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Prom Night(1980)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Paul Lynch

Jamie Lee Curtis/Kim
Leslie Nielsen/Mr Hammond
Casey Stevens/Nick
Eddy Beaton/Wendy
7 10
After a few kids accidentally cause the death of a little girl (tease her out of a second floor window), they vow to never speak a word of what they did and pretend it never happened. Years later the kids are now teens, preparing themselves for the big night. The dead girl’s sister Kim (Curtis) is dating one of her late sister’s killer’s Nick (Stevens) without knowing anything about his past, but someone knows, someone was there and saw the whole thing and he/she thinks it’s time for justice. He/she makes obscene phone calls, sends them scary notes and on Prom Night he/she takes out the axe and decides to get some work done. My Prom was never this fun!
After seeing this movie I can call "I Know What You Did Last Summer" a rip off. Kevin Williamson ain't all that (proved it with Killing Ms Tingle) and couldn’t write a decent horror flick without stealing from somebody. Stick with Dawson’s Creek poser! Now that I got that off my chest I can begin by saying that Prom Night is one fun movie. Some might think it takes too long to get cranking (an hour) but I love the fact that they take the time to set up the characters, set up the suspense and then let it all rip in the end. Lots of people told me they guessed who the killer was early on but I had no clue…I didn’t even come close, so the ending for me was a shocker. The movie does have it’s flaws…the "Saturday Night Fever" homage had me cracking…I didn’t know they still disco’d in the 80’s and the killer, menacing as he/she looks with his "ninja" mask and his axe, is one clumsy bitch, tripping and sliding left and right. But on a whole this movie is superior, smarter and more ambitious than the average slasher flick. Lets kill the Prom queen…
Very little. The scene when the little girl falls out the window is pretty disturbing, an offscreen slit throat but the "howler" is the beheading scene…wow!
Jamie Lee Curtis (Kim) shines in this one and puts the actors around her to shame, that star quality is there and fully developed today (yes, she keeps her top on…damn). Leslie Nielsen (Mr. Hammond) doesn’t fall, trip or hit anybody in the nuts…so for him this is an "Oscar" moment. Casey Stevens (Nick) acts with is oversized nose and CAN’T cry on cue, Anne-Marie Martin (Wendy) does the slut with feelings shtick perfectly, Mary Beth Rubens (Kelly) has great lips and David Mucci (Lou) acts with his chewing gum or when he feels "Brando", his beer gut.
T & A
Mary Beth Rubens gives us a swift tit shot...don't blink! Pita Oliver flashes her bootie while Jamie Lee Curtis reveals her supple melons in bra for our viewing pleasure.
Very stylish, great choices of slow motion, creative transitions from scene to scene, some nice shots and the director sure knows how to fill the movie with a sense of dread.
Eerie score and some corny 80’s pop songs…for some reason they worked, made it creepier. Murders to happy music…interesting.
You have to wait an hour before the killer starts doing his dirty work but it’s worth the wait. The movie is nice to look at, Curtis is always fun to watch (especially in that bra scene) and the ending (unless you’re a psychic) will have you say "No way!" The movie has it’s share of nail biting moments, the scene when the killer chases Wendy around with an axe (that’s why Williamson stole that scene to put it in "Summer", the Sarah Michelle Gellar scene is practically identical) is the highlight stalk and the beheading scene the cherry on top. This movie is like a stripper, she dances for you for a while and THEN takes off her top…tip this one ten dollars and get ready to smile.
When they showed this movie on TV (NBC) they added a scene not shown in the tape version: Leslie Nielsen cutting wood with the same axe the killer uses.