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Red Eye(2005)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Wes Craven

Rachel McAdams/Lisa
Cillian Murphy/Jackson
Brian Cox/Joe
6 10
Damaged soul Lisa (McAdams) is black-mailed by some creepy mofo (Murphy) on a plane. He wants her to pose an action that would result in the death of some important dude with a great tan. A deadly game of cat and cat ensues.
After the cluster-fist-fudge that was CURSED, genre fav Wes Craven had nowhere to go but up…or retire from the game. Thankfully (I like the guy), he managed to climb out of the bottom of the toxic waste barrel we last saw him in to offer us Red Eye, a serviceable, by the cook book thriller.

You ever see Nick of Time with Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken? Well if you have, then you’ve also seen Red Eye. Replace Cillian Murphy with Walken and this could almost be a sequel to the "okay" John Badham opus. It became a problem for me on some level where throughout this baby I couldn’t shake that rumbling feeling in the pit of my beer fed belly that I had seen this story before. Thing is, I have, many times! It’s called 90’s  thrillers and TV Movies of the Week! But I’ll get to that jive later. Anyways, that’s not to say I wasn’t somewhat engaged as we flew forward. The premise, although déjà vu kept me going and the psychological/physical warfare that both leads took part in with each other were my favorite moments of the picture. Two people, sitting in a plane, f*cking with each other, backed up by stellar dialogue and decent characterization to boot (loved that "was raped" layer)! That’s fun times to me! It surely helped the shenanigans that both performers (Murphy and McAdams) were at the top of their McGame! They shared an entrancing chemistry together, sported charisma galore while showcasing impeccable delivery all around. They both rocked the plane down! The final plus at play was the flick's break neck pace; something was always going down, hence I was never bored. That counts for something.

Sadly, I was rarely blown out of my seat either. The chain of events on the plane were so typical of the thriller subgenre that I predicted pretty much everything that was going to happen. And it didn’t get much better when out of the plane either. Although swift and gripping, I was served up a hefty plate of “been there done that to death” that failed to make me salivate as much as I should've had. And when the Home Alone for adult’s finale finally kicked in, I was groaning like a hooker being short-changed. Although engaging, suspension of disbelief barged in to back hand me silly (the most pathetic trained killer ever) and I saw the film coming to an end...problem with the latter point was...I needed ANOTHER ACT! As the end credits rolled; I was far from full! There just wasn't enough meat on this Supermarket T-Bone to call it a fully satisfactory meal!. NOTE: I have to mention this; was it me or were the people on that plane and that “solely in the film to serve a one liner” old couple at the Hotel annoying as freaking hell? I wanted to go Bundy on those whiny twats! Sheesh!

By and large, Red Eye was a competently made, stick to the mold thriller with wonderful acting by its two leads and a couple of groovy moments. Wes is back on the right track that's for sure! Keep on it dude! Too bad that I’ve seen all this before a BILLION times and that running at 85 minutes; the flick left me hanging limp when it was all over. Straight up, the experience didn't measure up to how much the ticket and the Nachos cost me. Back to selling crack to my neighbors I go! Got to gap that loss! One question remains though; are you going to take the Red Eye or take the train? I say take the train (rent Under Siege 2 instead…fun cheese…he he he...)
We get some light blood, a pen in the throat and Cillian Murphy’s questionable wannabee Beatles hairdo!
Rachel McAdams (Lisa) is the next big thing and we all know it. Why? She‘s gorgeous, can act circles around most of today’s stars (you hear me Julia Roberts) and comes across as non pretentious (for now). Adored her! Cillian Murphy (Jackson) is the man! I love him in everything he does and here was no exception. Charismatic, intense, focused, creepy…ON THE BALL! Brian Cox (Joe) got paid to sit in a couch…great couch. Jack Scalia’s (Deputy Secretary) tan and slick suit stole the show! I used to love that actor on Dallas! Nice to see him again!
T & A
Well, there was a couple in front of me exchanging “manual” favors in each others Khakis. On the screen though…NADA!
Wes had his moments here with a couple of nifty shots and a strong handle on his suspense. Sadly more often than none the flick looked and felt like a TV movie to me. It should be said that whoever edited this puppy must have been on 5 Gs of coke, because it was tighter than a virgin’s yapper (not the one on her face).
The score by Marco Beltrami did what it had to do; nothing more, nothing less.
My mom would love Red Eye! It was safe, predictable, semi tense and as generic as you can get. Clocking low, cut mucho tight and zippy paced, mommy would certainly stay awake for it and probably applaud the thing when it was done. I, on the other stab found it to be too harmless, thin and un-original for my taste buds! Sure the flick was adequatly put together and I was somewhat entertained throughout. But if it wasn’t for the radiant Rachel McAdams and the captivatingly chilling Cillian Murphy; I would’ve tuned out to think of something more constructive…like if Under Siege 3 will ever happen. It’s a rental at best in my opinion; one that will MUCHO please those who dig flicks like “Double Jeopardy” (f*ck that movie). Board this plane at your own risk! PS: I love you mom, I'll buy you the DVD when it comes out : )
Where the f*ck was that shot of the hand hitting the plane window? It was in the trailer and on the teaser poster but not in the film. Bummer...I liked that shot! I actually went to see the film because of that damn shot!

Director Wes Craven and writer Carl Ellsworth both have cameos as passengers in the plane.

Rachel McAdams hails from St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

Red Eye was shot for an estimated $25,000,000 clams.

Cillian Murphy auditionned to play Bruce Wayne/Batman on Batman Begins. He got the role of the role of the Scarecrow instead.