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Saw 6(2009)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Kevin Greutert

Costas Mandylor/Hoffman
Tobin Bell/Jigsaw
Betsy Russell/Jill
peter Outerbridge/William
6 10
Jigsaw’s successor and snazzy ass dresser Detective Hoffman (Mandylor) continues the big man’s work while the law closes in on him and more “answers” as to the big picture are revealed.
To some degree it boils down to this: Do YOU still give a f*ck about the SAW storyline Post Part 3? If you do, you may LOVE this film. If you don’t you may “like it” or just not give a shit to see it in the first place. It took this sequel to bring it home for me: I don’t really care anymore (and yes that started at Part 4). I don’t care how it all connects (the fact that I have a hard time remembering all the details of Part 4 and 5 didn’t help) and I don’t care about Jigsaw’s wife, what’s in her f*cking box or all of the extraneous characters (less bad actors here than Part 5 BTW — that kid so got on my nerves though) that populate this more recent SAW universe. SAW has officially become a soap opera now, ONE LIFE TO LIVE with gore and its just not my bag. So keep that in mind as you read my crap.

With that stabbed, I saw the flick (kind of had to — the whole site thing ya know) and was able to see it and dig it for what it was. And surprisingly I wound up having a better time than I thought I would. Although nowhere near the genius that was Part 1 and Part 3, or the fun ride that was SAW 2 (aka CUBE knock-off); it was at least more satisfying than Part 5 and pretty much equal to Part 4. SAW 6 kept to the same M.O as the previous films: it opened with a grisly kill, then a “game” kicked in and at the end somebody said “game over” (the latter is a lame at this point for me — break out of the mold already — like everybody would say “game over”… come on!). The pace of the flick was effortless, it just zoomed by, Jigsaw (another top notch showcase by Tobin Bell) was better used here (via flashbacks that were more Jig intimate) then he was in Part 4 and 5 and there was a humanity to this sequel (brought by the somewhat preachy theme at hand/the WHY behind the game) that wasn’t there in the two previous sequels. So I dug that the most!

Costas Mandylor (Hoffman) was also a hoot to watch once again! Personally he was the main reason I liked some of Part 5 and here he was my main anchor to the whole for yet another round. His potent screen presence, cool looks and ruthless actions had me grinning like a slit throat — from ear to ear. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t dig the SAW sequels at all. He's just great in the role plain and simple and he gives me somebody to root for! What about the gore and the traps? Yup still working it and in overtime at that (Hoffman got more technology savvy on this one - where does he find the time/man power to build all these things? Doesn't he ever get laid? Does he sleep? Is he on coke? We'll never know.) Much like Part 5 though, I felt that most of the traps were semi un-inspired in concept and oddly enough, even the gore didn’t do much for me. The openings scene aside (which made me wince like a cheating housewife getting the well earned back-end), I found the bloodshed fairly tame when compared to past SAW entries. Maybe I’m just becoming too desensitized or maybe the peeps behind these SAW sequels are holding back. Not sure which one it is…probably the former...

Visually, although I boogied to the bleak cinematography on hand, I can’t say the style cranked my dial. I mentioned soap opera before and I’ll mention it again; this one was shot like a somber soap opera (wide — medium - close — rinse and repeat) but with nifty/flashy quick cutting in the house. I gotta say it, I miss James Wan and Bousman at the helm, Part 5 and 6 have yet to match the visual panache these lads had infused their SAW films with. They're too "point and shoot" now. I want MORE kinetic shots dammit! Finally I’ll give this mofo this, the way it approached its GAME this time around was a novel one. The concept and the twists that came with it killed and poor schlep William (strongly played by Peter Outerbridge) made for a compelling character to follow around. So all in all, SAW 6 was exactly what you think it’s gonna be but with a smarter script than it deserves to have to back it up (we are at Part 6 after all) . You down for more of the same? Game on!
All of the toppings were on top of this slice of hair pie: self mutilations, cut off arm, body turned to mush by acid, a spike through the head, me jerking off in the theater, some stabbings and more! It hit the spot but again, for some UNKNOWN reason, I wasn’t as affected by the kills here than I was via the past entries. Maybe it was due to my ludicrous credit card bills clouding my thoughts.
T & A
It seems that the SAW franchise doesn’t believe in tits or/and ass. A shame. I’d kill to see Amanda caught in a trap topless! Come on! Hoffman is a man right? Maybe have one of the games have to do with gals STRIPPING! But hey that’s just me and the python in my pants yapping.
You’ve seen SAW 5? Expect pretty much the same spiel and feel but with a tighter and more satisfying screenplay in its hip pocket. The pace was fast, Costas Mandylor owned, the GAME and its main player hit the spot and some of the gory goods came through. But on the flip side; there’s isn’t much left in the SAW storyline that gets me excited (seeing Doctor Gordon again would get me pumped though), so I wasn’t bowled over by the new revelations. And the visual execution was a little too basic for my taste. Come on James Wan, Bousman did his time (Part 2-3-4) and you’re due for another one — so get back in there already and go buck-nuts! So like I vomited before; if you’re still into this story and its characters — I think you’ll love it. Me? I thought it was okay, better than I expected it to be. I saw it, got some easy kicks out of it and now will forget it... till SAW 7 comes out that is. Arrow Over!
Director Kevin Greutert was the editor of SAW 2 to 5.

Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton wrote this one. They also penned SAW 4 and 5.

Costas Mandylor was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.