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Phantasm 2(1988)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Don Coscarelli

James Le Gros/Mike
Reggie Bannister/Reggie
Angus Scrimm/Tall Man
Paula Irvine/Liz
7 10
Our little Mike is all growns up (in the guise of hunk James Le Gros this time around) but he’s still got the same freaking problems: A tall man, crazy midgets and lots of flying balls. Bada-bing bada-boom.
What Aliens is to Alien can be said about this Phantasm sequel. Bigger budget, more gore, better effects and more bang for ya bucks. On an entertainment level this one don’t quit. Yes I will admit the first hour has a bit too much driving/walking around for my liking but the last half hour is an action fest with off the wall effects, lots of flying balls, a chainsaw duel and some fun shot gun action.

This sequel goes the road movie way, giving us something different than the original but in the last half hour many scenes from the first are reprised. I had no problem with it apart from the last frame. Does every Phantasm sequel have to imitate the last frame of the original…Part 3 does it and so does this one. Enough already.

But on a whole this was a satisfying sequel with great production values, an interesting narration and some fun gooey stuff. I know it’s not as creepy and scary as the first one but it sure is fun. I won’t bust this one\'s balls…
What’s on the menu tonight Jeeves? Well we got balls that spit out your blood, creatures that burst through your back and a big ball that enters your body, travels inside and tries to get out from your mouth. Wait till you see the dessert…
James Le Gros (Mike) plays Mike for the first and last time. He’s great and has way more charisma than the original Mike (who went to star in the two other sequels). I liked Le Gros a lot. Reggie Bannister returns as Reggie and he’s as solid as ever. It’s this sequel that marks his \"James Bond\" ways. He wants to hit that nanny, go boy! Paula Irvine (Liz) looks good and is credible as the female protagonist. Samantha Phillips (Alchemy) doesn’t have much to do but look sexy and she really excels at it, especially with her top off.
T & A
Samantha Phillips with her top off, a naked corpse…when is Reggie gonna give us that butt shot?
Coscarelli does well, the film looks really good, the locations are kick arse again and he even got me with a few boo scares. He handles the action sequences well, slaps in some style and delivers a crowd pleaser. He even gives a nod to « Evil Dead » with an identical shot from the film (you’ll know when you see it). I love the ball POV shots…
The usual great Phantasm score…
If you liked the original, you’ll like this one. It’s more action oriented, has a bit more humor but do not fear its not the camp fest part 3 is. Welcome back Tall Man, missed yaw big guy!
In the crematorium, the undertaker pours ashes into a bag marked Sam Raimi director of the Evil Dead films.