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Written by: The Arrow
Director: Mark L. Lester

Michael Madsen/Tyler
Jamie Luner/Naomi
Bokeem Woodbine/Gottfried
Deborah Shelton/Margaret
2 10
Bank robber Tyler (Madsen) escapes the authorities so that he can hunt down the serial killer who sliced and diced his teenage daughter. He also wrinkles his forehead a lot...
I figured that I dig Michael Madsen (even though half the stuff he puts out these days is garbage) and serial killer movies are always \"fun times\", so why not check out “Sacrifice”. Was it a good idea? Not really, I should’ve gone for my second choice of rental: “Lesbian Girl Scouts”. Yep, this movie is yet another Madsen stinker and if he continues on this path, he will soon rob Eric Roberts of his “King Of Straight-To-Video Crap” crown. This is a film with a good premise but the execution and the script never come close to living up to it. The unraveling of the story is just so generic and I sat through the movie never once feeling involved or caring about what was going down.

This flick just sits there! We get the token forced love thang (why do Luner and Madsen even hook up? The chemistry is nil), some gory murders (the blood is way too red, btw) that fail to spice things up and the way too familiar conclusion that takes place in the rain with the killer spurting out his “why I did it” monologue. The action sequences are of the “been there, done that” mold and didn’t do anything for me either. All the flipping cars in the world couldn’t make this dead whore give good head.

This flick’s dramatic content is also off the mark with Madsen underplaying everything and everybody else overplaying it. It was also hard for me to get into the “emotional” aspect of the film since everything around it was handled in such a B-movie way. To nail the last nail in the coffin; the thrill factor is low, the movie isn’t scary, there\'s no suspense and the film has a relatively slow pace. Even the demise of the killer is a letdown. I wanted that nut to suffer! But it ends all too quickly. Very anti-climatic.

All this movie’s got going for it is the always charismatic Madsen fucking with people, a yummy-looking Jamie Luner and gory scenes of the killer burying sliced titties into the ground. But even those somewhat positive (I stress the word \"somewhat\") things don’t come close to compensating for the lack of energy, quality and the extreme feeling of laziness that this movie puts out. The only reason this movie was made wuz for the $$$ and it shows. Most of the people involved in front and behind the camera are slumming it. Let\'s cut this one’s titties off and bury them far, far away.
We get lots of slit throats, tit mutilation, cut off boobs and Woodbine’s painful acting. The gore is there but it didn’t make me appreciate the movie more. Usually a good splat makes me smile but in this film, even the gore bored me.
Michael Madsen (Tyler) has his moments here; too bad they’re in a crappy flick. He’s a good character actor and I hope he will become more selective with his future projects. Here he’s okay in the sad scenes, plays tough guy great but has an accent that comes and goes and he tends to overact the angry moments. Jamie Luner (Naomi) is okay half the time but the awful dialogue often drags her down. But she does look great in every form of undress. Bokeem Woodbine (Gottfried) doesn’t seem like he wants to be here. He spits out his dialogue without any ounce of life or conviction…awful. Deborah Shelton (Margaret) cries, cries and cries way too much. Joshua Leonard of “Blair Witch Project” fame (Jason) doesn’t have much screen time but he does the whiny bitch thang well. Michele Lintel (Hildebrandt) is basically window dressing. All she does is stand there; too bad her top is always on. What a shit part!
T & A
We get a tit shot early on and get another one about halfway through the movie. Jamie Luner also shows us a quick glimpse of her cans and butt in a darkly lit sex scene (why darkly lit?? a-holes!!!). The ladies get Madsen shirtless.
Lester starts off strong with lots of quick cuts, filters and slow motion but he soon runs out of energy and resorts to the \"point and shoot\" law of filmmaking. He does give the bland action scenes a light dose of energy though but overall this is still a bum job.
The score is way too obvious and typical to support the images that roll before our eyes. Garbage.
This flick is like a dead lay. It just lies there and goes through the motions with no heart, no passion and no enthusiasm. If you dig the way-kool Madsen, just rent one of his better movies (\"Reservoir Dogs\" and \"Donnie Brasco\" for example). If it’s naked chicks that you’re after, then hit the porn section with all the jizm you’ve got and if it’s seeing someone bury sliced titties that cranks your dial…please seek professional help or call me...I might have a job for you. Just don’t sacrifice your cash on this slut…she\'s bad in bed ya\'ll!
Michael Madsen’s sister is \"Candyman\" heroine Virginia Madsen.

Michael Madsen’s first wife Georganne is Cher’s sister.

Director Lester also directed the Arnold carnage: Commando.