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Phantasm 3(1994)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Don Coscarelli

A. Michael Baldwin/Mike
Bill Thorbury/Jody
Reggie Bannister/Reggie
Angus Scrimm/Tall Man
4 10
The tall man is back, captures Mike and it's up to Reggie (Bannister) to save him. Of course he can’t do it alone so he enlists the aid of a bad arse sista and a sharp shooting kid.
I want to know what Coscarelli is smoking these days and where he gets it. This third installment is far from the fright fest the original was and concentrates more on comedy and camp. For me it didn’t work. We get a scene straight out of "Home Alone" and just as violent. We get a nun chuck wielding broad, kung fu-ing left and right. We get the ghost of Jody who inhabits a flying ball, this makes way for many "E.T." kind of moments. We get dumb dream sequences and a subplot about horny Reggie trying to nail Rocky that’s more interesting than the main plot. All this is fine and dandy but in a Phantasm flick??? Don’t work for me.

We do get to know more about the Tall Man and his tie with Mike. We get to know more about the flying balls but the flick walks away from horror and embraces fantasy and high camp. Shite, I felt like Angus Scrimm and his balls walked on the wrong set! Maybe he did, I mean what the hell are 3 stooges like zombies doing in a Phantasm flick? Maybe it was the wrong set and they filmed it anyways…

Phantasm takes a nosedive….
Typical flying ball hijinx, lots of yellow blood and some Zombie grue.
A. Michael Baldwin (Mike) returns. Why? I don’t really know, I kind of liked James Le Gros as Mike. Baldwin doesn’t have much to do but when he does have something to do, he does it well. Bill Thornbury (Jody) does fine as the…flying ball?!? Reggie Bannister (Reggie) can play this part in his sleep. He’s the more interesting character here. Gloria Lynne Henry (Rocky) and Kevin Connors (Tim) do well as the butch and the kid, too bad both they’re characters are far from likeable.
T & A
Rocky’s nipple…
The flick looks good but good looking shite is still shite! I also didn’t appreciate this sequel ripping off the ending of the original…kinda cheap…
Same effective score.
Phantasm goes the "Power Rangers" way. This film is not scary and runs away from its roots. Kinda of like what happened to the Nightmare series with part 3 and up…I want the Phantasm story to continue but please for the love of The Tall Man bring it back to horror. This new direction might work for some but it didn’t work for me…at all!
The scene where the Cadillac hearse hits a rock and sails through the air was not scripted in that way. The car was supposed to go a short distance and then roll over. The director said that he wanted the approach at 17mph, but the stunt driver thought he said 70.