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Prom Night 3(1989)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Ron Oliver/Peter Simpson

Tim Conlon/Alex
Cyndy Preston/Sarah
Courtney Taylor/Mary Lou
Dylan Neal/Andrew
4 10
Our favorite bimbo, Mary Lou (now played by Courtney Taylor) escapes the shackles of hell to return to \"Hamilton High\". There she bumps into \"average\" student Alex (Colon), they fornicate on the American flag (don\'t ask) and a relationship beyond the grave begins. Mary Lou is a good girlfriend, she shags like a minx and kills anybody that gets in the way of her new boyfriend’s advancements. His grades go up, he becomes a football star, he’s not average anymore. All his good until Alex gets sick of burying bodies and realizes he’s still in love with his current \"live\" girlfriend Sarah (Preston). Mary Lou not being the sharing type gets peeved…can you spell catfight?
First off, I must say I have trouble feeling sympathy for a character who has no problems with cheating on his girlfriend (with a ghost but it’s still cheating) and has absolutely no qualms about burying murdered people. This film sacrifices common sense for the purpose of comedy. What is it with these sequels always having to go the \"comedy\" route. \"Prom Night 2\" is not a masterpiece but at least it tries to be creepy, scary and dark. I wouldn’t even call this a horror movie. I must admit that a few of the jokes work. The funny statements on the school intercom, the phone call Alex makes to his parents but If I wanted to see a flat out comedy I would have rented \"Half Baked\". This movie falls flat on it’s face and not even Mary Lou\'s sweet ass can save this turd. Lets bury our faces in Mary Lou\'s buxom.
The movie is gory. Death by blender, battery acid poured on someone\'s head, heart ripped out but the blood looks so fake and the gore so over the top that you don’t blink an eye. Ever seen someone get stabbed with an ice cream cone? After you see this crap you can answer yes…what a dumb movie.
Sometimes Tim Colon (Alex) hits the mark and sometimes he’s way off. He does good with the humor but when he actually has to act and be dramatic, scared or desperate he makes a fool out of himself. Lucky for him not many \"dramatic\" moments grace this film. Cyndy Preston (Sarah) actually pulls off an incredible feat, she’s the only one that comes across as a real human being. And considering the script and the situations she’s put in…that’s a big accomplishment. Courtney Taylor (Mary Lou) can’t hold a candle to Lisa Shrage (the original Mary Lou), but she looks great in a nurse’s outfit and has cleavage to boot. Her performance basically necessitates her to be sexy and quip out one liners. She does well. Dylan Neal (Andrew) plays the jock to one dimensional perfection and lets his cheekbones do the acting.
T & A
I hate being teased!!! This movie should be all about Mary Lou naked. Instead we see her in lacy underwear and almost see her breasts but the camera cheats us out of it. Go to hell filmmakers!!! (Is it me or does Mary Lou look like Monica Lewinsky…cigar anyone?)
A few kool fast steadycam shots, a couple good camera angles but all the filters in the world can’t camouflage the fact that the \"hell\" sequences took place on a 25cents set. Sorry dude not even close.
BARF! They put on kooky music so we know certain scenes are suppose to be funny. We also get one of the worst rap songs I have ever heard…the music in this film blows.
Where part 2 went the early \"Elm Street\" way, this one goes the late \"Elm Street\" way. Mary Lou is nothing more than a stand up comedian with big tits and even though she has a great full ass I cant recommend this crap. The murder sequences are extended setups (just kill the damn guy!) and the ending is a cheap, overlong and bland trip to hell. Rent the second one again (it’s a classic next to this one) or better yet rent a porno.
Dylan Neal (the jock) was also a regular on TV’s Dawson’s Creek. He played Deputy Doug…he went from bad to worse…

At a certain point Alex (Colon) is wearing brown shoes with white sox…a fashion no no.

I miss Lisa Shrage… :(