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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Mennan Yapo

Sandra Bullock/Linda
Julian McMahon/Jim
Amber Valletta/Claire
Peter Stormare/Dr. Roth
4 10
One morning simple housewife Linda (Bullock) wakes up to learn that her husband is dead. The next day she awakens to find him alive. The day after, he's dead, the following day he's alive. ARRRRRG! WTF is going on? PMS? Menopause? Or is it something else...hmmm...
That’ll teach me not to go with my initial gut instinct! I ducked PREMONITION when it opened just because it starred Sandra Bullock which usually means it’s a film made for chicks. But I broke yesterday in the name of keeping the site up to date. Big mistake! Scratch that! Big f*cking mistake!

Ask yourself this question: what would a supernatural thriller starring Sandra Bullock be like? Give yourself an honest answer to that layered query and you’ll get the jest of what Premonition is all about. It’s exactly what you think it’s going to be! An edge-less, un-original and very typical genre effort that played it condom-safe throughout and never aimed higher than the norm on any level. Now that’s not to say that this Hallmark Card version of a horror film was a total freaking waste. The initial premise showed “some” promise, the pace was fairly effortless and Bullock nailed playing herself once again. But on the whole; this  vacuous exercise got old real fast.

It sure didn’t help matters much that the lead gal I was supposed to root for was so damn passive. You’d think that after going through the “husband dead then alive” ordeal once, she’d be more pro-active as to finding out what’s really going on and “saving” her boy's life; NO DICE! This dame mostly let stuff happen to her as opposed to taking matters into her own hands and that made for a rather boring heroine to follow around. Then there was the redundancy factor swiftly kicking me in the nads hardcore. If I see her wake up one more time in that damn bed via the same damn shot, I’ll rent Mystic Pizza and make YOU watch it! The flick didn’t jack up the stakes enough after each “repeat day” for me to give a damn, scenes were stretched out for way to long (clock padding), the revelations as to the mystery were underwhelming to say the least while the plot twists (if you can call them that) were pretty damn stale.

And don’t even get me started on the sad-sack ‘explanation” they gave me to justify the film’s frustrating rewind/replay narrative. It takes more than a handful of left field religious mumbo-jumbo shoved in my face to make sense of a film that doesn’t make any sense. Add to that a painfully undeveloped male lead, Oprah Winfrey approved thematics (kids, men cheating, dead relationship… yawn!), silly boo scares (Flies out of a garbage can? WOW!), dumb character moves to serve the plot and utterly ridiculous last frames that resulted in more questions than answers and you get exactly what they sold us; a trite genre film starring Sandra Bullock… made for chicks that don’t dig horror.

I watched it, it stank and I already forgot it. See it if you want to get a head job in the theaters or better yet don’t see it all and get a head job in the comfort of your own home. This is the kind of lazy-ass, Studio film that gives lazy-ass, Studio films a bad name. Predict this! ZIPPPPP!
What do you think? It's a Sandra Bullock movie man! If you don't blink or scratch your ass you'll catch a severed head and some light blood. Dryer than an Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan sixty-nine.
Sandra Bullock (Linda) did what she does best; play Sandra Bullock... again. To her credit; she does it well. Julian McMahon (Jim) had the right look but he lacked presence and intensity. He was just "there". To be fair his character was underdeveloped big time! Amber Valletta aka Cameron Diaz Light (Claire) was hot to trot and spat out her seldom lines with conviction. Peter Stormare (Dr. Roth) cashed that check like a champ cashing a check!
T & A
Again; it's a flick that stars Sandra Bullock which equals: shower scenes that show nothing of value. Urg...
Although sporting some stylish bits (director sure loves to spin that camera); on the whole I found this puppy fairly bland visually; think TV Movie of the Week with some artsy/fartsy touches here and there.
We get a disposable score that got the job done for the most part; nothing more or less. Was it me or did it sound like the Batman Begins soundtrack at times?
NAG! NAG! NAG! PREMONITION was the cinematic equivalent of moving in with a ball-breaking and neurotic broad! It repeated itself constantly, had stupid explanations for its stupider actions, didn't make any f*cking sense, played it safe/bland throughout and put emphasis on shite I couldn’t care less about. And the cherry on top was: in the end, all that jive amounted to NOTHING. F*ck this shit! I’M OUT!
The film was shot in Louisiana, USA.

Model turned actress Amber Valletta is a vegetarian.