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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Daniel Acomba

Scott Grimes/Archie
John Astin/Verlin
Cheryl Pollak/Charly
Lisa Fuller/Joanie
7 10
Archie (Grimes) can’t catch a break. He works for his slimy uncle Verlin (Astin) as undertaker’s assistant, the girl he lusts after (Fuller) is dating some Neanderthal (an evil Ian Zering-90210) and the girl he likes (Pollak) is leaving town for good. The school bullies want to kick his arse and college seems like an impossible dream. Just when you think it can’t go any worse for the poor schmuck, the bullies die in a car crash (both with their respective girlfriends) and come back from the dead to not only make his life miserable but to try and rip him apart limb by limb. Night Of The Living Acne…
A smart, witty bloody little flick. This movie takes you by surprise and pulls a \"From Dusk Till Dawn\" on you. For the first hour it’s an honest teen flick with all the teen angst elements there. The bullies making Archie’s life hell, Archie trying to get laid, wanting to go to college and working a BS job. But the last half hour turns it all around, with living dead teens, wanting some flesh. It suddenly changes its tune and somehow works. The fact that the movie takes so much time establishing its characters and the setting makes the last grisly 30 minutes much more effective. Most of the bullies are one dimensional, Porsche driving dummies and the movie does lag a bit at some moments but not long enough for you to glance at that FF button. Lets pop those zits…
Can I have some blood with that? You bet you can. A lot of zombie mutilations, some fun gore but the highlight has to be the guy they blow up with an air pump…messy.
Scott Grimes comes across as a real kid with a big mouth and real problems. His character is a normal \"Joe\" and Grimes plays it smooth. With his red hair, he wears the name \"Archie\" well. John Astin plays a wonderful a-hole and you hate him all the way. Cheryl Pollak’s (Charly) part is a tad underdeveloped but she does fine with what she has to do. Of the four zombie boppers Lisa Fuller (Joanie) stands out. Her part is slightly more explored, she comes across as sympathetic and she has killer legs.
T & A
Grimes without his shirt (urg) and Fuller in her bra and underwear…yummy.
Confident and stylish. He handles the \"normal\" scenes and the \"zombie\" scenes with a firm hand. A bit of trouble with pacing but overall very good and nice to look at. The way he films the cadaver proceedings an undertaker goes through will certainly make you cringe.
I love that crazy beat that plays in the \"motorcycle\" scene.
The jokes are funny and don’t feel forced, the drama is realistic and the \"zombie\" action is very fun. Ever seen two zombies fornicate? You’ll see it in this movie. I would compare this film to a \"Jack In The Box\", you turn the little handle, hear the same little song for a while and then suddenly out of nowhere \"Roseanne Barr’s head pops out. Surprise!!!
Recognize that bridge where the \"finale\" takes place? It’s the same bridge they used in \"The Lost Boys\".