike’s films, a slew of questions always arise when surviving them: What is he smoking? Where does he get it? And more importantly…WHAT IS HE SMOKING? Only the sweet herbs of life can explain as to how he comes up with this incredibly twisted shite, then again, maybe he’s just a motherf*cking genius. To be honest I don’t watch Masters of Horror much, I’ve seen a couple of episodes but I’m not a TV guy, hence I rarely get my horror fix there. But when I heard that Takashi Miike’s IMPRINT one hour episode was banned by Showtime, even with they’re more slack violence/nudity policies in tow when it comes to this particular show…I knew I had to see it. See it I did and man did it hurt!

I don’t want to go into too many details about IMPRINT’s storyline as NOT KNOWING much will make sure to whoop you stupid like an unwanted mother of an unwanted redheaded stepchild but I will say this; Miike isn’t getting softer with age. Praise Ulysses! Lynch came to mind as Miike reeled me into a world of wild production designs, kooky yet evil characters and flamboyant costumes. Barfing came to mind when graphic depictions of homemade abortions were slapped in my face. And wincing I DID, when needles came into play once more in Miike land (as they did in Audition) to act as instruments of torture that made the pain caused in Roth’s HOSTEL look like a walk in the park with a stuffed Teddy-Bear.

Once the needles out, I will be honest and say that “not again” did pop in mind but as the film clocked forward, I was in a tizzy to discover that "needles" wasn’t all the evil he was gonna put out in this mad Circus... there was more! The best way I can describe IMPRINT is that it was akin to a rotten fruit. As the film moved forward, I painfully witnessed the layers being peeled off, one at a time, until the horrible truth was discovered. Which brings me to my sole yet hefty complaint; the final frames made no sense to me. I know symbolism was into play and all but after being put through the ringer like nobodies bitch, I wanted the whole picture to be crystal clear, I f*cking deserved it!

With that impaled and cooked over a warm fire, IMPRINT was a keeper and then some. Only Miike can take extreme moments of torture and manage to make them look like arresting macabre paintings come to life. Yup, the man is an audacious sadist/artist! Survive Imprint!

What do you think man?!? We get some fun with needles, some more fun with abortions, some even more fun with a particular type of headache…just fun all around. Yup, I am being vague on purpose.
Billy Drago (Christopher) is usually typecast as villains due to his unique looks here he was a villainous hero and to see him tackle this kind of role was a hoot. He did lose me a few times by always yelling his lines (try another level dude) but on the whole I loved him. Youki Kudoh (woman) was highly effective as the creepo woman and Michie Ito (Komomo) was so likeable that it hurt when she got hurt.
T & A
We get T and some A but it was hard for me to relish in it. Maybe it was the totally insane and disgusting world they were set in that kept Arrow Junior limper than Hefner minus Viagra.
Well paced, with creative shots in tow, Miike once again proved to us why he is one of the more fascinating directors on the block. Only he can take repulsive imagery and somehow manage to make them look beautiful in their blocking and use of color. Aces!
To be honest I don’t remember it. I was too busy being traumatized by Miike’s warped shenanigans.
This isn't the Flintstones! Miike on TV is no different than Miike on the big screen. IMPRINT was visually arresting, sporting a unique narrative while being utterly exhausting to sit through. It took me for quite the ride, one that I won’t soon forget. In the mood for some pain? Hit it! Now if only somebody could explain to me the ending…help guys and dolls. HELP! I NEED TO KNOW!
Masters of Horrors has been on the air since 2005, it was created by horror director Mick Garris.