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Scary Movie(2000)
Written by: The Arrow
Director: Keenan Ivory Wayans

Anna Faris/Cindy
Shannon Elizabeth/Buffy
Shawn Wayans/Ray
Marlon Wayans/Randy
7 10
A spoof of the \"horror teen genre\", that isn’t afraid to be tasteless. Scream, Sixth Sense, IKWYDLS, Blair Bitch Project…they’re all made fun of…get the chiba ready and let\'s go to the movies….
Side splitting. I didn’t think a spoof of a spoof would work, but it did. This film goes all out in the disgusting department. We got a great \"penis\" attack, a crazy \"bush\" joke, a sick scrotum sight gag and a wetter than wet gooey cum shot. Cindy’s (Farris) relationship with her dad is hilarious and the film is filled with \"out of the blue\" humor that you almost never see coming. My fav characters is the \"closet homo\" Ray (Shawn Wayans), a part that’s sure to upset the gay community with its off color vibe. I know in today’s society being gay is not supposed to be funny but I think straight folks see it otherwise: It’s goddamn funny to be queer…not that there’s anything wrong with it. I wonder if gay people think it’s funny to be straight…hmm, that’s another story.

The film does a good job at mixing the plots of Scream and IKWYDLS. Actually, the story almost makes more sense than the movies they’re spoofing. Most of the jokes work, I’d say 80% and the only gag that really didn’t do it for me was \"The Matrix\" fight scene spoof. I mean it’s old, \"Deuce Bigalow\" did it and I saw it a million times on awards shows. My only other pet peeve is the under use of Cheri Oteri (Gale), she’s a funny woman and is hardly in the flick. But the movie delivers what it promises, lots of laughs aimed at the teen market, I don’t think \"adults\" will like this one. You thought \"American Pie\" was gross? We have a new champ! Let\'s put on our \"Scary\" masks…
We do get a bloody \"breast implant\" stabbed out, a lot of cum, thick snot and a big fat white dick. Fun for the whole family.
Anna Faris (Cindy) does a great job at doing Jennifer Love Hewitt (minus breasts). She’s very credible and almost made me forget that I was watching a spoof. Shannon Elisabeth (Buffy) wears lots of tight shirts and has a really fun death sequence. Shawn Wayans (Ray) cracked me up big time. His gay jock act worked like a charm. Marlon Wayans (Randy) does his own brand of comedy, you’ll like him or hate him…I loved him…funny stuff. Lochlyn Munro (Greg) plays another hothead dude…he’s good at it and I wasn’t happy when he died. Jon Abrahams (Bobby) out-Skeets Skeet Ulrich and even manages to imitate some of his acting ticks. He’s on the ball. Regina Hall (Brenda) is very funny as the \"sista\" with the most, the \"movie theatre\" scene had me rolling down the aisles. The cast is on the money in this one. Right on.
T & A
Carmen Electra in her underwear (yum) and Shannon Elizabeth’s cleavage bobbling all over the place.
The film often copies shots from SCREAM, IKWYDLS and BLAIR WITCH. That’s why it’s called a spoof. The jokes keep on coming and the pace of the film only slows down once. The film has the same look and feel of the Scream/Summer flicks. Wayans did his homework.
A retake on the SCREAM score, as for the rest, I was too busy laughing.
This film is far from subtle so if that’s not your thang, stay away. But if you wanna see \"Ghostface\" rap and smoke some of that sweet herb? Wanna see jokes that out-gross any \"Farrelly Brothers\" flick? Wanna see Shannon Elisabeth in a tight top shaking that ass? Or wanna see The Wayans brothers being hilarious again? See Scary Movie.
Scary Movie is supposed to be a melding of two scripts: The Wayans brother’s script and Scream If You Know What You Did Last Halloween written by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (Spy Hard). Shawn Wayans claims the company bought the script off to eliminate the competition and that \"Scary Movie\" is all Wayans.

Scary Movie was the original title for SCREAM.