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Saw 7(2010)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Kevin Greutert

Tobin Bell/Jigsaw
Costas Mandylor/Hoffman
Cary Elwes/Dr. Gordon
Sean Patrick Flanery/Bobby
6 10
Jigsaw offshoot and all around bad to the bone hombre Detective Hoffman (Mandylor) is at it again. he's setting up a new twisted game and tying up them loose ends in the name of covering his ass. Folks get killed via zany traps and we hear “Game Over”, not once but twice.
If I compare the SAW franchise to a head job (What else would I compare it to?), it would go a little something like this: with SAW 1 to 3, we had the full "me love you long time G.I.” deal. Stroking, sucking, swallowing... we were paid in full. For SAW 4 and beyond though, the bitch stopped suckling and just used her hand... hey it still got the job done... but a full package it wasn't So here we are now... SAW 7 mofos and mofettes, the final SAW flick (yeah right, tell that to Voorhees and Krueger, they'll have a good laugh about that freaking statement); so... did they go “out” with a bang? Yes...and no.

At the end of the fishing hooks down one's throat; I was entertained by SAW 7 and that's all I asked of it. As I've mentioned in my reviews for SAW 4 and beyond, after PART 3, I stopped giving a sprinkle of an iota of a shite about the mythology behind the series which has now become the equivalent of General Hospital for horror. And I ceased to care as to how “it all ties together” as well... really I couldn't be bothered. Much like Chris Carter made up THE X-FILES as he went along post Season 3; SAW 7 also felt like it tied stuff up and connected things out of its ass. Now that the big picture was revealed (Or was it... who were those dudes with the Pig masks... was Video Techie from SAW II one of them?); there was more holes in it than a Russian whore who also likes it in the ears... yeah both of them. But that's not to yap that there wasn't any morbid amusement to be had here. Let address the 3D first. Kind of a letdown. Aside from red wet chunks and pointy stuff randomly coming out of the screen (which owned by the way), the 3D was underused, which was a bummer cause seeing traps do their thing in 3D was the main reason I was pumped for this one. But hey, what can ya do... I lived.

With that sliced, SAW 7's pace was effortless, the traps varied from meh (a hanging...come on, this is SAW, you could do better than that), to so big that they were ridiculous (that Transformers oven had me in stitches) to viciously inventive (the car trio wham-bam-splat was a hoot). But hey, all of them were gripping (to varied degrees) to witness go down; and when the mess hit the screen, I went YUCK and was smiling like a schoolgirl losing her cookies, which is the main reason why I clock these movies at this point. And lets give another big show of hands to Costas Mandylor for his charismatic and intense show as the nutball killing machine Hoffman. Although his screen time was more limited than in the past sequels; the flick came alive to a higher plane every time he popped up onscreen. I so got off on witnessing him f*ck people up for some reason. Not sure why, but it got me excited and shit. All about that knife under folks chin fetish he had = NICE! Speaking of actors; Sean Patrick Flanery came through as the new pawn in this twisted game, I dug him in the role and I was right there with him as he was put through the Jigsaw ringer. Gina Holden as his wife Joyce did it for me as well; likable, credible and yeah, pretty hot, I was rooting for her to make it. Lastly I dug the references to the original SAW. I mean, if you're gonna do a “final chapter” to a franchise (till its time to release the next one, after fans have missed the series enough), you got to address the original movie, the source of it all, and this one did just that with class.

On the bland side of things, even though I didn't have any investment in the big story, it was kinda cool to see a key character from the original re-surface. The disappointment was that they hardly did anything with him. They should have used the dude more, give him a vaster role in the whole circus act. Same went for Jigsaw himself (yeah Tobin Bell), who was basically a cameo here. His lack of presence was felt by this jerk. And what was the point of that ONE trap going down in public again? Jigsaw putting his shit out there for all to see was a tantalizing idea (one I thought the movie was gonna be all about), too bad they just used it as the opening kill and then did JACK SHIT with it. Visually, I once again found Kevin Greutert's style too TV Movie-ish. Outside of the trap bits which were shot in a kinetic fashion, everything else was a stroll down basic coverage street. I yearned for more than that. And was it me or did it all feel more low budget than the past films (part 1 aside)? Not a huge deal but I did notice. I guess the dough went in the 3D process. Finally, the character of Gibson (tackled by Chad Donella) really got on my nerves; I didn't buy or care about him for a micro second, I wanted him to die A f*cking SAP. Easily the character I cared the LESS about in the whole thang.

At the end of the ripped out spleen SAW 7 was more of the same but with a couple of sweet nods and ties to the original. On a whole it made for a groovy Sunday afternoon, Halloween day, time waster. I got off on lots of it, in the same way I dig on lesbian porn and the more average of the old Cannon action films. I was given the tricks and treats that I expected to get, nothing more or less. GAME OVER? I doubt it...money will talk again sooner or later and SAW 8 will answer.
As per the SAW tradition, the grisly goods were in the house in spades, shit at this point its the main reason to watch these movies, so it better be. We get a sawed off belly, ripped skin, a face bashed in, jaw and arms ripped off, spikes in the eyes/mouth, jaw ripped open, flesh chunks, a burnt person, hooks in the chest, a person cut in half, stabbings under the neck, bullet in the eye and more! Oh yes there was blood.
T & A
Apart from a healthy cleavage shot; nathing.
Hey, at least its was better than PARAGARBAGE ACTIVITY 2. Thank Zeus! Look, I am very much aware that lots of people still have an investment in the SAW franchise's storyline and how it all ties together. I actually envy them peeps, cause they get more out of these later sequels than I do. Alas, I'm just not that guy and that's where this drivel is coming from. SAW 7 gave me more of the same, with a swift pace, bang on gore, some tight acting, traps that varied in quality, low key 3D and Costas Mandyor being the f*cking man, once again. Alas the flick was still too TV Movie vibe visually, the Gibson character grated me and the script didn't capitalize on its fresh ideas; "Jigsaw goes public" and "having a character from part 1 returning to the game". But hey, I still had groovy time, cringed at the bloody goods, rooted for Hoffman and enjoyed the easy flow of the thing. All good. I got my money's worth... all that mattered.
Kevin Greutert was initially gonna direct the SAW series new competition, PARAGARBAGE ACTIVITY 2. But Lionsgate made the dude lose the gig and forced him to do SAW 7 as per his contractual obligations.

Kevin Greutert read the script and visited the set the day before he started shooting.

Look out for a cameo by Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.