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Pacific Rim (2013)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Guillermo del Toro

Charlie Hunnam/Releigh
Diego Klattenhoff/Yancy
Idris Elba/Stacker
Rinko Kikuchi/Mako
8 10
A portal beneath the Pacific ocean unleashes a slew of giant Lizards (humans call them Kaijus) bent on destroying us. In order to fight off the beasts, we create giant robots which are controlled by two pilots at a time called Jaegers. It's time to cancel the apocalypse with a giant robot fist in a giant monster's face!
Although I didn't grow up on the Japanese giant monsters films that Guillermo del Toro did, I did grow up on the Japanese Manga Goldorack and for years I've hoped and dreamed that somebody out there would do a live action version of it. It has yet to happen but at least del Toro made me feel better and reset my clock in terms of me being able to wait longer for it, as he just somewhat gave me Goldorack (s) versus Godzilla (s). F*ck yeah!

In case you haven't picked up on it yet I had a fantastic time with PACIFIC RIM! The set up was simple yet grabbed me right away and kept me in its grasp the whole way: monsters seep into our world, we create our own monsters to fight them off and save our asses. Baboom! Done! Let the good times roll! Well to be honest, there was actually a bit more than that going on here. The axis on the characters (many of them coming with their own personal demons), relationships and conflicts was hefty enough for me to give a hoot. And that was good news for me! Nothing like caring about the peeps to up the stakes and impact of a wam-bam scene! The competent and mucho likeable cast also contributed to that. Pretty boy Charlie Hunnam did fine with what he was given but it was Idris Elba with his commanding/endearing presence and the cute/affable Rinko Kikuchi that stood out for me the most. I really got attached to them. But don't get me wrong, this wasn't Memoirs of a Geisha over here! The characters were types and the drama rarely scratched the surface and THAT WAS OKAY! I didn't expect it or want it to. It's a film about freaking giant robots fighting giant monsters man! I got the amount of depth and heart-string tugging that I needed from it. All good!

What I was here for first and foremost were the action scenes. And HOLY F*CK did they deliver! PACIFIC RIM had me flashback to how I felt when watching summer movies as a kid. The awe, the big stupid smile on my face, my eyes riveted to the screen, in a trance like state, living in another world... isn’t that what summer celluloid rides are supposed to be about? In my world they are and this one hit the nail on the nail in that respect! This is what happens when you give a director of Guillermo's calibre a blockbuster to take on; what you'd expect but executed in a superior and more artistically inclined fashion. The man's attention to detail, where he placed his cameras for maximum whoopass, his impeccable timing when it came to coupling imagery and music or/and sound effects... simply pure genius! Hero shots, money shots, visually striking “tableaus” of destruction, poetry in chaos, cute visual gags, we even get visceral hand to hand fights... Viva del Toro! Viva! Viva! Yup my jaw dropped to the ground into my empty PopCorn bag and I got fanboy jitters many of time while clocking this one! THANK YOU!

Add to all that; a smooth pace (I didn't feel the 2 hours plus go), visual effects that were beyond stellar (the destruction scenes floored me), stand-out production designs (dug the WW2 nods), some comic relief that greased me right (you can't go wrong with Ron Perlman), a handful of groovy Sci-Fi concepts (all about the drift), creature/bots designs that took the familiar and made it come off as unique, a 3D that actually brought something to the proceeding and a knee slapping score by Ramin Djawadi that had me humming its main theme all the way out of the theatre (am still humming it as I type) and you get an unfiltered summer blast! Pure and simple!

Any downsides? Well I won't BS ya, it took me some time to get into this one's tone. After the grounded prologue was established, the "quirky-ness" and humor that followed kind of took me aback. I didn't see them coming. But with time, I "got it" and was laughing alongside the rest of the audience. My true qualms would be: some of the action was hard to discern at times, either it was too dark or the camera was too shaky, but that went down maybe three times. And some of the acting was off in places, nothing critical or that a giant robot fist in a giant Lizard face couldn't solve.

On the whole, Pacific Rim exceeded my expectations and gave me a mammoth, light hearted, retina and ear pleasing summer bash! Action, humor, drama, special effects that blew my one brain cell into dust! A buffet of fun times! Bring the kids and the big kid in you and dive into this rim head first!
Blue monster blood and light blood. Robots don't bleed yo!
T & A
The Lizards were naked, no bathrobes, nothing! Enjoy!
So this how Guillermo del Toro would handle a summer blockbuster! SOLD! I want more! Pacific Rim was an easy watch and delivered the love and then some! It had a gnarly premise, characters that warmed me right, a strong cast (Elba baby...Elba!), astounding imagery, amazing designs and special effects, 3D that wasn't just there to up ticket prices and all kinds of scenes with giant robots and giant Lizards beating the hell out of each other! Yeah, I had hard time “seeing” a couple of action bits and some of the acting wasn't tops but who gives a shit! Laughs, wow, thrills, smash, awesome! An audio/visual feast! Alongside Man of Steel, this is my fav summer movie thus far! I rarely recommend this (actually I think this is the first time) but see it in IMAX and see it in 3D. Pacific Rim is worth it!
Tom Cruise was considered for the role that went to Idris Elba. I am happy that Elba got it!

Guillermo del Toro was said that Tetsujin-28 was the main influence for this film.

Was it me or was Charlie Day a dead ringer for JJ Abrams here?

Stay tuned during the end credits for an added scene.